gazelles dodging lions by sheer luck

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gazelles dodging lions by sheer luck

Post by baekhyun on 6/21/2014, 8:36 pm

stiles prevalskly
okay, so maybe his idea of coming to the arena was not the best he'd ever had but, hey, he had to escape the hecate cabin, at least until they settled down, for the gods' sakes. like, he loved harry potter as much as the next geek, don't get him wrong, but he could only take so much of it, okay? the entire hecate cabin had somehow gone from a friendly discussion about hogwarts houses to a screaming argument, and a girl had turned to stiles, blond hair flying and spit collecting in the corners of her mouth (which, by the way, gross) and started to ask him which was better, slytherin or gryffindor? he hadn't waited for her to finish her question before he caused a bang of light and smoke in the other corner of the cabin, distracting everyone's attention from him, and slunk out of the cabin.

it had not been his shining moment, but he'd gotten out, yeah? anyway, he probably should have gone to the library or even the strawberry fields, but the arenas were closer.

stiles tries to tighten the straps of his sword sheath, but the damn thing slips from his grasp and he spins around, trying to grab it back before it hits the ground with a clatter and draws more attention to himself. sadly, the universe seems to like conspiring against him, so the sheath somehow twists, slotting itself between his legs. he trips over the thing and, arms flailing, starts tipping forward violently. he catches himself, fingers gripping the edge of a shield mounted on the wall. he manages to right himself, before his weight makes the shield go crashing to the ground. it's really loud, and stiles whips his head around guiltily, and about 98% of the people in the arena are staring at him. he leans against the wall, going for casual because why the hades not, and gives a little wave to no one in particular. alas, the casual aspect of it doesn't work, because his elbow slips off the wall and he flails again to stay up.
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