The New Guy

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The New Guy

Post by Matt_ on 6/20/2014, 6:03 pm

Matthew panted as he ran up the little trail. He stopped and took a break. Matthew was going on a class field trip, but decided to run off while everyone was busy looking at the scenery. After running up the hill, he turned back to look. There was a kid walking around. He ran up to meet him. "Hey, I'm Matthew, you think you cou-" He stopped and looked at the kid. "You y-you're a goat!" The guy stared at him. "You can see through the mist huh." He replied casually. "What's the mist?" Matthew asked curiously. "Come in, we'll get you all settled in." Matthew followed the guy under an arch. Engraved into it read "Camp Half blood". Right when he walked in, a swarm if kids came up to him to introduce themselves.

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