Matty's Bunk

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Matty's Bunk

Post by SonOfNike on 6/29/2012, 12:13 am

I walked into the cabin for the first time not knowing what to expect. But it was sort of what I had imagined it being like. I looked around a little bit, to see what was going on. It was then I spotted the bed in the corner, with no belongings near it, so I popped my skateboard into my right hand, backpack over shoulders, and walked to the bed. Laying all my belongings on the bed, i took my skateboard, did a kickflip, waited 5 seconds, and there it was. The sword. I still can't get over how surreal all this is... I mean, c'mon, who knew my skateboard could turn into a celestial bronze sword? It was then I decided I had better head over to the big house to meet new people.


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