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 Bella Sonar (WIP)

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Bella Sonar (WIP) 7celemaisexyfemeialeanu

"Until I'm done... Sweet dreams mi corazón."

Name: Bella Sonar
Gender: Female
Mortal Parent: Maria Sonar
God Parent: Morpheus
Date of Birth: April 27th, 1999
Place of Birth: Puerto Rico
Hometown/Last Residence: Bella's last residence was London, the capital of England
Race/ethnicity:  Bella is hispanic, specifically Puerto Rican
Accent: A sort of Spanish accent
Skin Tone: Bella is fair skinned
Eye Color: Bella's left eye is a lighter blue then her right eye.
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Hair Length: Mid-back
Weight:140-150 lbs
Body Type:Bella doesn't have an hour glass or perfect athletic figure. She doesn't have the ideal body for a greek demigod. Bella is thick and beautiful.

 When you look at Bella, you can tell that she is a child of Morpheus. She doesn't have any features related to her father, but Bella looks like a dream. Literally. Although it doesn't seem possible, she has a certain aura and distinctive features that would make you gawk at her. Bella's plump round face holds two beautifully crafted  blue eyes with long and dark eyelashes that almost makes her look half sleep. Thick pink lips that are always pressed together sit on her face paired with a long nose. Bella's long strawberry blonde hair sits perfectly around her face in tendrils. On her lovely body, she only wears gowns similar to the ones the goddesses wear. Only silk clothing touches her body. Bella looks and carries herself as an older woman, some say she looks like she is eighteen while others think twenty.

Bella's style:

 Bella Carries a staff with her fathers symbol on it. It's not really a weapon because she doesn't really fight but it improves her Hypnokinesis by 10%.
Pet(s):Bella has a male Pegasus she calls Amor. Five years ago, when she first arrived at camp, Bella kept to herself. She still does but then she just liked being alone. During her tour of Camp Half-Blood she heard a girl calls for help. She found herself in a stable where a Pegasus was giving birth, while it might not sound like that much of an emergency, the father of the soon to-be foal was misbehaving and giving both the girl who was helping the Pegasus and the Pegasus herself a very hard time. Bella put the father to sleep and helped the girl. As a reward, she was given the pegasus as her own mount.

° Bella's spent a lot of time in the stables, training and taking care of the Pegasus.  She became an Expert Pegasus Trainer.
°Bella comes from a family of Cosmetologist (except her mother), she is very good at doing hair and cutting it.
° Bella is also very good at Jewel crafting  thanks to her grandmother.
° She is not as smart as the Athena kids but she is fairly intelligent.
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Bella Sonar (WIP)
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