Camp Half-Blood

A place for Percy Jackson and the Olympian fans to roleplay.
If you have read BoO and want to do a RP set after the end of that book, you may do so but put "Warning: BoO spoilers!" in caps in the title and in the first post. Thank you :)
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22What You Can Buy...
12/29/2009, 6:23 pm
Kendall View latest post
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Please introduce yourself, but follow the rules while you're doing it.
Yesterday at 6:55 pm
liza7897 View latest post
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Character Forms

Approved Character Forms, Unapproved Detailed Character Forms, WIP character forms
237534896Character Powers...
Today at 12:19 am
TheProphetofLove View latest post
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Out of Character Talk

Talk, ask questions, and post ideas here!
Leaving?, Administrative Agenda, Suggestions, Voting, OOC Archives
112118705HAPPY BIRTHDAY C...
Yesterday at 11:08 pm
GoldOwl488 View latest post
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RP Invitation Forum

A place for starting rps, plotting, and character development.
2553187this is where we...
Yesterday at 8:31 pm
Mason View latest post
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Designer Forum

Like to design? (This is for graphics, art, etc.)
65984consulting hella...
10/14/2014, 9:05 pm
albatross View latest post
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Put your fanfiction or original stories here!
AU RPing
5775953The Next Day......
Yesterday at 5:48 pm
Bean-Bag BMO View latest post

Camp Half-Blood

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The Big House

Basement, The Attic, Chiron's Office, Council Room, The Guest Room
3916440Jason's new life...
Yesterday at 5:41 pm
Mason View latest post
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The Mess Hall

Are you hungry?!?
The Dance Floor
15445595Food, Food, Food...
10/20/2014, 3:52 am
Bean-Bag BMO View latest post
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The Cabins' Courtyard, #1 Zeus, #2 Hera, #3 Poseidon, #4 Demeter, #5 Ares, #6 Athena, #7 Apollo, #8 Artemis, #9 Hephaestus, #10 Aphrodite, #11 Hermes, #12 Dionysus, #13 Hades, #14 Iris, #15 Hypnos, #16 Nemesis, #17 Nike, #18 Hebe, #19 Tyche, #20 Hecate, #21 Titans, #22 Minor Water Gods, #23 Minor Earth Gods, #24 Minor Air Gods, #25 Other Gods, #26 Norse Gods, #27 Egyptians, #28 Minor War Gods, #29 Hestia, #30 Morpheus, #31 Janus, #32 Minor Underworld Gods, #33 Chione
2624229130outside that mys...
Yesterday at 3:23 pm
Kendall View latest post
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The Common Area

Arts and Crafts, Amphitheater, Volley Ball, The Store, The Infirmary, Game Room, Basketball Court, Observatory, The War Memorial, The Funeral Pyre, The Library, The Arsenal, The Grape/Strawberry Fields, The Music Room
395122742because i can
Yesterday at 7:09 pm
Blaze View latest post
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The Beach

It's nice and sandy.
275135006beach boys and b...
Yesterday at 6:53 am
Morgan Landry View latest post
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The Lake

Dude, who needs a beach when you've got a lake?
21086721what about your ...
10/20/2014, 5:26 pm
The Musical Tardis View latest post
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The Forge

It's hot inside.
152235Game of Swords (...
10/8/2014, 3:29 am
Morgan Landry View latest post
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The Arenas

The Archery Range, Wrestling, Sword Fighting!
12237028Your quite the a...
10/12/2014, 7:06 pm
Bean-Bag BMO View latest post
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The Forest

The Climbing Wall, The Old Titan Cabin, The Deadly Forest, Capture the Flag
442112149A second meeting...
Yesterday at 8:46 pm
Theseus12 View latest post
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Guy's Bathroom, Girl's Bathroom
174123making friends i...
10/11/2014, 9:47 am
afangirlwithabox View latest post
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The Stables

Riding Ring, The Stable, Chariot Race Track
488099Riding The Night...
10/10/2014, 12:42 pm
Lindsey Callaghan View latest post
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Half-Blood Hill

Thalia's Tree, The Oracle's Cave
8524781Ready For A Picn...
10/19/2014, 8:35 pm
Bean-Bag BMO View latest post

The Hunter Camp

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Artemis' Tent

Meet the goddess of the hunt herself!
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Hunters' Tents

Where the Hunters sleep.
326The Web of Silve...
Yesterday at 2:20 am
Theseus12 View latest post
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Fire Pit

388Smokey Ashes, Bu...
9/26/2014, 5:26 pm
Zachattac View latest post
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Training Grounds

11Attack on Titan ...
10/14/2013, 6:07 am
Davis View latest post
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Hunting/Gathering Grounds

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128The Hunt on the ...
5/1/2014, 12:55 am
Morgan Landry View latest post

Camp Jupiter

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Caldecott Tunnel

The entrance to Camp Jupiter, where you enter in from a door guarded by two campers.
9463Guard Duty [priv...
10/21/2014, 4:06 pm
Kendall View latest post
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The Little Tiber

A magical river that acts as the border for Camp Jupiter; it flows with power and, well, you shouldn't swim in it much.
7400Chilling by the ...
10/18/2014, 9:44 pm
Weasel View latest post
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Military Camp

Decumarian Gate, The Mess Hall, The Principia, First Cohort Barracks, Second Cohort Barracks, Third Cohort Barracks, Fourth Cohort Barracks, Fifth Cohort Barracks, Via Principalis, Baths, The Armory, The Stables, Praetorian Gate
1326812Meeting up in pl...
9/3/2014, 2:38 pm
Ryger17 View latest post
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Via Praetoria

Leads to New Rome and Temple Hill.
26An iron fist in ...
4/6/2014, 9:57 am
Zachattac View latest post
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The Field of Mars

Wargames Zone
7500The difference b...
7/22/2014, 10:04 pm
Zachattac View latest post
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New Rome

Circus Maximus, The Forum, The Lake, The Coliseum, Pomerian Line, The Aqueduct
675331The beat drops a...
10/18/2014, 5:16 pm
Bean-Bag BMO View latest post
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Temple Hill

Temple to Jupiter Optimus Maximus, Temple to Mars Ultor, Temple to Bellona, Temple to Pluto, Temple to Neptune
10446The Day After (P...
10/11/2014, 8:11 am
Mason View latest post

Outside World

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Outside Camp

Quests, Outside of Camp
11119994Questions and co...
10/21/2014, 10:25 pm
Zachattac View latest post
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Special Places

The Underworld, Mount Olympus, New York, Ogygia, Vegas!, TDCHB
10/10/2014, 8:36 pm
RedRex View latest post
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