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 Putting it all into perspective

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PostSubject: Putting it all into perspective   Putting it all into perspective Icon_minitime5/14/2014, 12:26 pm

It was the dead of night in the bearing strait and it was raining, a massive downpour that would soak a man to the bone and the sea tossed and turned. These went unnoticed by people there that night and a massive screech rent the air as a giant sea monster, a Scylla, rose out of the depths and bore down on the metal behemoth that dared to stand against it.

"Contact inbound. Fast!"

"It's too close! We can't hit it!"


"varianto, TEI!"


A 60mm rotating scramjet fired at mach 5 from a railgun shot across the distance and blasted a good deal of the Scylla's left side into bloody chunks as it transferred it's terrible kinetic energies into the monster. The beast screamed as it thrashed in agony and sunk slowly into the water, only to be placed by two more monsters, seemingly another Scylla and a Kraken, and a swarm of flying beasts with black leathery wings flew out of the mist.

"It's no good! There's too many of them!"

"CIWS! fire as they bear!"


*Bzzzzzt* *Bzzzzzt*

"Etrius-san! We can't stay here! There's too many of them, my guns are shot out!"

"Just hold on! We need to wait for Capstone to get here! We'll be alright!"

"I hope youYamada! Sea Sparrow! Hassha!"

Two steaks of smoke and flame lifted high into the air and then shot towards the cloud of fliers. The Sea sparrows entered the midst of the monster horde and exploded, throwing fragmented metal around and shredding monsters. They fell in droves.

"Forward cannon! Fire on the Kraken!"

"Locked on!"



A giant figure loomed overhead, no more than a sillouete at this distance but it was enough to tell it was massive, at least two hundred meters tall. A long neck lifted up from the water and let out a roar that rent the heavens.

"That can't be! Kira! Get out of here!"

"I'm trying! Something's fouling up the rudder."

"Weapons, fire everything! Navigation! Turn us around!"

"Sledgehammer! TEI! Wombato! TEI!"

Missiles rose up and shot forward into the darkness. The explosions from the missiles impacting made fireballs that temporarily illuminated the monster but there was no effect. The hide was just too thick. The neck shot forward and a ball of what seemed to be compressed air shot forward. It was on a collision course for the larger ship.

"Kira! Go evasive!"


The ball slammed into the Akarikaze Destroyer Kamikage. The ship exploded in a brilliant fireball.


And Etrius shot up, eyes wide. He stared frantically around at the calm beach where he had fallen asleep. He had gotten shot, again, and had been sent back to Camp Half blood to heal up, and he had gone to the beach in hopes of catching sight of Danni, his girlfriend, again, but she seemed to have work. Soft waves lapped at the shore and the rock that he had fallen asleep on.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself. It had been a year since the Bearing Strait incident and Captain Kira was dead. There was no changing that. He used his hand to straighten out his hair awkwardly.

"Man. I need to ask Loyd for some sleeping pills." He mumbled to himself as he looked down the stretch of calm and empty beach. The memories were coming back, the memories of the Bearing Strait incident, the incident that had taken the lives of over 4500 men and women and sunk 9 ships of varying classification. In the end, because the greek gods had slacked off on the watch on the monster lord Typhon's cage, good people had died including thousands of innocents from the freakish weather that had been stirred up across the globe. Shinjuku did what the Gods should have done long ago, killed the monster lord, chopped up the carcass, and either atomized or vaporized each piece in a separate place around the globe.

Etrius Beecher Johnson reached into his pocket and found his cell phone, the Samsung Galaxy model that had been issued to all employees of the Colossus Foundation, and dialed the number of friend and boss, one of the founders of the foundation. The fleet didn't need an unstable admiral. He would need to sit this one out.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 that was used as the standard phone for all operatives of the Colossus foundation rang in the pocket of one Etrius Beecher Johnson, one of the founders of the Colossus Foundation and one of it's most highest leaders. The black haired, blue eyed teen looked at the number and then answered it.

The caller was Samuel Diablos O'Neil, the Chief Executive officer and the only other person who outranked him.

"What's up?"

"Operative Beecher. We need to talk."

The voice came through gravely and distorted, meaning that it was coming over an encrypted channel and that was seriously bad. The only things sent over encrypted channels were sudden mission orders or sensitive information. Etrius's eyes widened for a bit and then hardened as his fun loving mildly silly persona crumbled away. All the original members of the Freakshow had been scarred ever since the founding of the foundation. The truth of he world was simply too dark for anyone, especially with what they had seen. In order to keep regular people out of things, they had erected false facades in order to keep things normal.

"Aye sir. Orders?"

"You remember the raids on EXALT earlier this year?"

"Of course sir."

"It turns out we missed a spot."

Etrius's eyes narrowed into an empty glare.

"What do you mean by 'missed a spot'?"

He asked in a low tone. Exalt had not just been an anti-supernatural group, they had also been a violent anarchist movement as well. Colossus had collaborated with the Italian government to put down the terrorists and both Colossus and the Italian Marines had lost quite a few people in the conflict.

"It turns out the EXALT's higher leadership wasn't at their headquarters during the raid. The ones we killed were decoys."

Etrius clenched his fist until the knuckles went white.

"Where are they now?"

"They called in a few favors and moved a lot of their organization to the american mainland although the bulk of the remaining forces have consolidated themselves on a fleet of refitted boats on in the Atlantic. We're still searching for them but it's slow going. That's not the bad news though."

"Hit me."

"They have allies."


"They absorbed a lot of the forces from the groups that we decapitated a year back but the most concerning ones are the last two, specifically the Zulu Army and the Angel Hospital."

Etrius felt like he had been punched in the gut. An alliance between those three would be disastrous. Worse than disastrous actually. Zulu Army was a group that had been started when a group of warlords had banded together and started going on a killing spree of the Demi-gods and then used their ill gotten wealth from pirating to build up an actual clandestine military force.

And the Angel Hospital. Danni . . .

"What kind of numbers are we looking at here?" He asked calmly.

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone until Same came through again.

"We're looking at upwards of 10,000 on the American Mainland. With a couple thousand on the high seas doing piracy and running drugs with narco-subs. The remainder are located in southern Africa. With the exception of a few enclaves, the Demi-gods there have almost been wiped out."

So many. To many.

"You need to gather allies. The coalition is consolidating for a thrust into Africa but our analysts are not optimistic. Even with our mechanized forces, our chances aren't very high.

The coalition. Most Demi-gods knew that there were other mythologies as well but what they didn't know was that there were groups like the the Colossus foundation among almost all of those. The leader of the Coalition was Japan's Akarikaze. The coalition had not performed a joint strike ever since the Echidna incident over the Bering Strait.

"We'll contact you with more details but for now. Enjoy the rest of your break. You'll need it."

The phone cut out.
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Putting it all into perspective
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