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 Adventures in Limbo

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PostSubject: Adventures in Limbo   Adventures in Limbo Icon_minitime6/4/2014, 5:46 pm

I sat there, drumming my nails anxiously. I didn't know where I was or why I was there or anything; I had just come to it. I knew I was waiting. But for what, I do not know...
I hear "Big Girls Don't Cry" by Fergie playing in the back of my mind. I sigh. That song brought back too many memories. Almost none of them were worth remembering, and even less of them were good.
I hope you know, I hope you know
That this has nothin' to do with you
It's personal, myself and I
We got some straightenin' out to do
An' I'm gon' miss you like a child misses their blanket
But I got to get a move on with my life
It's time to be a big girl now
Big girls don't cry...
I find myself humming along to it, then muttering the words. Once I realize this I stop, the lyrics tasting bitter on my tongue. That song... it was too much. This feeling of loss. And I hadn't lost anything... well I wish I hadn't. I was the lost one.
I sigh, but I realize my voice is trembling and I feel warm, wet tears dripping down my cheeks. Ironically I begin to cry, sitting where I was, neither here nor there, through neither time nor space. Alone.
I stand up, but then realize there was no ground holding me. But yet I stood. I open my eyes, and prepare to experience colour, but instead I see nothing. I begin to move, but yet I feel as If I'm glued in place, unable to move. I sigh.
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PostSubject: Re: Adventures in Limbo   Adventures in Limbo Icon_minitime6/4/2014, 5:47 pm

I sat on a mound of sand on the floor. There was a chair, but I didn't want to sit in it. I like to be close to the ground. This had always been my favorite classroom. I had just gone through that stinkin' 6th Grade graduation that the teachers made us go through. It wasn't too bad, actually, but nobody really had time for it. There was a rising level of water in the classroom. The reason I actually liked it here was because everybody had forgotten it. I could do whatever I wanted.
And I mean, WHATEVER. Because according to my teachers and Principal Shayn I was one of this year's "Valedictorians", but that was just what THEY knew. They didn't know about any of the things I had discovered about the Institution or the magic taught here. I knew things that weren't known by the true Mages, let alone in my textbooks! I knew one thing else: I was going to BE a Mage when I grew up. Now, I know every boy or girl in my Country wants to grow up and be an Expert Mage when they're older, but, well, most of them lack... What's the word... Talent. I had what they didn't have and more.
In the Shayn Institution for Gifted Academic Minds, they taught the best of the best the basics through a bit more in depth. The in depth studies were hard and strenuous and were designed to pick out who was fit to be the next generation of Mages. Of course, it did this by causing most lacking students to think about whether or not the Mage life suits them, and most just drop out. At the end of the year of in depth, just a handful of suited minds were left. I was DESTINED to be one of them.
After all, I had figured out how to give inanimate objects life.
It had been an accident, really. I was just scrawling out more equations on the big blackboard in here while holding onto my stuffed albino bear, Fraidy. OK, don't make fun of me for carrying him around as a twelve year old, or him for his name. I've had him since I was little. His oddly worried expression and appearance earned him it. He's... Shy, though. I had somehow figured out the math and science that somehow passed from the equation to my chalk stick and into my body, through my arm, and into Fraidy. I remember the sensation. It was... Enlightening.
I was scared. I had been writing out an equation that SHOULD have been equal to i, or imaginary, impossible. That was NOT supposed to have happened. Next thing I knew, Fraidy was holding onto ME instead of the other was around.
Fraidy is currently in a paper origami boat. It's very sophisticated. One of my army men toys I had repeated the experiment on was in another, but smaller. He had his gun aimed at Fraidy. Fraidy has that trademark expression on his face again, but I scoop him up and hold him instinctively.
"Is this seat taken?" A strange voice asked.
The voice I heard wasn't particularly strange, it was just... I had begun to associate this room with quiet. But, truly, the strangest thing about that voice was the way it filled me with happiness every time I heard it.
"Jess! I...I didn't hear you open the door..." I said, flustered. I jumped in front of the few toys I had in the room.
"Didn't have to," the blond haired, dark eyed girl said as she walked in, smirking and waving her stick of chalk around. Of course. Of course Jess had come in silently. That was just her style. "I used this."
I pray silently she won't find anything here.
"So, Isaiah... What are you doing here with this back room?"
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Adventures in Limbo
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