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CHAPTER I: Childhood
If you wanna know what my past looks like, then here it is. My name is Aya Rouchefort, I'm currently in Camp Half-Blood, safe. I'm a daughter of Aphrodite and I'm currently 14. This is my story of my past and how Camp Half-Blood changed my life. My father's name is Romain Rouchefort, he's a wealthy businessman who owns a company. But who am I? I WAS an alone little girl who lock herself up in her mansion. Before I was born, Aphrodite's name is Viola Rosella when she met my father. They met at a cafe when my father got dumped by his ex-girlfriend. Then Aphrodite came to his life and ever since then, father is so happy and full of light. After I was born in February 4, 2000 at France, mother disappeared the day after that. and ever since she disappeared, father got remarried by my step-mother, Wiess Froyd. So I know your waiting for you to read my childhood so here it is. My childhood is not quite joyful than I remembered though. I remember the time when I was 2, I was sitting on my father's lap. But ever since I became three, I always get locked up in my mansion unless I have school. and father doesn't talk to me, he just work every-day
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Aya Rouchefort
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