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 Detailed Character Form

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PostSubject: Detailed Character Form   Detailed Character Form Icon_minitime12/15/2012, 6:03 pm

Detailed Character Form


  • All the rules on the regular form still apply (Read: Character Form.)

  • Put [WIP] at the beginning of and color the topic title red if form is unfinished.

  • Form must be readable (e.g. no ridiculously small font, unreadable font, bad color contrast, etc.)

  • Minimum of five flaws including at least one natural physical distinction (eg: big nose, bushy eyebrows, narrow-set eyes, etc).

  • Must be extremely detailed. Just filling out the form is not good enough, so make sure to elaborate where necessary. Minimum of 1,000 words is required to qualify for a drachma word (does not include sixty words in the form.)

  • Minimum 10 sentences for both Life Before Camp and RP Example sections.
  • You may remake old characters (that you still roleplay with) using this form and still be awarded.

  • You may not REMAKE an old character, previously made with this form, for extra drachmas.

  • If you decide to complain about not getting as many drachmas as someone else, we will simply remove the awarded drachmas.

  • You can make up to five detailed characters each month for drachmas

  • Do not include redundant information to boost the word count.

Hunter Rules

  • All above rules apply to Hunters.

  • A non-detailed Hunter form is located in the Character Form topic. (Read: Character Form.)

  • Hunters must be between the ages of ten and nineteen.

  • No romantic relationships.

  • Hunters can get several types of pets that normal demigods cannot -- these animals are normally reserved for hunting (e.g. hawks, falcons, ravens, wolves, etc.)

  • In order to convert a current character into a hunter, you must remake her with the Hunter form.

  • Hunters are not allowed to interact with demigods outside of camp; they may not enter CJ/CHB without permission from an admin.

  • We will allow the Hunters on several occasions to enter Camp Half-Blood and interact with characters from there. Hunters can be assigned on certain missions (in Hunts section) to hunt down certain monsters; sometimes Hunts will be randomly assigned, sometimes they can be bought.


  • Demigod Form


  • Demigod Hunter Form


  • Mortal Hunter Form


Form Guide

In case you are confused about some of the terms, here is a guide to what everything means. If you have any questions or want clarification, contact an admin.


Drachma Rewards

Word CountReward
And so on in that pattern.

*Approvers and Admins have the right to bump a form up or knock it down a tier if they so desire.

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Detailed Character Form
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