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PostSubject: STAFF APPRECIATION   STAFF APPRECIATION Icon_minitime6/6/2014, 5:41 pm

Alrighty, so, I've decided that staff rarely gets any appreciation anymore.  I'm gonna c/p this from my leaving topic:

the greatest christian in el worldo wrote:
Third, sorry to say this, but PJ has been a mod for a couple of days now, and you haven't been here for long at all either, so you definitely don't have room to call him 'the best mod on the entire site'. See, this is the thing right here that pisses me the f off. Since Jake is now doing a bunch, which is too much imo, he's making the other mods look like total sh1t, when they're definitely not. YOu couldn't ASK for a better group of people to moderate this site. They are the best goddamned people and do not deserve to be seen in the shadows of a newer mod. They deserve hella appreciation. Honestly, what would this site be without them? Nothing, that's what.

(Note: I'm not trying to sabotage Jake or anything, it's just an example.  Jake deserves hella appreciation too.)

So, in this topic, I am asking you to list your favorite qualities about every single staff member, or certain people of your choice.  Show your appreciation, they deserve it!!!!!

I'll go first:

albatross (lila): Lila is very friendly to new members, and yet knows when to lay down the law when needed.  She is extremely approachable, and just an all around good person. <3 Thank you for everything.  I know you can do an amazing job, and have been doing one so far.  <3

Alucard (dylano): Dylan, although you can be sarcastic, you always say what's on your mind, which I admire.  You are also pretty good at breaking up arguments.  Your ideas are good as well.  You inspire me c;  Keep up the good work dylano, and thank you lots for everything you do to help us. <3554

Bell: Bell, you are very kind and great at caring for new members.  You also give helpful feedback whenever it's needed, which is great of you.  Thank you for making the site a better place. <3

Belle: Belle, you are very helpful and give great advice.  You are also extremely nice, and you're an overall great person.  Thank you for helping around the site. <3

Blaze: ur a nerd haaaaaa

No, but honestly, you are an amazing person Blaze, and deserve all the appreciation possible.  You have great ideas and help around the site as much as you can.  Thank you. <3

Caleb Prior: Caleb, you are fairly new (to me), and I personally don't know you, but you seem like a great person and I am positive you will do great as a staff member.  Thanks. <3

communist (dev): Even though you're an egg, you're a great person and know how to make people life.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you for helping.  <3

PJROX1: I know that I seemed to have given off the impression that I dislike you, I really don't.  I just dislike that you look as if you are better than the other staff, who deserve more respect and appreciation.  You have done an amazing job as staff so far, and I know that you will help to make this site a friendly and overall better place.  Thank you. <3

Steve Rogers: You are an excellent staff member Steve, and you are a great Approver at that.  Thank you for all you do for the site.  <3

Morgan Landry: Morgan, you are an amazing admin.  You really are.  You take pride in your job and you are very kind and awesome at making cool events to make the site way more interesting.  You do a looot for the site and without you, the site might not be standing.  Thank you for everything, I really appreciate you. <3

Tom:  Tom, you are an amazing admin as well.  You are very kind and do a great job as an admin.  You make cool events and help make the site really interesting.  You do hella stuff for this site, and without you, this site would be boring and might not even exist anymore.  Thank you lots tommo, and you are deeply appreciated.  <33

Daniel:  Without you, this site would be nothing.  Literally, lol.  Thank you for everything you have done, you have created one of the best sites on the internet.  We all deeply appreciate everything you have done, and you in general.  Thank you. <3


Now it's your turn.  Show your love guys! c: (You can also do old staff to, ex. Kenny, me, Josh, yeah.)

[17:11:40]  sandwich : life lesson: always trust christian with an admin position

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PostSubject: Re: STAFF APPRECIATION   STAFF APPRECIATION Icon_minitime6/6/2014, 6:25 pm

lilas a dork but shes a dork with a gr9 figure

dylans hot

idk bell
idk belle

blaze is fun to gossip with

dylanbird is hilarious and we need to skype more

devy is 12 but acts extremely mature for her age good 4 u dev

all i know about you pj is that youre dating morgan but you seem nice

steve rodgers youve been on here since day 1 ur awesome

morgan you look cute with the bow i put on you

tom youre my brother i LOVE U SO MUCH MORE THAN ANYTHING ILY

danny youre pretty attractive too and youre good at computer stuff

christian even tho youre not staff anymore youre rly hot and funny keep talking to me
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