Jana Kay and Bray (PRIVATE)

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Jana Kay and Bray (PRIVATE)

Post by Mason on 7/28/2014, 9:50 am

Bray wandered into the forest, a bit grouchier than usual. He sat down on a rock, looking up at the sky, examining the majestic birds gliding across the sky. He admitted, birds were pretty awesome creatures, but he was more of a dolphin person. He thought of how nice it'd be to be a son of Phobos, being able to scare people away. He made himself a bed of leaves and laid on it, imagining what his father's human form looked like. He got up to the cracking of a stick. A deer passed by, a buck, to be exact. Bray was a bit worried for it, out here alone to be attacked by a monster. His eyes turned towards a tall tree, with rope on it. He rushed over to it, grabbed it, and took it back to the deer.

He tied it's neck loosely but still sort-of tight, and then tied it to a tree. It tried to fight back, but if he could deal with fifty-foot waves and dolphin-riding, he could deal with this. He tied the other end to the nearest tree. Bray knew this was absolutely crazy, but until he could find a way for it to escape the monsters somehow, he'd have to do this. Bray didn't want this poor creature to end up dieing...just like...he sighed. Bray knew this was ridiculous, so he untied it on both ends, only to be kicked in the head by it, causing him to pass out.

Bray's unconscious body laid on the leave bed for maybe seven hours before he woke up, muttering.
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