The Visit

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The Visit

Post by Maggie Chase on 11/22/2013, 5:10 pm

Ethan Marks stroked the chestnut Emily's mane, and sang to her. There was no one in the stable, and it was just him and his horse. Ethan loved Emily dearly, for it was a gift from his best friend. Emily was a light chocolate color, and her mane flowed in the wind like pouring chocolate milk. Ethan dunked the bucket into some milk, and set it next to Emily's hay bucket. So many good memories had come from this horse. Some were small, like when he bet his sister $10 that he could jump over the riding ring's fence (he had ended up in the infirmary), and some were large, like when he taught his sister to ride Emily. Ethan let Emily finish her milk and hay, and then took her out to the riding ring.
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