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Post by tyler oakley on 7/30/2013, 11:40 pm

★ I'd like you amazing admins and approvers to meet Katya Williams. Katya means "pure", and Williams is a variation of "William". William means "protection".

★ kat was born on june thirty-first, nineteen ninety six, on a cool summer day. therefore, she has lived on earth for approximately seventeen years and one month.

★female. katya is hurt you had to ask.

★katya's eyes are a turquoise-blue.

★the seventeen-year-old daughter of persephone has auburn hair that reaches to her ribcage. she dyed streaks of it pink.

★katya stands at 5 feet six inches.

Body Type:
★katya has a normal body type, not too big and not too small.

Skin Colour:
★katya's skin colour varies with the season. during winter it is pale, since there is not much sun out then, but in summer she gets super dark; she tans very easily.

God Parent:
★katya's godly half is from persephone, the goddess of springtime and flowers.

Mortal Parent:  
★Carlos Williams. He grew up in Brazil with his parents Lucas and Amanda, two Brazilian farmers. At the age of seven, however, Lucas and Amanda divorced, and Amanda married to an American man named George Williams. Amanda was kind of pushy, and she changed Carlos' last name to Williams as she believed the son should take after the father.

★When Carlos turned eighteen, he moved out of the house and went to New York, hoping to become a Broadway actor. Unfortunately, that didn't work out. So when Carlos turned twenty-one, he decided to settle down, get a house, a job, maybe gather a family together. But very soon he discovered it wasn't so easy and he couldn't pay his rent every month. So the landlord kicked Carlos out, and he had to go and live in the ghetto area of Manhattan. He got a job at a bar, and there he met Persephone. They started seeing each other, and after a few months Persephone disappeared, leaving a confused Carlos alone, defenseless, and without a home.

★Despite the hardships, Carlos didn't get his hopes down. He kept on working hard. One day Persephone left Katya on the doorstep. Carlos opened the door and nearly stepped on newborn Katya. He recognized her immediately. It was Persephone's child- his child.

Country of Origin:
★Katya is half Portuguese, but she was born in Mount Olympus and grew up in New York.

★Kat has no pets.

★singing- katya and her friends started a garage band.
★softball- she was on a softball team when she was thirteen.
★violin- katya played violin throughout her school years.

★kat has an old cb sword laying around on her bunk.


Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):

Life Before CHB*:

RP Example*:

Any notes about your characters:

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