Taste of a Sweeter Life

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Taste of a Sweeter Life

Post by Bell on 7/24/2014, 10:19 am

Humming some notes she had just invented less than a minute ago, Terra Miller walked absent-mindedly around the camp lake that cold morning.  The view was beautiful, she thought as she drifted, and regretted it much that she did not bring a guitar along with her. Nature, hands down, was the biggest inspiration for Terra. The beach was for cheerful music, the forest functioned as a provider for mysterious music, and the lake was always Terra's favorite place for some peace provider.

She sighed and put her hands inside her hoddie pockets, hoping that under the layer of cloth, her hands would be able to stand the coldness...at least until she decided to return to her bunk. She drifted for a little while before finding a good sitting spot and soon found herself sitting on the damp grass, watching the blue water.  She first thought of laying herself down by the grassy floor, but then she realized that her messy, red hair was tied neatly and she had just bathed...and decided that it was not quite wise to mess her hair up once more.

She sighed and continued watching the water.

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