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Danny Grant

Name: Danny Grant. No middle name, no special purpose. It's just regular and normal. And that's why he hates it. His friends call him Danster and Dan.
Gender: A male as a male can get
Mortal Parent:Kayla Grant, a half polish/ half american woman. She was working at the animal shelter when "Harry" came in and sparked up a conversation with Kayla while he was browsing through dogs. A couple days later, the two started dating. 9 months had passed and Kayla was pregnant with Danny. After Kayla gave birth, "Harry" had left, leaving a note to Kayla describing how Danny was a demigod and that he was a god. Kayla didn't shun the fact she had given birth to a demigod but embraced it, enroling Danny in many survival skill classes to prepare him.
God Parent: Hermes, God of herds and flocks, the country arts, travel, trade, merchants, and thievery.
Date of Birth: December 23rd, 1997(17 years of age)
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York
Hometown/Last Residence: Queens, New York
Accent: American, though its more of a Brooklyn accent that you can easily pick up when  he's talking.

Skin Tone:Slight Tan, he did get out of the house on the rare occasion so he has a moderat tan.
Eye Color: Crystal blue, the color of the ocean
Hair Color: Blonde but his roots are black. People believed he dyed his hair but that's really his natural color
Hair Length: The tips of his hair wrap around his ear and stop at the loop of his ear. He has no bangs though and his hair is usually spiked up with gel.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170
Body Type:He worked out a lot, so his body is athletic with a small six pack.
Appearance:Danny has that look that makes girls swoon. His face has no freckles in sight, his jaw set tightly and firmly. He has no bangs though, showing his round eyes and forehead, and his hair is usually spiked up with gel. He does have a tendency to slouch at times but most of the time you'll see him standing straight and tall. Nose is medium and his lips are thin. Many people find him handsome but he never a notices.

Weapon: He owns two celestial bronze swords. His first sword, Quicksilver, is 27 inches long and he prefers to use it more than his other sword, Spike, which is 35 inches. Both are sheathed whenever hes not fighting or sparring.
Armor: Danny isn't very found of armor but he is forced to wear his armor when he plays capture the flag. His chest plate is made of sturdy celestial bronze. His shoulder blades are outlined with red. His helmet covers his head and forehead, its very small. Danny finds it uncomfortable when he wears his armor.

Pet(s):None, he had a dog names Champ when he was young but he ended up giving it up when he left for camp.

+Like pretty much all Hermes kids, he's a pretty darn good prankster. Most of his pranks involve food and making someone look "pretty"
+He can pick a lock, like one to a door or safe, in under 2 minutes. Pretty good, if he should say so.
+When it comes to picking pockets, Danny's a master. Most of the time, people don't notice thats their wallets missing until you hear a big "HEY!"
+Danny was on the football team back home. He was pretty good, if her should say so.
-If Danny ever wins a game or event, he'll start to brag and become way too cocky. It gets very annoying after a while.
-Danny has no patience. He rushes things too quickly, like relationships and stuff like that.
-When it comes to his family and half-siblings, Danny's very overprotective. Once his sister Kayla was talking to a guy that was her friend and Danny ended up embarrassing her by asking him a bunch of questions.
-Gullible, Danny's very gullible. If someone close to him says something, then he'll believe it.
-Danny 's childish personality causes him to become overexcited over small occurrences and not take many things too seriously.
-Danny's ears are pointed like an elf and the right is slightly misshaped at the lobe.  
+lying, Danny can make convincing lies.
+running, he's a very fast runner and enjoys when his hair is getting pushed back by the wind in his face.
+fighting, he's pretty strong and does more offense than defense when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting.
+climbing trees, he's a natural.
+talking to girls, he's the natural flirt
-dancing and singing, he can't carry a tune and had two left feet when it comes to things like that.
-mind games like chess and checkers, he can't concentrate hard enough and gets bored easily.
-talking with adults, he's not mature enough.
+video games
+flirting with girls
+goofing off
+transformers, all of the movies
+serious people
+pg-13 movies like grownups and the hangover
+sports, especially football
-serious people
-most of the Athena campers, he finds most of them too serious.
-frozen, he finds the song "do you wanna build a snowman?" very annoying
-chess and checkers
-bad people
-boring and annoying people
Fears: Asthenophobia which is the fear of fainting or weakness.
Personality: Most people agree on this, Danny's a "good" little boy. But they don't really know that Danny just puts that good boy face on when theres really a naughty boy in his mind. He's more of a mischievous boy that likes to act silly instead of work and flirt with girls. Though many people don't realize it, but he is the one who causes trouble in their lives, whether its pranking or lies.
There are some things he takes seriously though. On the rare occasions he actually plays up to his good boy rep, most of the time around his family or when he needs to save his friends from whatever they started. Training, thats the one thing he take seriously and if someones sad or upset he'll try to cheer them up.

∆Danny can run up to the speed of 17 miles per hr, just by pumping his legs faster when he regularly runs. Normally when he "super speed" runs, he looks like a big blur until he stops. He can run for about 5 minutes long. He can use his powers 4 times a day and has to wait 90 minutes in between using them.
If he runs too long or fast, or goes over the limit, he'll become fatigue and might even pass out.

Social Status: Danny's a very well liked guy. Girls find him very attractive and guys find him a good friend. Most times. So basically he's all sociable and friendly.
Summer or Year Rounder: He's mostly a summer camper but on the rare occasions he needs to stay at camp during the school year if his mother needs him to. He had started going to camp at the age of 11.
Years at Camp: 6 years total, he was claimed after a month of his arrival.

Life Before CHB:
early years (newborn to age 4)- The birth of Danny was tiring for Kayla Grant but in the end it was worth it. She cherished the new baby even though she was heart broken when "Harry left after a week of the birth.
At first it was hard raising Danny by herself, but Kayla managed, balancing her social life, work life, and home life all together. The terrible two's stage was hard was hard for her though, she still can't believe that Danny flushed her car keys down the toilet but it was fine for her. There was some times when Danny was crazy but it was fine until Danny started school.

school years (preschool till 5th grade.)-School was fine for Danny, all the kids to prank, girls to flirt and make fun of. During 3rd grade, his grandfather moved in, at the same time when Kayla adopted Jasmine and Jordan.

Danny loved having younger siblings and having his grandfather around while Kayla went to work wo jobs.
His grandfather, Howard, was an old war hero and used to tell Danny stories of when he served in the army. Danny had always loved hearing the stories, even though he was just a kid.

claiming (right when 5th grade ended)- Danny was so excited to start middle school but that didn't happen.
When he was visiting the beach, a group of harpies had swooped by and smelled his scent, attacking him. Everyone around him wasn't much help, the mist made them think that a flock of really large birds were attacking him and actually started filming the scene. A group a demigods actually tacking the monsters were nearby and helped him before he was hurt too badly. After that, he was taken to CHB after the demigods realized that he was one as well.
Role-playing Example:Hanging around in the Big Apple was nothing compared to what Danny faces at camp. Pretty much everyone that came to New York thought it was all scary to them, but if you were born here then you'd know how to handle it. He actually found it funny when tourists come. For instance, there was this Chinese couple that was talking full on Chinese to this very confused police officer. Danny chuckled, Tourists.
Speaking of tourists, here comes the lunch rush. Leaning against the wall by a nearby Olive Garden, a smirk graced the blonde's face as a bustle of tourists streamed out've the door. Merging into the crowd, Danny grabbed anything he could find in pockets, wallets, loose change, he left the car keys though. Ah, now he had enough money to pay for lunch. But something was missing.....

"HEY!" Ah, there it is!

FaceClaim-Hunter Hayes
-He only dates girls.
-word count- 1672 words (1612 words without the original 60)



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There are infinite different American accents. Please specify.

You should detail your Appearence some more. You could describe his posture, minor features and dressing style.

How is the "Flash" power related to Hermes? I see that Hermes is the god of travelling, but it doesn't really has anything to do with speed.

In the Social Status, are you just assuming that he is sociable and friendly?
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i edited everything except the power. it was approved last time so i'm not sure whether or not i should take it off.
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If it was allowed before, it's ok. I forgot this was a remake.

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Danny Grant-Hermes-REMAKE
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