Amber Jones

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Amber Jones

Post by Rayven on 7/18/2014, 12:34 am

-Name: Amber Jones

-Gender: Female

-Mortal parent: Tonya Jones. Is a busy woman with three different jobs. She is a strict, rude woman and is very self centered.

-God parent: Not yet claimed (Can an admin please choose one for me? It would be nice.)

-Birth date: October 13, 2001. Amber was born on a Friday, which she loves.

-Place of birth: Amber was born and raised in Whitefish, MT

-Hometown: As I have said before, Whitefish, MT

-Last residence: New York City, NY

-Race: American

-Accent: English

-Skin tone: Pale

-Eye color: Brown (Although she has red eye contacts that she wears a lot)

-Hair color: Black

-Hair length: Waist-long

-Height: Five foot three

-Weight: 96 pounds

-Body type: skinny

-Appearance: For some reason, Amber never has to do anything with her hair. She NEVER has bed-head. 

-Weapon: Axe made of steel, and a 10 inch dagger made of iron.

-Armor: Leather armor with iron rings

-Pet(s): None

-Talents: Creeping people out, pulling evil pranks, writing stories and sleeping for literally HOURS and no one notices she is even there.

-Skills: Drawing, running, math, reading, basketball.

-Flaws: Personality: Cannot make friends easily, Afraid of clowns, is horrified by the fact that she is a demigod. Physical: Amber has LOTS of talents that disgust her like, biting her nails and picking scabs just to watch herself bleed.  

-Strengths: She is sneaky, is pretty, and makes jokes to her CLOSEST friends ONLY

-Weaknesses: Terrible at archery, hates a lot of people, and is not the best girl to look to for problems. (Amber will just tell you to go dig a hole)

-Likes: Watching people get pranked by the traps she set (Fire ants dropping on that person's head...) reading, doing random math problems, taking Aprodite girls' make up and replacing it with worms and dead rats, rainy days.

-Dislikes: People outsmarting her pranks, bullies, sunshine, nice days, capture-the-flag

-Fears: The Fields of Punishment, clowns, being a demigod, finding her father and meeting him

-Personality: Amber is kinda goth. Not because she wants to be different but because she thinks it is cool. She likes the way people scream in fear before they die. Amber is obviously very morbid.

-Powers: Has not discovered any yet.

-Social status: Amber is not really noticed by anyone.

-Summer or Year rounder: Year Rounder

-Years at camp: A few weeks

-Life before CHB: Amber lived in a huge beach house by Flathead lake and never got to swim or even see her mom. Her mom alwase was away and did not even want to raise Amber at all. Amber decided to move to New York (with her mom of course) and lived in a small apartment and hated it. All of her stuff was pawned by someone (ahem, her mom) and she never knew who. Her mom felt so bad about it, she drove all the way to CHB and left Amber there with an idea that it was summer camp.

-Role-playing example: Amber walked into the cabin and grabbed her favorite book, Dragon Hunters.

-Notes: The reason Amber is so pale is because she stays indoors at all times.

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Re: Amber Jones

Post by Morgan Landry on 7/18/2014, 3:17 am


∆ I'm going to say no to the red eyes.

∆ What metal are her weapons made of?

∆ No to the pets. They fit the "exotic" criteria.

∆ You need more in the Personality section.

∆ A role-playing example would be "Amber walked into her cabin, sat down and took a book." or something along those lines.

∆ Do you have any god parent idea in mind, or do you want an admin to pick a god parent for you?

The rest looks good :)

Morgan Landry
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Click on the gifs

for the RP invite

Guest, you are awesome.
(My mystery box prizes: 2 god parent gifts+2 slots+1exotic pet)

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