Excursion Numero Dos

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Excursion Numero Dos

Post by Desperate Souls on 9/26/2012, 4:41 pm

Ophelia stared at Aselyn, she seemed almost perfect. Ophelia had wanted her girl to play the piano and be polite at the dinner table. Emotions threatned to overtake her and Ophelia felt a flash of memories come back.

Flashback : " We know how hard this is to......have to go through things like this " The nurse said kindly, handing her a box of tissues, " I'm sure you have someone that cares about you and will help you through this " She had said, as if !!!! Ophelia had stared right through her, her eyes empty, she had done terrible things, and one day she knew she would pay. She ran out of the hospital and never looked back. The next day she ran...

Ophelia stood up arubptly " I need to use the restroom " She murmured
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