Attack on Titan Dummy

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Attack on Titan Dummy

Post by Davis on 10/14/2013, 6:07 am

Hunters of Artemis were known to be graceful, lithe fighters armed with a bow and enough arrows to take down a small army. They were calm an alert, wise and patient; they waited for their prey to feel safe and comfortable before striking, before leaping out and securing the perimeter without the having the time to even blink. Generally, they hunted like wolves--quietly and in a pack. Ready to fight in a moment's notice, every attack strategized and every movement planned out. They were silent, but forceful killers, which was the hunter way.  Charlie, though. She wasn't much known for tactical advancements and thoughtful ambush.

Charlie preferred screaming at the top of her lungs and leaping forward, machetes over head like a hammer ready to slam down on a nail. She sprang towards the  oversized dummy with all her might, arching down on it and tearing its face in half with her blade. After a satisfying rip of the exterior material, and a decent amount of fluffy cotton material had fallen out, she cackled to herself, dropping her shoulders and letting the blades drag on the ground as she laughed, speaking to no one in particular, as she'd gone to the practice range alone. "That's how you kill a dummy!"

ooc// i'm drunk and idk if i'll reply to this unless you're particularly interesting but idk i wanted to chuck a reply in here so i did weeeee feel free to reply can't promise i will until i've had a few drinks again yea /o/

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