Olephont's bunk,

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Olephont's bunk,

Post by Jasper on 2/9/2014, 3:20 pm

Jasper Olephont ran into his cabin and quickly picked a random bunk and sat in it. It was quite nice to sit down after playing hockey for a while. Jasper laid back and thought about his old home, where he could play hockey whenever, but now he had to worry about training for  a fight with random monsters that would like to kill him, for reasons of his mother. Jasper was actually quite mad that his god parent was Nike, he did like to win,  but he didn't have any powers, like other kids did, and could use them to beat him. Jasper, thinking about losing, almost punched the wall, but instead took got up again and ran out as fast as he had come in, carrying his hockey stick, or sometimes it'd be known as his sword.
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