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 Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race

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PostSubject: Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race   3/18/2013, 4:49 am

Hero's Chapter          Chariot Race

Jamsen heard the announcement of the upcoming chariot race that the campers had been waiting for a long time. A few days are left to build, train, and study battle strategies for the race. Not being an all year camper he must know new friends to know their battle secrets. Will he have the luck to gain the wreath or hit the ground in defeat.

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PostSubject: Chapter One   3/18/2013, 4:59 am

Chapter One
Pony Ride

"Wake up, today's your day, you don't want
to be late for your summer in Camp Half-Blood." My dad
spoke somewhere in the kitchen. Yeah, today really is the
day i'm going to my favorite place in the world, camp Half-Blood.
I stood up with a monster stretch and went toward our
bathroom to do my business.

By the way my name is Jamsen, another half-blood, apparently
living in Virginia United States, where the heart of Olympus is.

I went downstairs and saw my dad preparing our table
with splendid food. Then I sat on the seat beside my dad.

"Good morning, did you have a goodnight sleep, heard you
snoring loudly this morning, that woke me up." He told me
with a smile on his face.

"Yep, strong enough to toss two Minotaurs with one hand.
" I said, glad to have a loving dad like him.

"But don't be too confident, just be glad that you survived
this school year without causing any trouble" he snickered.

"Thanks dad." I remembered the other schools that I've
attended. I caused many troubles there, bullies got wet
of toilet water, 'cause I controlled that and many more,
that's why the  camp is the best for me.


My dad shot of his seat and went towards the door. He
talked to someone outside, I realized the voice of the
stranger. It's Gumps, my 20, oh 30 year old satyr keeper, he
doesn't even look old enough to be a 30 year old, he
looked like 13 or maybe 15.

"Yo Jam, gotta go, excuse me sir." He went inside and
helped me with my things and my bag.

"Why so early? isn't it early enough to go to the camp,
I'm still not ready." I told him, tossing my bag at him.

"Whoa, easy Jam, you should be early for the starting
announcements of Chiron." said Gumps.

"What about the announcement? What is he going to say?"

"...It's just about_pony_rides."

"Pony what!"

"You'll know, lets go already."

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PostSubject: Re: Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race   3/18/2013, 6:51 am

Chapter Two
Camp Fire turns White

Gumps and I finally arrived
safely, we walked to the hill and walked past Thalia's tree.

I mumbled,"never felt so good"

"What were you saying?"

I then did realize that satyrs really have good hearing, really
sharp hearing.

"Is it something about chicken? I heard you say finger
lickin' good" he protested.

I really was wrong, he doesn't have the hearing thing, his
was only, uh, defective.

"Well yeah." I lied. As we were walking I saw some old friends
around, naiads, dryads and oh Chiron, he is the best activities
director, and waist down horse, a centaur, he always helps
me on everything.

"Mr. Chiron," I called, "Chiron." he turned his face towards me
and galloped to me.

"Oh Jamsen!" he said. "Glad to see you." He always greets me
like that on every begining of the summer.

"Did you have a good time at school, and whoa! Gumps you
gained height." Chiron said.

"He thanks sir." Gumps said.

"Yeah, oh Jamsen, as I was saying, get ready for the annou-
ncements go to your cabin, place your stuff on your bunk
and go back outside, okay."

"Yes sir"

Gumps joined his other satyr friends and I walked to my
cabin. As I walked I saw Hermes cabin, Aphrodite, Hera,
Athena, Apollo and more. I entered cabin 22, there I saw
some childrens of Triton, messenger of the sea, Chione,
Amphitrite, for short, Cabin of the Childrens of the minor gods
that deals with bodies of water. My parent is Amphitrite,
the wife of Poseidon. I quickly placed my bag and my other
stuff on my bunk.

The horn outside blew, "Campers gather up." Somebody said

I went outside where other campers also started gathering.
There on the platform is Chiron, trying to call the others

"May I have your attention, please," it went silent,"good, so
first of all, welcome campers to the camp." He said. "On the
end of this month, we will have another chariot race."

Several campers started muttering something to their friends.

"So get ready campers, we are not rushing you, again,
welcome. You may go back to what you are doing." Chiron continued.

* * *

"We've been waiting for it for a long time." Somebody
spoke behind me.

I turned around,"Oh, Annabeth, how are you, never seen
you for a long time."

"Hi, I'm good, sorry, see you later, gotta go." She said,
and ran to her cabin.

What's wrong with her, I thought. I went back to my
cabin and did a couple of things and took my lunch. After
that, I think I should take a shower so I went to the bath-
room and took a bath.

I'm so tired, maybe 'cause I woke up early in the morning,
how about a rest. I closed my eyes. I was sitting on the
stands waiting and watching the chariots lined up by their
rightful owners.

"Chariots line up," Chiron said, as the campers lined up their
horses. Then he blew his staring signal.

All the chariots now are gaining speed, Hephaestus's camper
threw greek fire on the Apollo's chariot, now the driver and
the assistant began to scream to death and jumped out of
the basket before it would blow. One of my seatmates pawed
me at my face as if he was a dog that is trying to wake up his
master. He began to paw my face more furiously and then he
started licking my cheek. "Stop! Ugh, what are you doing?
Hey stop it!"

I woke up, "Stop." But then I realized I wasn't sitting on a
stand and my seatmate wasn't really the one who was licking
me, it was my dog Omicronum, "Omicronum! hey boy, hanging
out with your friends lately, wow you look good." I patted him
on the back. He let out a whimper,then pointed his nose on
the window. "What's that?" He again pointed on the window.
"You want to go outside? Oh!" It's night already, he doesn't
want to go outside, he wants to tell me that I'm late for dinner.

Quickly I stood up and groomed myself a bit and ran to the
mess hall. Campers were already seated and waiting for Chiron,
I joined the table of my other half-brothers who said "Where
have you been" , just in time for Chiron to speak.

"Campers, diner is served." He announced.

Food are now being served, I looked at my cup, thinking of
what drink I would like, "Diet Coke." Instatly Diet Coke filled
the container. Food being served in the hall is magnificently
good. I was full after I gulped the last drop of my Diet Coke.
I left a piece of my food and joined the other campers that
are also offering part of their food on the fire. I then stood
before the campfire and pushed my food towards the fire
while it burns I prayed, "Mom, please accept my offering,
and also please help me on the upcoming chariot race." The
food burned and it only simmered the scent of seaweeds.

Campers began to gather around the fire forming a semi-circle,
Apollo kids led the sing-alongs, the bonfire is enchanted, so
the louder you sang, the higher it rose, changing color and
heat with the mood of the crowd.

Mr. D didn't notice that his marshmallow is getting burned
already. Chiron told Apollo to stop for a second, "Children I
will tell you a story about chariot races," the fire glowed
yellow flares, "We all know that chariot races, are ancient
rituals that are done by our fellow olympic players, these
races are kept, and done untill now. But there is a secret
that the gods Athena and Poseidon have that will give the
chariot power and wisdom to win."

Now the fire turned brilliant white, maybe it meant curiosity
to me.

Chiron continued, "But this secret has never been told to
anyone, they were the only one to know. So even without
the secret we must practice hard to gain victory."

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PostSubject: Re: Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race   3/20/2013, 8:22 am

Chapter Three
Apollo on the go

Everybody just started asking questions by the time Chiron
stopped his announcement. "Is it something to do with our
cabin?","No", "Is it about the horses or the chariots?","No I-",
"Is it something to do with pizza?", "I said, I do-", "How about-",
"Stop!" it went silent, "I said I don't know.", If you want to now,
just keep quiet and don't ask questions. I would consult my
library to get some hints. If I still didn't get some, I would ask
them. Is that okay?"

"Yes sir," they said.

"Good," he said. "It's already getting late, it's now also the
time to go back to your cabin and take a goodnight sleep,


Later that night in the cabin.
"Goodnight," I told Omicronum. He licked my finger and went
to his small bed. But then I was back.

I was now back on the stands of the chariot race track
watching the chariots as they sped up on the field. My seat-
mate was no longer the one who pawed at my face it was
someone that was famous, someone that looked like a god,
wait a second, it is a god. "Hey Jam, you like chariot races
too don't you," he asked me, he was somewhat a teenager
with yellow hair, he wore a T-shirt for tops and tattered jeans
for bottoms.

"Yeah, wait a second, your...Apollo," I replied.

"Yep that's right."

"But I've never met you before, how did you know my name?"

"God of prophecy, that's why," he said. That explains it,
Apollo really is the god of prophecy. "I remembered those times,
me riding my hot chariot, literally, as centuries passed, of course,
the gods are the ones who firstly got to what are in. For example,
my chariot, I will not use it for years as a chariot that would be
lame-o, as I am saying, from chariot I changed it to a tram to a
1936 Ford classic to a Alfa Romeo GT junior and now into a Red
Maserati Spyder, cool huh."

"It, like uh, evolves, it changes," I said.


"Really, but I have a question, is this real, me seeing you, is this
a dream, I mean, me seeing you in a chariot race that is going
on?" I asked him.

"Yes Jamsen this is a dream, you know the gods and goddesses,
can do things at their will, appear on other demigods dreams like
this, I am really talking to you even though this is a dream," He

"And why would my mother not appear on my dreams?"

"'Cause even though gods are gods and goddesses are goddesses
that didn't meant that they are perfect, some of them are just
busy, they don't have the time to speak to their children."

"She wouldn't talk to me because she is busy," I said with doubt

"Correct, If you mind our conversation is getting long already, on
the real world you should already wake up so farewell young
young demigod."

I woke up with shining daylight on my face. I never knew that a
dream could be so fast. I got up and thanked my mom for the day.
I saw my dog Omicronum still sleeping on his bed. I looked at my
wrist watch and saw that the small arm was pointing at eight, and
the long one pointed in the middle of three and four, that's almost
eight, eighteen. Saturday morning has always been a good time to
relax but...chariots! It's not a big deal though, but I really need to
get into that race. I would practice maybe tomorrow or someday,
I repeat, it's not a big deal.

"Hey Crony," I called my pet. He's still drowsy when he flipped
open his eyes, he stood up and did a cat stretch(even though he's
a dog) and walked to me. He liked it when I pat him on the head,
then he gave me a whine of appreciation.

Definitely it's Crony that comes from Omicronum, which comes from
Omicron, which is a letter from the 'Greek Alphabet', it's not me who
named him that though, but I am the one who started calling him
'Crony' ... anymore questions? Gah! He licked my fingertips, gross,
gotta wash this up before it gets smelly.

"Jammy, Jammy, Jammy, Jammy," I heard Gumps's voice burst
outside the doorway Crony ran to him ... now licking his hooves,
it seems Gumps doesn't even matter.

"Yow wazzap, what's the hurry?" My foolish self replied.

"We got a problem," he said.

I felt curious and asked him. "About what?"

"It's really a bad problem."

"Then tell me what's it about," I begged.

He sighed. "You know... let's take, a stroll at the beach." The last
thing I remembered, we were strolling in the sand. Sea water spra-
ys on my face. Gumps's hooves sinking slowly like an animal sinki-
ng in quicksand.

I tried to cut the silence. "So... are you going to tell me now?"

"Tell you what?"

"The problem!" I bursted out.

Then there was eerie silence. He gave out another sigh. "This is
exactly what happened," he said.

"Uhuh, keep it coming."

"Do you want me to tell you or not!"

"How many eons do I have to wait, for you to tell me the prob!" I
said. Then there was another moment of silence.

"Okay here it goes. I was trotting behind the Big House when I he-
ard somebody, wackingly crazy, who is crying out loud, that somebody
got kidnapped, my gods! Chiron solemnly asked him to calm down and
tell who are the ones that got kidnapped and who kidnapped them.
That somebody told Chiron that there were two campers," he paused
for a second to breathe. "I repeat, two campers", he said. "One's from
the Hephaestus cabin and the other I didn't much understood."

"Who kidnapped them, and how was it going to be our problem?" I
asked. "And let's go to the lake, it's getting hot out here."

Then we were walking towards the lake. "So Jam, you were asking who
kidnapped them and how is it going to be our problem? The first answ-
er is, the guy said he didn't know, it's our problem 'cause, the race will
be postponed if, there are troubles like this."

"So somebody needs to look for them?" I asked.


Wait... "You sound like Apollo."

"What in Hades are you talking about. You haven't confront him be-
fore." He said.

I sat by the lake side and dipped my feet in the water. "Yes, you're
right, I haven't seen the sun god before, but in a dream." I said, then
I told him the whole part of my dream.

"Dude this is rare!" He said. "We need to tell him."

"Tell who?"


"So you believe me?"

"Of course I do, but before we tell him, let's eat first," he said. "I'm

Because of the fact that we were really starving, 'cause we took
the whole time of breakfast walking at the beach and the lake, blabb-
ering about the problem of the camp. So we head off to the dining
pavilion for lunch.

After I'm finished and full, also Gumps, who ate the last fork on the
table, I turned towards the flame and dumped(no offence) part of my
food, "To Amphritrite." Wait a sec, why is there a campfire during day?
Blah. None of my business.

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PostSubject: Re: Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race   4/20/2013, 8:15 am

Hello I will update part 4 right now

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PostSubject: Re: Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race   4/20/2013, 2:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race   12/27/2014, 5:52 am

Chapter Four - unfinished

t was saturday afternoon, Gumps and Jamsen were walking towards the big house, then, BAM. A girl just ran and passed through them. Jamsen almost toppled to the ground from the impact. Whoa was that a girl or an elephant? Gumps helped him up, which is pretty normal for a satyr to do. He hefted his rotting club on his shoulders and gazed towards the big house.

"Who dat?!" Gumps bleated.

"We'll know," Jammy said.

They continued to trot towards the literally Big House while Jamsen clutching his sprained wrist.

To be continued...

WHOA it has been a long time since I wrote this, good News! I'm continuing it. :D
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PostSubject: Re: Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race   

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Hero's Chapter the Chariot Race
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