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Post by Morgan Landry on 6/6/2014, 5:16 pm

The muscles in her forearm rolled under her leathery skin as she moved the paddle in the water forcefully, making her kayak go faster. Water was sprinkling her skin, but she didn't care, it was fresh and pleasant. The brawny Latino girl was wearing her white tank top with olive Bermuda shorts and kayak shoes, her beadee necklace ganging around her corded neck.

Her greasy, messy hair was falling in unruly streaks over her collarbones, barely kept back by her U.S. army bandana. As usual, she had dirty fingernails, stains of coal, grease and motor oil everywhere, not to mention he burns and bruises.

Out kayaking on the Lake, she looked at the water's surface, meeting the eye of a naiad who stared at her with yellow eyes before disappearing behind a bush of seaweed
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