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 Drinking is very bad... I think? (Morgan Landry)

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Drinking is very bad... I think? (Morgan Landry) Empty
PostSubject: Drinking is very bad... I think? (Morgan Landry)   Drinking is very bad... I think? (Morgan Landry) Icon_minitime7/3/2014, 12:28 pm

Drinking is very bad... I think? (Morgan Landry) Barbarapalvin2

 Long ago, the Bambinos settled in New York with other Italian families, and they weren't always the way they were now. Once a upon a time, the Bambinos abide by the law and did good for others. It wasn't until the Great Depression, they were introduce to a new word; Hustle.  It was a principle they and other Italian families began to followed. A group of gangsters had been born among New York, changing the streets forever. Loan-sharks, Drug dealers... the mafia had taken it all on. The Bambinos had a big part in it too. Falcone Bambino was a big name in the Italian mafia and if you messed with him, you messed with the entire mafia. If you messed with his priorities, he would find any way to destroy you. Which is how Semele got around. She ran on fear. The teen wasn't a threat in any shape or form, but her last name made people cringe and jump out their skin. Only the bravest souls talked and associated themselves with her, because no one wants to feel the wrath of one of the biggest mafia families around. Except Terry.

   The satyr saw his chance just less then three hours ago. It was barely morning when a group of teens decided to throw a big party in an abandon warehouse. Semele never said no to a party either. The streets were swarming with monsters. The stench of alcohol she surrounded herself with seemed to be growing weaker. Terry, the satyr, found himself smelling a different kind of monster each day and tried his best to keep Semele out of trouble each day. But three hours ago, he had almost lost Semele. While she was too drunk to remember, Terry wasn't. The monsters crashed the party and had come too close to killing Semele. If it weren't for those odd vines... the demigod (who didn't even know she was a demigod), wouldn't of made it.  Semele seemed to be under the influence of mist (or alcohol) because she didn't see the vines or the monsters turn to dust. She just stood there, glittering from the gold dust before passing out on the ground.

 Terry carried her out (she wasn't that heavy) of the warehouse and called for a taxi. After a long argument about the girl being drunk, they sped off to the address the Satyr asked him to go to. Semele was slung in the back seat. Both the driver and Terry seemed a little uncomfortable with Semele's dress length, which was mid-thigh. The girl was recklessly moving and it kept coming up. After awhile the taxi driver took off the jacket he was wearing and threw it over top of her.

  When they arrived on Camp Half-Blood property it took many attempts to wake of Semele. She woke up with a headache and she was slightly tipsy."Where are we?" She asked as she began to slide out one side of the taxi and before she closed the door, she grabbed her huge name-brand purse."I don't know this place and I have a to be at the theater in just a few hours." Semele wobbled a but in her heels as she walked.
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Drinking is very bad... I think? (Morgan Landry)
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