Christopher Hope Not WIP

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Christopher Hope Not WIP

Post by GoldOwl488 on 10/28/2013, 6:03 am

Name: Christopher Hope
Age: 17
Gender: Male, obviously
Eyes: His eyes are the color of ocean. So, ocean blue. ^.^
Hair: Dirty blonde
Height: 6'1
Body Type: Athletic
Skin Color: Fair/olive
God Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent: Diana Hope
Country of Origin: Canada
Pets: White German shepherd named Akamaru.
Talents: Watching Naruto, collecting coins, baseball, diving.
Weapon**: 2 Stygian iron claws called Erémos.
Personality: Christopher is one of the most kindest people you'll ever meet. He'll always know when you're feeling down and try to cheer you up. But in return of him cheering you up, he wants gossip or secrets. If you decline he will still be kind to you but he will find out one way or another. Christopher is addicted to Naruto, that's why he called his dog Akamaru. He watches all the episodes and reads the mangas every single day.
Flaws: Slightly bad eyesight (that's why he's wearing glasses) impatient, nosey.
Powers(must relate to god parent; optional): Shadow travel 4 times a day for 25 miles needing a 1 and a half hour break between them.
Life Before CHB*: Diana Hope was pregnant by 17. On a dark, stormy night she gave life to her son, Christopher Hope. They lived in a small normal apartment, had normal friends and family and lived normal lives. Or so it seemed. Diana was diagnosed with panic disorder at the age of 22 and that affected Chris's life drastically. She rarely socialised with people and only a few close family stood by her side. The others were either revolted or afraid of her. Chris had to cook his own meals and do every single chore by himself because his mother was too coped up in her own world of fear, staying in a dingy room all by herself. Except for some days when she would prepare grand meals and smile a smile that would light up her whole face. Those days made Chris happy. Once, a cousin introduced Naruto to him. He became obsessed with it and even named his new pet Akamaru. He got outstanding grades in school and would push himself to the limit to get better and better. He never had time for friends. If he wasn't watching Naruto or studying, he would be playing baseball.
RP Example*: I pulled down my hoodie as I sat in my ford mustang. The pouring rain made loud noises as they fell on the hood of the car. I was in front of Starbucks, watching as people hurried out of the rain into the warm, coffee scented cafe. "Come on," I muttered to myself. "What is taking you so long?". As soon as the words flew out of mouth, the passenger door was pulled open and my mom plopped into the seat with a smile on her face. "I brought for you hot chocolate." She said as she handed me my drink. "Thanks." I mumbled and took a small sip. "So tell me, how was your day?" She asked tilting her head a little to the right. "Okay." I replied. I didn't want to sit here and chat about my school day, I wanted to be home watching Naruto, thank you.
Any notes about your characters:
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