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 A Daughter of Demigods

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Chapter 1: Evil Babies Invade Home Economics

Tarah's POV

Have you ever seen a monster? I don't mean like in a movie, I mean a real life flesh-and-blood monster who wants nothing more than to kill you.

No? I didn't think so.

Me on the other hand, I've seen hundreds of monsters. Every day of my life there seems to always be something that wants to kill me. The only thing that keeps my friends and me safe is my mother's old Bronze sword, the one she left me before she died.

I guess I should introduce myself, I'm Tarah Foster. I'm 15 years old and up until about a year ago, I lived in St. Katherine's home for young ladies with my two best friends, Callie Thompson and Natasha Clark. What do I look like? Nothing special I guess, I have dirty blonde hair, my eyes are normally described as hazel-green, but they often change like the colors of the sea. I'm short, and sometimes I wear glasses when I haven't lost them. I love wearing camis and jeans with my sneakers, but sometimes its just t-shirts and jean shorts.

My friend Natasha, however, has short blonde hair and green eyes, high cheekbones, and a very pale complexion. She has a rare muscle disease and lives in a wheelchair, but she still loves rocking tank tops, high top sneakers, and jean jackets.

Last but not least, Callie is a brunette, brown eyed, dimpled, freakishly tall fourteen year old who loves off-shoulder tops and flats.

My story starts on a normal late spring morning during home economics class. The school I went to was the standard school for girls from St. Katherines which we shared with the boys from the John Larsen home for orphan boys. More like the home for lame perverts if you ask me. My home ec partner, Jimmy Andrews, demonstrated this by smelling horrible at all times and not looking any higher than my chest.

I walked into the classroom and took my seat. Looking around, I noticed that every desk had a baby doll sitting on it. Great, I thought miserably, Andrews and I are going to raise a child. That just made my day.

Ignoring Jimmy, I pulled out my laptop and frantically tried to finish my three page essay before class started. I had just finished typing my conclusion when the bell rang. I heard the door open and looked up, expecting Mrs. Clancy, my bouncy red-haired teacher, to come rushing in with her hair askew as she dumped her bags on her desk. Instead, what I saw was a tall black-haired lady wearing a long dress that slithered two feet behind her. She seemed to be staring straight at me, and her eyes almost looked as if they would pop out of her head.

"I guess administration finally decided that Mrs. Clancy's 'A for participation!' teaching method isn't appropriate for high school, huh?" I whispered to Jimmy.

Behind me, I heard Natasha gasp. She had been Mrs. Clancy's favorite student, so it didn't surprise me that she would be a bit upset about her being fired.

"Are you kidding me?" Jimmy asked. "Mrs. Lamera never gives anyone an A."

"How would you know? She hasn't graded anything yet," Callie whispered from my left.

"What are you talking about? She gave me an F last week," Jimmy rolled his eyes.

"How could she have given you an F last week if she only just started?" Callie stuck her tongue out.

Our conversation was cut short by Mrs. Lamera taking roll. When she finished, she didn't introduce herself or explain what had happened to Mrs. Clancy. On the contrary, she acted like she had been there all year.

"Today children, we start the family unit. Each partnership will receive one infant simulator to take care of for the next week." She pulled out a baby doll from behind the desk. However, instead of explaining how the doll worked, she just stared at it. She barely moved for about two minutes. The class stayed completely silent, almost as if we were in a trance, until Callie suddenly spoke up.

"Ma'am? What are we supposed to do with the babies?"

Mrs. Lamera looked up, and I swear her eyes were about to fall right out of her skull.

"There are many things you do with children. You feed them, clothe them...." she was speaking barely above a whisper, and the entire class had to lean in to hear her. "but of course, I prefer to eat them." she growled.

Suddenly, the door slammed shut and the lock clicked. On our desks, the babies all started to move. Most of the girls had started to scream the moment the door slammed shut, except for Natasha, Callie and I. I opened my bag and started frantically searching for my sword, which somehow was able to disguise itself as a wand from Harry Potter.

"Uh, Tarah? Any time now would be great!" Callie called. I glanced up and realized that Mrs. Lamera was quickly advancing toward my friend, who was now surrounded by evil robot babies. Mrs. Lamera held what looked like giant steak knives in either hand, and she laughed as she walked up to my friend.

No, not walked. Slithered. On a giant serpent tail.

"Tarah!" Callie screamed as Mrs. Lamera reached for her arm. Suddenly, Natasha jumped up and roundhouse kicked the teacher in the gut. I continued to search for my sword, but stopped dead as I realized that Natasha had gotten up from her wheelchair. Not only that, but her legs...weren't legs. They were wool-covered hindquarters with hooves, real hooves, which she was now using to pummel the monster-teacher-thing while fending off killer infant simulators.

"Tarah, stop staring and GET YOUR SWORD!" she yelled as Mrs. Lamera stabbed at her face. I tried to shake off my surprise as best I could and completely emptied my bag. Bubbles, glow sticks, playing cards, all of my stuff was there except for one thing. My face turned white as I realized what was missing.

"Uh, Natasha?" I called.

"Tarah, I'm a bit busy, but you could REALLY help if you would STAB this mother of a banshee with your STUPID SWORD!" Natasha was now trying her best to avoid the snake thing as she kicked her way through the sea of babies.

"That's just it!" I called frantically as I pawed thorough the mess on the floor. "My sword is missing!"

Anyway if you liked my story, this is just the first chapter. The rest can be found on Quotev or Fanfiction.net. Just search the title and it should pop up. This is just until my seven day thingie is up and I can post a direct link, sorry.

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A Daughter of Demigods
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