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 The Boy with Three Souls

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(First Part of 'The Boy with Three Souls' It's a story I made)

"Come on, Zeus, you gotta let me!" Hades said.
"It's not up to me." Zeus said. Hades looked at Poseidon.
"What type of gift is it?" Poseidon ask.
"To have Three souls." Hades said
"And you expect us to have this Happen when a little girl at Camp Half Blood got rape by Hermes Boys?" Athena ask.
"Chris can be there for her." Aphrodite said. I look at them all, even though i'm only 2 years old.
"Ugh, fine Hades give him the Gift." Zeus said. Hades grabbed me and start to say things in ancient language.

12 Years Later...

I ran through the woods carrying the Blue team flags. The Red team erupted in cheers as they see me with the other team's flag, Then Fionna stopped right in front of me, looking at me with her Red eye's.
"Going some where?" She ask.
"As a matter of fact, Yes I am." I said. She grabbed the flag out of my hands. I grab it back and ran all the way to my team.
"YEAH!!!!" Yelled the Red Team.The red team pat me on the back. I search the crowd to find Fionna, and she was standing right next to me. We both hoist the flag into the air. The Red team cheered even louder.
"Good job out there, Chris." Fionna said.
"You too." I said back. Fionna stared at my forehead, then I realized the faint glow of an Sea-Green Trident.
"Oh my Hades, Chris your a son of-"
"Poseidon." Finished Percy. I look at Percy, stunned.
"I'm your brother now?" I ask. I mean to say it in a good way but it came out a little wrong.
Percy looked at me.
"I am." He says with a sighs. My face turned red. I didn't mean to come out as a bad thing, I said in my mind. Then John came up behind me.
"Hey." He says. I turned around.
"Hey, John." I said. Then I noticed Fionna was standing next to Jaun. I guess I should have thought that I wasn't GONNA get a chance with her. I sighed at that thought. John put his hand on my shoulder.
"You ok?" He ask.
"Yeah, I'm ok." I said to him, giving him a reassuring smile. Then Percy walked to our cabin.
"Hey maybe I'll become your Brother!" He says.
"Yeah, Maybe." I said.

Later That Day.
There was a knock on the door. Fionna was standing there, crying her eye's out. She came and I wrap my arms around her. She cried into my chest.
"Fionna, What's wrong?" I ask.
"Jaun..." She sobbed. That jerk again.
"What about him?" I asked. She calmed down alittle.
"Jaun kissed another girl in front of me, Her Name is Wiess, and then he saw me and told me, 'It's over Fionna'" She sobbed. She wrap her arms around me and Cried again.
"Try to calm down." I whispered. Her crying went into short breaths. We let go of each other. She wiped the water on her face.
"Thanks Chris for helping me." She said.
"That's what friends are for, Right?" I said. She nodded.
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The Boy with Three Souls
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