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Andi trudged up the hill, her husky Riley following in pursuit. Her skinny jeans were torn at the knee and covered in mud, her converse squeaked while she walked, her faded blue shirt had a dirt spot in the front, and her jacket was god knows where. She was glad she was alive, her family was safe, and that she didn't lose her bracelet.

"Riley! Here girl!" Andi whistled to the husky, who was sniffing at a tree. The dog happily came, scampering to keep up with her owner. When Riley reached Andi, the dog whined, layed down, and rolled over. Sighing, Andi started rubbing her belly.

"I know girl, I want to go back home too, but this is the place where Ethan said we'll be safe." she whispered into the dogs ear. She mentally smacked herself for mentioning Ethan, god who knows what happened to him.


"Ethan, what were those things?" Andi yelled over to the blonde haired boy. "Those things are called furies and there after you." the boy responded calmly.
"Your kidding!" There was panic in the girl's eye.
Ethan didn't respond. All he did was grip onto the girls shoulders. "Andi, what I'm saying now is real. This may sound strange, but your a demigod, a daughter of Apollo to be exact. I'm a saytr who supposed to watch over you." He said, looking into the girl's eyes. Ethan remembered the glowing sun that shone over Andi's head before the furies attacked."Now, follow my instructions carefully. I want you to run up there," the boy pointed up the hill "When you see an old looking camp, go inside a big house. You'll be safe there."
Normally Andi would be on the floor laughing by now but there was something that made her believe him.
She was about to say something, but the furies were back.
"Run!" Ethan yelled pushing the girl up the hill. She didn't look back.  

Man, I sure am weak., she thought to herself after she came back reality. Andi got up, and continued walking, her dog following behind her.

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OOC: I don't think the satyr could know who her god parent is. Demigods don't know who their god parents are unless claimed.

Also, the plural of 'Fury' is 'Furies'. (;


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Guest, you are awesome.
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Welcome To CHB
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