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(This is the second chapter of my work, which means I already described the narrator in my original work, however just imagine her with hazel eyes, long blonde hair, healthy and light complexion and around her 20's)

I stepped outside of my luxury airship that took me from my homeland of Novus Colombia with sure disgust in my heart and mind, but, as dictated by society's tenant's I simply put on the mask and hid my anger and rage with the makeup placed on my face on behalf of my stylist's behest. By this point I even questioned why I even had flown over the Atlantic Ocean. Was it just to make me feel insignificant and weak or was this a general feeling any traveler felt after arriving to the decadent, and perfect bubble city of Orchales? Regardless of the answer, I only knew I hated the whole place. It is beyond heinous and ostentatious, the way these people wear gowns and suits that cast deep shadows on my form. For God's sakes I was wearing an ivory silk gown made to my measurements and decorated with hints of platinum and yet compared to the almost ridiculous outfits, I looked like a vagabond in comparison to the citizens of the city going about their business.

To my side, I could feel Isabel walk with her usual air of authority and self-righteousness, but it was clear as day that she was not comfortable. The way she was hunching her shoulders and biting the insides of her lower lips with her frontal coronary teeth was a pretty solid hint of her dislike. If I didn't knew her as I did, I would had allowed her to express herself openly and throw out into the open just how everyone that arrived from the airship felt. I don't know what I hated more, the oppressive undertone of the city, the plasticity of the people or the fact that I was being escorted to my glorified bodyguard.

While I walked down the palatial hallway that connect the station to the location of my appointed praetorian, I could only see faces of the people. The all had bejeweled eyes that shined like the diamonds dug out from Africa and had airy, pretensions and condescending laughs that barely opened up whenever they spoke to each other. The pitch of their voices was surely fixated by some unnecessary medical procedure that hid the devils hidden underneath the heavy displays of opulence. My whole entourage, including the mercurial Isabel, was as silent as mourners. My face surely had to form a solemn look, but in reality I just wanted to get on the cockpit of the airship and slam it against one of the monuments of the city.  How could they live like this? Didn't they know that the people of Novus Colombia work all day and night to provide for the families they belong just to earn enough money to maintain them. Sure my people weren't poor, I mean most of those who lived in the province lived in large houses and had relatively prosperous lives, but to see a girl no older than 12 wear a coat made out of solid gold while  flashing a large necklace containing a sapphire to another girl was just sickening to me. Eventually I reached the end of the hallway and proceeded to enter a rather odd room with almost no extravagant decorations or ornaments save for the same chalk-white floor that I had just walked on and a large wooden door with golden arches.

I guess I should had said I was glad to come out of the hallway by now, but I wasn't. Standing in front of me, was a small thin man who couldn't be younger than fifty and was wearing a burgundy cashmere suit adorned with a silver watch carefully tucked inside the pockets of his waistcoat, who looked at me with a rather rude and demeaning face. His cheeks must had been hollowed out artificially judging gby the way they sagged down and his hair was painted just as red as his suit.  This man walked down at me with his hands grasped behind his square back but retained a disapproving look in his emerald eyes. Ironically, I was much taller than the man who walked up to me, even with my high heels. Yet as the man approach me, he just nodded his head and click chis tongue. That rat deserved getting one of my heels stuck into his damn ass! Alas, thus was not lady-like behavior, so I just greeted him with a fake smile. However, after I gave him a smile, he simply sighed and threw his arms up into the air like if I was a helpless case. He was probably one of the examiners, officers entrusted by the republic that made sure there stood no impostors when one entered the capital. I didn't know what it was, but after he took off his thick rimless glasses, he simply said that I should make an effort  to dress appropriately while in the capital. Once again, my tongue was held back, but this time, Isabel came to my rescue and gave the arrogant midget one of her own looks of disdain. I knew at that time that in order to survive, I needed Isabel to be at my side for the rest of the visit.

I was so angry with the small and frail man that I failed to notice I was no longer surrounded by people other than Isabel. Most likely the others were told to wait back inside the hall until I exited the room. Oddly enough, right after the examiner finished patronizing me, he disappeared. Now it was just me and my loyal companion inside the weird place. I might had been angry at the examiner, but I was not sure how to react to this man. In just a few seconds,  the door creaked open and I felt my heart sink into a bottomless pit. My hands trembled and my teeth were gritted underneath my lips. I was surely enraged by this man's presence alone. The tips of my fingertips became cold and I swear I was no longer in a room inside the capital, but inside Hell itself. Before me stood the praetorian guardsman who had been assigned as my personal guard and protector.

If their were any redeeming qualities about the praetorians it had to be the  armor they wore, the lorica conquistora, they wore. Not only was it a brilliant feat of engineering, but they were also incredibly expensive. Each suit of armor could easily rival a small mansion in terms of pricing. It was actually fashioned from a carbonated titanium alloy that provided the soldiers with an intimidating plate armor that was made to feel no heavier than the clothes one wears everyday, yet would be ten times stronger and sturdier than regular titanium. The armor was powered by a thermonuclear power core located at the center of the chest of the armor and it had a sanguine glow to it. The aesthetics of the armor were just as impressive as the workings of said piece of equipment. It was black and the breast plate looked like a bare muscular male chest. The armor the praetorians wore was specifically stunning since it had small decorations of pure gold on the back, chest and shoulder plates, while it maintained a very humanoid shape, and not a hulking or thick look. Also, the praetorians, seeing as they were elite soldiers, had the district privilege of bearing the standard of Regnum on the back of the royal purple capes they wore. All in all, they looked powerful, mighty and proud, while still looking vaguely like humans.

This particular praetorian was said to be the youngest legatus to be promoted to this position and had successfully led  successful military campaigns against the British Empire several times. The man towered over me and had a particularly shaped helmet as it had two horns pointing upwards while possessing a visor shaped like a face. As courtesy, I gave the praetorian my name, but not after first stammering and choking up, and simply acknowledging him with a simple bow. The praetorian in question however, placed his hands to the sides of his helmet and lifted it upwards revealing his face. As i stared at him I felt my cheeks glow red and my heartbeat increase. He had a smoky appearance with azure eyes that looked like they had seen one too many battlefields, olive skin that was more common in the southern provinces of Regnum, dark and short hair that was in a state of unrest due to the use of his helmet and a prominently strong jawline. I assumed he was in his early to mid twenties like me, but judging from the tiny wrinkles in his face, he was a man who had lived a hard and tough life. The praetorian did not look happy at all and after looking at me with his deep blue eyes, he just groaned and placed his helmet at the ground.

"Let me get this straight, I led an army to battle, got shot, abducted, stabbed, shot and tortured by enemies and after giving me a position as a praetorian  they make me a babysit a damn brainless jar head of a girl who is just famous because of her daddy. Great, this is an incredible way to show appreciation for the soldiers of Regnum. Just fuc#ing great!" Cursed the praetorian who seemed angered by me alone and scoffed loudly.

( End of preview for now)

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Keep all chapters of the same story in one topic.
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Demo II
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