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Post by hyperactivedemon on 1/1/2014, 5:50 pm

Name: Anneline Oliver

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Height: 5'4

Body Type: Lean, but strong, small build.

Skin Color: Light, pale, slight tan

God Parent: Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Genevieve Oliver

Country of Origin: United States of America

Pets: None

Talents: Deceivingly strong, musically talented with a guitar and piano, can mimic voices of other people.

Weapon**: Can work with many items she finds around her, but quite likes the two feet long retractable katana blades she hides in her sleeves

Personality: She's funny, smart, clever, and creative. Rarely serious. Temperamental. Not someone to mess with, but not someone to take seriously either. Is a midget in comparison to her siblings with her small build. Happy, sarcastic.


Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):

Life Before CHB*:

RP Example*:

Any notes about your characters:

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