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 A Simple Game (Half-Blood Academy)

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PostSubject: A Simple Game (Half-Blood Academy)   A Simple Game (Half-Blood Academy) Icon_minitime6/6/2014, 11:14 pm

[This is a Directive from joint Shinjuku High Command and Academy Central. Protocol "End of Games" initiated. All Directors are to respond immediately]

[Academy Europe, activating ASPECTs and reactivating reserve militia. Militia on standby.]

[Academy America, all combat units report readiness. Reservists are being reactivated. Shifting City Core from economy to assault will take 38 more hours.]

[Academy South, all combat units activating. Militia mobilizing and reservists reactivating. Alert: Naval forces are depleted]

[Academy China, militia on mobilizing. Scientific facilities on lockdown. Experimental weapons ready for activation. Alert: Reservists will take 72 to recall.]

[Academy Russia, all combat units on standby and awaiting orders. Final contingency ready.]

[Academy Central, supercomputer overclocked. Central Core shifting from economic command to assault command. All combat forces ready.]

[Protocol "End of Games" enacted.]

[It's a shame really.]

[Well, all things have to end sometime.]

[If we fail, it's not like we'll be around to care.]

[Then we don't fail.]

[For those who have died]

[For those who yet live]

[For those whom are yet to come]

[We will not fail.]

[We are ready]

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A Simple Game (Half-Blood Academy)
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