[WIP] Nuru Tuure

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[WIP] Nuru Tuure

Post by huionna on 5/24/2014, 4:59 pm

Name:Nure tuure



Eyes: A deep emerald gree

Hair: Black


Body Type:slim,slight muscle mass

Skin Color:a light peach tan

God Parent:Hecate

Mortal Parent: Devin Tuure

Country of Origin: Oregon


Talents: nuru has a knack for fixing things, anything that he gets his hands on and is broken he fixes, he also likes manual labor.

Weapon**:CB compound bow

Personality: nuru is silent most of the time, but he loves having company, he may seem closed in on the outside, but he really is nice. you con find him thinking alot, he will just stare off into space and think of one thing for hours on end, this tends to creep some people out thus the reason nuru does not have many friend's, he trys to meet new people, but whenever he does he ends up doing something he should or saying something weird, altogether he is a klutz, but this helps him with one of his good traits. He likes to fix things so they are better then they were before, although he may be a klutz, he will be the most hard working one around.

Flaws: Nuru is scared of himself, whenever he does something that he never thought he could he tries to hide it. Nuru also is anti-social, he tends not to want to be this way but his timid nature creats a block between his exuberence and his actions, all of this comes together to create nuru's paranoid side, he always thinks something is going to happen or soemthing bad is on its way.

Powers(must relate to god parent; optional):

Life Before CHB*:

RP Example*:

Any notes about your characters


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