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 Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)

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PostSubject: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   5/11/2014, 9:59 pm

Colossus Foundation
"Industry,Innovation, Impact, Immediately"
Foundation Motto
The various industries that Colossus Foundation works in. The ones with asterisks are the main industries. The Personal Defense sector only hires to specific people and is known to only Demi-gods, several monsters it has encountered, and a select few who keep the foundation's secrets.

  • Personal Defense
  • Systems
  • Programming*
  • Shipbuilding*
  • Shipping*
  • Supernatural Warfare

The employment list of the Foundation's workforce. Note, the foundation's workforce only consists of old demi-gods/demi-titans or mortals that are able to see through the mist and have had an extensive background check. The Misc. contractors are mostly second-fifth generation demi-gods/titans.
700 full time
328 misc. contractors

Revenue: How much is made on an annual basis
46.1 million USD

Operating income: Includes paychecks, maintenance, purchases and equipment
45.8 million USD

Total profit: How much money is left over
300,000 USD

Total Funds: How much money is saved up
432,000 USD


The Colossus Foundation Military is funded separately from the civilian sector and operates mostly off anti-terrorism contracts issued from the United States and other countries as well as some limited funding from Olympus and occasionally other pantheons if such work is required. Colossus is part of a community of similar entities globally known as The Shinjuku Coalition which consist of groups from the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, India, Egypt and surprisingly, Malta.

"Anywhere, anytime, for any reason why."

  • 1 flagship
  • 3 Heavy Cruisers
  • 3 Destroyers
  • 3 Frigates
  • 2 Carriers
  • 1 SpecWar Ship
  • 7 Corvettes
  • 3 Landing Craft
  • 120 personnel
  • 5000 autonomous constructs

Click here to see the full page

Front and center stage
1300 personnel
4700 autonomous constructs
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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   5/11/2014, 9:59 pm


The Shinjuku Coalition


The Shinjuku Coalition a multi-national coalition of Paramilitary organizations composed of Demi-gods, Legacies, and those mortals who are able to see past the shroud. Originally, it was not the coalition but simply an agreement stipulated by the Shinjuku Non-Aggression pact, created in 1972 between Japan's Akarikaze, Malta's Order of the Knights Hospitaller, China's Holy Imperial Army, Russia's Four Circles and the United Kingdom's Hellsing. Over time, the Shinjuku Non-Aggression Pact was extended to Capstone United, the premier Supernatural Warfare (SupWar) group in the United States and various other organizations as well.

Before 1945, monster hunting was almost solely the territory of the various half-blood camps around the globe as up until that point, the campers had been sufficient to deal with any monster outbreak as despite the increasing numbers, the monsters were too fearful of the gods intervening to actually do anything. That is, until the Greek pantheon made a deal to not interfere with the affairs of mortals and then strong armed the other pantheons into doing the same thing. With no more fear of the God's intervention, monsters began making determined strikes against lone demi-gods before they were introduced to the camps and also legacies as well. 

There had been SupWar groups around since the early renaissance such as the Order of the Knights Hospitaller and Hellsing, but up until that point, they had been dealing with their own conflicts with other groups as well as the supernatural enemy that they faced. This changed when out of the ashes of WWII came Akarikaze. Japan operated a bit differently from the other Pantheons, mainly because instead of summer camps, the Japanese set up a small network of academies that functioned similar to boarding schools where children were enrolled in from birth. This made it easier to keep an eye on vulnerable individuals and allow those with experience to properly teach the children to not randomly toss fireballs at their comrades. Because of the connected network, it was very easy to coordinate mutual defense efforts until by a stroke of luck, the academy staff teamed up with a Private Military Corporation made up of Alumni known as Akarikaze.

Initially, this went unknown to the west but Akarikaze rose up to prominance in 1971 when they single-handedly drove back a monster incursion numbering at least 120000 with enchanted firearms and regular mortal weapons courtesy of the JDSF. After a series of negotiations, representatives from the most powerful SupWar groups gathered at the Shinjuku Summit where they signed the ubiquitous Shinjuku Non-Aggression Pact. As other groups arose to combat the ever growing monster hordes, an offer to sign the pact was extended and in 1993 with the inclusion of Australia's Shark LLC, the Non-Aggression pact was reformed into the Coalition. 

The Shinjuku is a multi-national coalition of Paramilitary organizations composed of Demi-gods, Legacies, and those mortals who are able to see past the shroud that is sponsored by the UN as well as multiple pantheons to battle the various monster outbreaks all over the globe. Shinjuku forces use technology to proactively battle and drive back the monsters. It currently blockades all underworld entrances excluding the one in San Francisco.

It also operates the worldwide network of half-blood academies around the world with a full university campus as well. 

Because of the operating cost of much of the equipment however, Shinjuku is only able to respond effectively to widespread threats and large disasters, meaning that smaller scale monster incursions are dealt with by individual members rather than the full Shinjuku battle wagon. This effectively keeps the Camps in blissful ignorance of the bigger horrors of the world at large.

Colossus Foundation is the youngest member but is the fifth most powerful. The top five slots are Akarikaze, the Holy Imperial Army, the Order of the Knights Hospitaller, Capstone United, and Colossus Foundation. Britain's Hellsing follows up in sixth and Russia's Four Circles are seventh due to effectively having no navy.

According to the numbers provided by the latest Shinjuku Force Readiness Review, it is estimated that the Coalition could field the following forces:
34,000 personnel
42+ auxiliary craft
45+ small craft (Hovercraft, Corvettes, Patrol/Missile/Torpedo Boats, and cutters)
19 frigates
27 destroyers
9 Amphibious Assault Ships
3 cruisers
6 carriers
3 battlecruisers
1 battleship (Yamato)

18,000 personnel
220+ fixed wing aircraft (combat)
110+ rotary wing aircraft (combat)
350+ Auxiliary aircraft

100,000+ army personnel
20,000+ marines
420+ tanks
120+ Infantry Fighting Vehicles
100+ Armored Fighting Vehicles
60+ self-propelled artillery guns
20+ towed artillery guns and heavy mortars
30+ Self propelled Anti-air guns

Note that many of the numbers are lopsided due to lack of purely secretarial staff. Some numbers including disposable munitions are excluded due to time constraints and are unable to be effectively counted. The navy has more ships but fewer personnel than a traditional sized force because of increased automation provided by Pantheon magic. The number is also significantly lowered by moving shipboard marines into the Land Warfare category.

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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   5/11/2014, 10:00 pm

Subject: Half-blood Academies and Academy Cities

There are seven Half-blood Academies around the world that train and educate Demi-gods and legacies to be functional, happy, healthy, and productive members of society. These Academies are protected by forces under the Shinjuku Coalition and the Academy itself is funded by a combination of grants from the UN and Shinjuku at the same time. The Academies are sort of like elementary school, middle school, high school, and west point all rolled into one and students are encouraged to seek out higher education from mortal universities as they would have no problem mixing in regular people. Academy Central possesses its own university though.

Pantheological communities are often highly concentrated into cities centered around the academies are actually pretty cookie cutter with the exception of the several in Japan where the whole thing started. These cities are located in remote areas and can be accessed freely though they are not well known outside of those already initiated into the Pantheological community.

Academy Central: Japan
Academy Europe: Germany
Academy America: United States
Academy South: Brazil
Academy China: China
Academy Russia: Russia
Academy Africa: Egypt

The Academy Student Patrol and Excursion Combat Team (ASPECT) essentially acts as an internal disciplinary committee to keep kids capable of throwing fireballs from doing things like killing people or otherwise doing stupid things as well as act as truant officers and occasionally if necessary, the city militia's special combat forces.

The Student Council President is actually a very important person as the student council president actually sets policy for the academy and effects thousands of people at least and is also the commander in chief for all ASPECTs in the city during a period of crisis. The each day, the council treasurer of Academy America handles about 20 million dollars concerning the budgets of various clubs as well as the upkeep, training, and readiness of ASPECT recruits.
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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   5/11/2014, 10:00 pm

Approximate Tech Level of the world:
The tech level of different factions differs wildly from faction to faction but there are usually other factors as well to consider when assessing the strength of any one faction. This also does not mean that any one is more important than any other.

Pre-enlightenment age technology

To be honest if it weren't for the Gods being, well, Gods, and jam packed with overpowered magic users, Olympus and everything in it would have been steamrolled a long time ago. Olympus's aggregate tech level is extremely primitive and Mythical creatures like Satyrs are for some reason, completely unable to manipulate any technology past the industrial age. The gods themselves, notably the forge god, occasionally make use of technology when interacting with humans but on Olympus, they forgo technology for outright magic.

Highest Technology: A magically imbued and blessed T-26 Light Infantry Tank donated by Russia's Four Circles organization. It has an upgraded power train that can drive the little speedster around at around 60-70 miles per hour and can fire either Zeus's lightning bolts or the more cost effective Coalition Arms 30mm "Ghostblaster" Spec APFSDSLRP (Armor-Piercing, Fin Stabilized, Discarding Sabot, Long Rod Penetrator) rounds. The hull was blessed by all of the gods consecutively and thus, is able to withstand a direct hit from a cruise missile though two is cutting it a bit close. A specialized team of demi-gods is kept on Olympus to keep the thing running and man it. The tank has been pulled out of storage ever since Olympus was breached by enemy forces during Kronos's near resurrection.

KOS Monster factions:

Monster factions make massive use of Schizo-tech. There is a varying tech level across the spectrum but they are all pre-industrial at best and downright cavemen at worst and the only reason they have not been stomped is because of their ability to absolutely zerg like crazy since not only are they just reborn in the underworld, they also reproduce like flies. There are actually no monster factions located on earth but the lower underworld is jam packed with constantly warring bands, tribes and city states. Earth is thankfully not flooded by monsters because The Shinjuku Coalition maintains a blockade at all Underworld gates except the San Francisco Gate which is held by Olympus.

The most advanced piece of technology seen to date is a 76 gun, triple deck 3rd rate mounting carronades, about 170 feet long and massing in at just over 2500 tons. It was encountered on May 2, 2007 at the west Baltic sea Underworld portal by the Hellsing guided missile destroyer Destiny and was sunk the same day. Further encounters determine that it was a unique occurrence as almost all ships encountered afterwards barely break 5th rate. Still, the monsters have resources and manpower to spare so it is expected that more may be seen in the foreseeable future.

Benign/Belligerent Monster factions
Enlightenment - Industrial age

Benign and Belligerent Monster factions are much more technologically advanced that the KOS monster factions but paradoxically are much more militarized than the KOS monster factions, probably due to most of their academic leaders having served in the military at some point and possibly because of constantly having to fend off the assorted monster groups that get past the killing field that is the Shinjuku/Underworld DMZ. Like Shinjuku, they cannot play a numbers game but they do have their steadily increasing technological level.

the highest technology ever exhibited by the Benign Monster factions is an engineering experiment undertaken by academic Enclave 14 when they attempted to replicated the USS Monitor to see if it was possible with their current level of tech. As it turns out, it is, although the construction took about 6 years. The finished ship was imbued with flight magic and was launched on August 23rd 2007. As of 2011 it patrols the DMZ in order to better fight the KOS incursions.

EXALT/Angel Hospital/Zulu Army:
depression - cold war era

The Shinjuku Coalition:
Cold War - Information age

The Shinjuku maintains just about the approximate technology level as a modern military. While it can't play a numbers game like the other factions (other than EXALT/Angel Hospital/Zulu Army), it makes up for the disparity with advanced technology including guided missiles, automatic weapons, and various other technologies. Specialized ammunitions to combat monsters is provided to infantry or less commonly, field artillery, by Coalition Arms Corporation LLC. It maintains blockades on all but one Underworld portal and hunts down larger concentrations of monsters so that the camps are not disturbed.

Highest Technology: The raised and refurbished battleship Yamato propelled by two nuclear reactors to drive four steam turbines and an electrical generator capable of sustaining the ship indefinitely. As of the 2012 refit, it is equipped with the latest Aegis integrated combat system that Japan could afford. It is a whopping 840 feet long and armed with 128 RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrow missiles, 40 RGM-84 Harpoon missiles, 6 35mm Oerlikon Millennium Naval Revolvers, 10 5 inch guns and 9 18 inch guns capable of smashing through 16.5 inches of Rolled Homogeneous Steel armor at 30 kilometers. It's sensor suite is the Prolific AN/SPY-1. It's special weapon is the reinforced bow section that allows Yamato to smash cruisers much less the 5th rates or boats that it normally fights.

Switzerland Defense League:
Information age

The Switzerland defense league, while a separate entity from the Shinjuku Coalition, does share many of the Coalition's mission goals, mainly defending Switzerland from monster attack. Strangely, Switzerland does not have an underworld portal but rather a curious anomaly known only as the Hellmouth that spews out various monsters and was successfully blockaded in 1939. Otherwise, it has very little contact with the Shinjuku Coalition though it does buy weapons from Coalition Arms Corporation.

Highest Technology: Airborne Cruiser Geneva, designed and built by Coalition Arms Corporation as it's very first full ship rather than simply as a components provider. It is powered by a different type of magic from the Argo 2 and thus encounters problems that the Argo 2 does not have. It is 500 feet long from stem to stern and is propelled by a General Electric TF39 Turbofan engine with small maneuvering thrusters to make smaller corrections as the Magic only keeps the ship aloft and upright, meaning it is far less maneuverable than Argo 2 but faster in the long term. It is armed with Coalition Arms 20cm "Isolde" Cannon on a three gun mount, 6 Coalition Arms 60mm "Valiant" Railguns in two triple turrets, 2 Oerlikon 35mm Millennium Naval Revolver Cannons, and multiple missile cells, many with RIM quad packed missiles. It is packed with an AN/SPY-1 radar but no Aegis. It's special weapon is nose mounted "Tannhauser" Directed Ionic Stream Blast Cannon (A.K.A Zeus's throwing arm 2.0).

Academy Central:

Highest Technology: Yamamoto Super-computing cluster.
Academy Cities:
Information age

Demi-god camps:

Highest Technology: Argo 2, a bronze hulled airborne galley raised, propelled, and powered by magic with a control system ripped from a Learjet and a Wii system. It is 200 feet long and armed with two quick firing ballistae capable of punching through concrete as well as the ram ubiquitous on all greek triremes. Its sensor systems though, are still the mark 1 eyeball and telescope. It's special weapon is the flamethrower built into the figurehead.

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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   5/11/2014, 10:07 pm

This stuff is pretty cool and creative :) keep doing it
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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   5/12/2014, 12:25 pm

Monster Factions
can be classified into three categories that have since been defined by the Shinjuku Coalition: Benign, Belligerent, and Kill-On-Sight (KOS).

Contrary to popular belief, not all monsters are slobbering beasts whose only purpose in life is to feast on man flesh. In fact, there are quite a few who look down on that sort of thing, believing that time and culture has allowed an individual to rise above such base urges. These monsters usually group up into factions that fall into the first two categories. The last category consists of factions of monsters that wish to continue to war with humanity and Olympus and seek nothing but bloodshed. Sadly, this comprises of the vast majority of all monsters and thus, explains why they are still capable of zerging.

Benign factions
Benign factions are monster factions that wish to remain either out of human affairs or with to built up their society and expand their fledgling culture with human assistance. These factions maintain embassies at the Underworld Portal fortresses and occasionally send ambassadors to Olympus. These factions comprise mainly of more intelligent and noble monsters, most of them being humanoid in form, and the majority of these factions are centered around the underworld portal, mainly to benefit from the protective DMZ established by the Shinjuku Coalition.

Some of these monsters even take classes at an academy compound called Academy Ascension run by the Switzerland Defense League where they receive education from k-12 all the way to a PHD in any field as long as they agree to serve 4 years in the SDL upon graduation. It is also possible to attend a parallel officer academy as well and serve 6 years but with an officer commission. These graduates actually make up the majority of the forces stationed at the Hellmouth.

A few stay with the SDL but the majority take their degrees and go back to the faction lands and use their knowledge to advance the society that they come from, joining enclaves that guide along the cultural and technological progress of their society. Benign factions are mostly at the mid Renaissance level of technology because they turned down Shinjuku's offer to share tech because they wished to establish their own cultural identity first. It is estimated that within 20 years, the Benign factions will begin an industrial revolution.

Citizens of Benign or Belligerent factions usually carry identification on them in the form of an ID card or a remotely identifiable ID tag in order to distinguish themselves but other monsters do not have such identification. People without identification are usually stopped on the street and asked to find someone who can vouch for them and bring up an ID.

There is actually a permanent resident in Olympus as an ambassador, a Minotaur who goes by the name of Doctor Ellington Schulz who has two PHDs, one in bio-medical engineering and another in sociology. Despite his race, he is one of the most respected people on Olympus and is often called in as council on matters concerning the monster factions. He also acts as a Go-between for the monster factions and the SDL due to his former rank, Lieutenant Colonel, the highest rank ever attained by a monster.

The total population in all Benign factions is somewhere upwards around 1.2 million citizens and counting.

Belligerent factions
Belligerent factions are monster factions who have some issue or another with humanity, who simply do not have very good leaders, or are simply too unstable. These factions occasionally do have embassies but they are few and far between, mostly so that Shinjuku can share news that concern each other but generally, humanity and the Belligerent factions stay out of each other's way.

The most notable political leader of the Belligerent factions is a Cyclops who goes by the name Doctor Oleg Jacobson who has a PHD in Military history and a minor in Mechanical engineering.

The total population in all Belligerent factions is around 800,000 and counting.

Kill-On-Sight factions
KOS factions are factions that consist of monsters who have not risen above their baser instincts and wish to continue to battle humanity. Components of these factions are usually identifiable by their lack of identification. In the underworld, these monsters often bunch up in packs or tribes where human rights as applicable to monsters are constantly violated and the conditions are actively hostile at best and unthinkable at worst. When a tribe grows large enough, usually they will begin making an attempt at Shinjuku forces at the Underworld passageway but most of the time are slaughtered crossing the DMZ. Those who survive are easily dealt with by Benign or Belligerent factions inside or just behind the DMZ.

All Benign factions and Belligerent factions as well as the Shinjuku Coalition, the SDL, Olympus, and the Academy cities are in a constant state of war with KOS factions.

The total population is at the last count is estimated in the billions and rising. Thankfully, KOS factions and tribes are just as happy to fight among themselves sometimes more eagerly than they would fight humans or the first two categories.
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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   5/16/2014, 1:59 pm

Comparison between Camp Half Blood/Camp Jupiter and Academy America

Here's the first comparison: Size.

Camp Jupiter is undoubtedly larger than Camp Half Blood, but the Academy America Campus is larger than Camp Jupiter. By 2012's census, Academy America had a total of 6000 high school students age 19 and under with around 500 in JROTC and 72 ASPECT members and approximately 1300 students in college, 200 of which are in ROTC with 17 ASPECT members and 300 attending the campus military academy. According to the latest numbers, Camp Jupiter hosts approximately 1000+ demi-gods and their legacies and Camp Half Blood only hosts somewhere in the lover hundreds of campers. All told, the numbers on both sides look just about equal when not factoring in Campus Security (Skill-out) who works for the Shinjuku Coalition, or other factors such as non-combatant portions of the demi-god camps. When all variables are factored in, Academy America has approximately twice the number of professional (or semi-professional in the case of the demi-gods and ROTC) combatants than the demi-god camps could possibly field.

Force Multipliers

Assuming equivalents of:
Demi-god Camps(DGC): 40 + 40 + 40 + 40 + 40 (cohorts) + 800 (levy) + 150 (CHB)
Academy America Campus(AAC): 500 (JROTC) + 89 (ASPECTs) + 200 (ROTC) + 300 (Military Academy) + 250 (Skill-out)

Force multipliers are an essential part of judging overall strength. Demi-god Camps contain demi-gods who wield various powers and abilities while legacies are usually left wanting but not always. These abilities are highly variable but average estimates give the Romans a x3 multiplier due to the relative abundance of power spikes and CHB receives a x3.5 due to it's concentration of overpowered individuals while Academy America only receives a x2 multiplier because of the more even and spread out distribution and the fact that not all of those with high power are combatants.

At the moment:
DGC: 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 120 + 525
AAC: 1000 + 178 + 400 + 600 + 500

Next, we account for individual soldier training. In this area, Academy America holds the edge as ASPECTs are considered special forces, having received training in wielding their powers collaboratively as well as special training in law enforcement, urban combat, asymmetric warfare, and small squad tactics that can be adapted to fighting in any environment. Skill-outs actually are special forces who have been trained to put down rogue demi-gods and a mortal Skill-out officer is considered the equivalent of an ASPECT member with Demi-god officers being the functional equivalent of and entire ASPECT fire team. Thus, ASPECTs and Skill-outs receive a x2 while Skill-outs receive a x1.5 on top of the original bonus. In addition to the boost for special forces, JROTC, ROTC and the curriculum at the military academy provides discipline, teamwork, and situational awareness and flexibility, meaning a x1.5 bonus for the other units.
DGCs on the other hand are slightly more complicated as we must take into account the various aspects of the population we are looking at. Camp Jupiter itself is split into 5 cohorts with around 40 people per Cohort and each Cohort has different skill levels so we can generally place the bonuses in increasing order, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 3.5. The situation with the troops levied from the nearby town is unfortunately, bad, as the levy is generally made up of drafted and armed civilians and would amount to little more than militia so they don't receive bonuses. Camp Half Blood is an interesting case in that they are disorganized and don't have a standard system of training but are very experienced in Unconventional and Guerrilla warfare and have an almost unshakable morale and tenacity matched only by ASPECTs and Skill-outs. CHB because of that, CHB receives a x2.5 bonus.

At the moment:
DGC: 180 + 240 + 300 + 360 + 420 + 800 + 1310 = 3280
AAC: 1500 + 356 + 800 + 1200 + 1500 = 5356

Technology is also important to take into account as well as equipment value and logistical capacity. Factoring in only size, skill/power levels and training, DGCs were unable to win the numbers game but still had more than a fighting chance of beating off a determined attack as most of the advantage for Academy America came from the boost made by the initial numbers. The technology level and disparity between them however, makes this a moot point. While the populace of Camp Jupiter is usually more than capable of handling firearms, they are very reluctant to use tech beyond the industrial revolution, thus limiting them to plate and chain mail, swords, spears, and other weaponry so they don't receive a bonus.
Camp Half Blood is an interesting case in that they actually do use firearms with the Athena Cabin actually making use of firearms, likely out of pragmatism, though actual use varies from a lot in Athena and Hephaestus cabins which use all sorts of weapons in general to a little bit Apollo cabin due to the accuracy afforded by snipers to not at all in the Ares cabin (which is lacks ranged weapons at all) and Aphrodite cabin (which doesn't fight and likely couldn't if they tried). Because of the use of firearms, CHB receives a bonus of x2 Additionally, Camp Half Blood has one thing that Jupiter sorely lacks, a navy, even if the entirety of it consists of only one ship. The addition of the Argo 2 gives CHB an additional 600 because of it's weaponry, intuitive control scheme and ability to project not just naval superiority but also air superiority and provide close air support.
Both however, pale in comparison to the arsenal available to Academy America. As of the 2013 inventory, ASPECT command kept a total of 650 M4 carbines, 730 Beretta M9 pistols, 250 M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifles, 100 M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems and 40 M249 LMGs in addition to other assorted weapons that were not counted including Mortars, anti-armor rockets and missiles and MANPADS. Skill-out makes liberal use of firearms as well as vehicles as well, including M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles, M1 Abrams tanks and Humvees. There is also a squadron of 8 harriers and guided missiles.

At this point, measuring is a lost cause.
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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   6/4/2014, 9:42 pm

Super Materials (Materials with supernatural effects)

There are actually four types of Super Materials with Stygian Iron, Celestial Bronze, and Imperial Gold being the most commonly known among those affiliated with the camps but there is actually a much more common one available for use by both mortals and demi-gods and even monsters simply called Geraldium.
Geraldium is actually a glowing liquid-like substance, created in prodigious amounts by cosmic phenomena and collected by modified solar panels, that can take on different properties when "activated" depending on its exposure to certain wavelength signals. Each particle of Geraldium is called a Gerald Nucleus or simply GN particle for short (the reference to Mobile Suit Gundam was unintentional but surprisingly apt. It is also not lost on anyone.). GN particles are actually a series of molecules bound together by as of yet unexplored forces (though highly suspected to be some form of magic) to acts as a singular atomic unit. Geraldium can be either used as is or alloyed into other materials to invoke other useful properties.


Is a matrix of carbon, gold, and tungsten atoms mixed with Geraldium to form a material that is capable of interacting with monsters. Anti-monster weapons are made from this material. Swords or spears made of E-Carbon do exist but because E-Carbon is an extremely heavy material, they are not common. The material is mostly used in the composite matrices of armor used by Skill-outs to disperse magic and ability invoked phenomena and stop physical attacks by monsters or in the form of anti-monster bullets which are more common. Until the discovery of Geraldium in the 90s, people had to fight monsters with heavy weapons and their effects such as shockwave, heat, and sheer kinetic force. With E-Carbon not only hitting monsters through their natural magic barrier but also completely halting their advanced healing factor, normal humans, who had previously been little more than meat, were able to fight back. It was E-Carbon munitions and armor that allowed Shinjuku to push back the onslaught of monsters and stopper them at the source, the underworld portals.

[Core Splendor]

The most notable use of GN particles is in an alloy of Promethium, Neodymium, Titanium, Iridium, Silver, and Silicone to create an item called a Core Splendor. The Core Splendor is most commonly in the shape of a sphere but can also be forged into other shapes (for example, the Core Splendor for Colossus Foundation ships are long cylinders to facilitate easy removal if necessary. A Core Splendor can intercept the brainwaves of a specially tuned human as data and then manifests that data as various effects in various objects such as temporarily allowing a properly modified gun to kill monsters. It is also possible to influence a Core Splendor with a specialized device attached to the Core Splendor that sends it signals similar to human brainwaves and can be converted to data. Different effects in very small objects can be achieved by plugging in USB drives with the proper code.

Core Splendors cannot be used by monsters however, and only a select few demi-gods can use it without specialized rigs while its use is prolific among humans who commonly wear rigs for convenience called "Gauntlets." Gauntlets allow for easy and intuitive use by allowing effects to be triggered through muscular mnemonics. For example, extending the pinky and thumb while closing the remaining three fingers will initiate a call to a person who's gauntlet matches the intended frequency. Gauntlets do require GN particles (provided by GN cartridges) more advanced or powerful functions though such as combat functions or high energy physics effects.

Combat functions essentially allow a human to take on a powerful monster in single combat but drain GN cartridges very quickly.
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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   12/22/2014, 1:35 am

Dude these stuffs are sweet! nice work.
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PostSubject: Re: Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)   12/22/2014, 2:19 am

Thanks dude. I wasn't expecting anyone to notice it but it's nice that you like it. I'm running into a dead end though so ideas would be nice.
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Half-blood Academy (Worldbuilding thread)
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