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 Emily daughter of Thanatos

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PostSubject: Emily daughter of Thanatos   Emily daughter of Thanatos Icon_minitime8/3/2014, 6:33 am

Name: Emily Stone Buettner
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Eyes: Night black
Hair: Long, curly, ink black hair that falls just shy of her shoulders
Height: Five foot five
Body Type: Skinny
Skin Color: Pale white
God Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent: Mary P Buettner
Country of Origin: England
Pets: None
Talents: Greek Literature, interest in strategy
Skills: Half decent shot with a crossbow
Weapon**: Oak wood light crossbow with Celestial Bronze tipped bolts
Personality: Emily is generally quiet, keeping herself to herself. She has a stubborn streak and is very determined. She believes that she has to be ten times as good at a task than everyone else in order so that she can be counted and treated as an equal. Emily possesses a sick sense of humour, with a dislike for normal humans. She is usually kind unless teased or questions asked to her about topics she views as sensitive.
Flaws: Dislikes asking others for help, when she was ten Emily was hit by a car and it injured her right leg badly. Even though it healed, it still is difficult for her to walk on without the aid of crutches, running is next to impossible as is climbing. Easily angered when mocked or teased about her injury. Bitter dislike for normal humans after their mocking of her back at school.
Powers: None

Life Before Camp*: Born to a mother who did not want her Emily's life wasn't exactly the usual start of celebration that a baby is born and the family went wild. The early years from birth to three, well as expected she doesn't recall much except that her mother wasn't married with any other children.
That all changed however when she turned five, her mother married another man Thomas B Johnson who apparently Emily was required to address him as sir. A snobbish, wealthy, arrogant little man in a lime green suit who just looked like the kind of person you instantly wanted to punch in the face. He disliked Emily from the start and his two bratty children Tom and Rob, the terrible twins well... They where evil little demon spawn just like their father in Emily's eyes.

But what could a five year old do? Except endure and survive. Survival that was always the goal, endure life in the hell house until... She didn't know anything else came along, a circus, whoever would take her in and away from that place.
Education Emily failed epically at most things, reading was difficult but not impossible however she could never focus her attention on the class or the subject being taught. The only really exemption to this happened to be strategy a topic that rarely came up even in history. Something about strategy caught her interest, like how an army under siege would endure the suffering until a relief force arrived. She took the similar approach to her home, she endured their teases and taunts, their bullying. Yet there was no relief force coming for her, her only real ally and friend was a kid in crutches called Tigirus Bertan. A true friend and the most loyal of companions.

Life for Emily failed to get any easier when she pushed one of the twins out of the way of a car when she was ten. Rob scrapped his knee, Emily shattered the bones in her right leg. Normally that would make parents proud or even those who disliked you grateful. No. Not in this house. No, Mary and Thomas where more concerned that little, innocent Rob had a graze on his knee. That she wickedly pushed him. In their eyes she'd pushed the child in front of the car only to over step and fall in front of the vehicle instead, knocking Rob out of the way as she did so. A complete lie, one made up to comfort themselves of the fact that the child they demonised, happened to have saved the child they idolised.

Sitting in hospital for the better part of ten months happened to be great for Emily, her parents rarely visited, parents being her Mary and her step father Thomas. Sure there was the crippling pain and the x-rays and all the other medical nonsense, but at least she was out of the house. Tigirus visited her regularly, keeping her spirits up, telling her that she did a good thing.

When the hospital finally relinquished Emily and released her, school wasn't any easier. The other children encouraged by her half brothers, like the hell spawn they where mocked her and Tigirus constantly. Each day a fresh assault of indignities and insults. The pair of them where on crutches and neither where popular students. It was inevitable that they would find themselves the subject of much ridicule. Emily vowed that she would one day have her revenge for all of their suffering. She prefers not to speak of home, her family or her schooling, she dislikes all questions which are directed to such.

Emily was twelve when she first encountered a monster, a snake, nothing like the native varieties in England. She would have fallen prey to the snake there and then, were it not for the time intervention of Tigirus who killed the wretched creature before her very eyes. He explained to her as fast as he could about Camp Half-blood but had barely got into his story about the Camp, Demigods and everything, before Emily interrupted him saying she would go.

The pair packed quickly, Emily did not have much stuff, she took the essentials but a couple of dog eared tattered books on medieval strategy that she had acquired over the years. Getting  out of the house, simple everyone was already out at the movies. Getting to the Camp, all the way in America.
Now... That would be an issue, particularly if monsters or the Gods themselves took affront to her travel. One could not simply way to the New World, one little ocean prevent that. That left either a sea voyage or a flight. Neither of which appealed to her greatly, especially since Tigirus appeared so concerned about both.

Eventually they decided on a flight, both had passports fortunately however money would be much more difficult to come across. Yet... Emily happened to have that covered, Thomas chose to leave his wallet in the house and his wallet was always filled with notes, usually just enough to afford low cost, basic seating on a flight to the Americas. Emily had stolen the money and the story of two cripples going to live with their Great Aunt in the USA, convinced all who questioned them to let them have the tickets and board the aircraft.

Mercifully the journey to New York Airport was uneventful, throughout it Tigirus spoke of life at Camp Half-Blood and of the Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. It was weird, no alien to Emily to hear someone speak of those gods in present tense rather than past, as if they where actual beings. He assured her, they where.
At the Airport, they changed the remaining pound notes into US Dollars the former would hold little value to the people in the USA, whose currency was not the British Pound Sterling. With what little money they had, the pair booked a taxi to Long Island, the home of the Camp. The journey was arduous and terrible for Emily, her right leg burned painfully as it always had done after periods of extreme movement. She refused to yell out in pain however, resolutely she kept limping even though she longed to do nothing more than collapse on the grass, cry and give in to the agony and exhaustion.

By some small miracle she made it to the Camp Entrance, a feat she imagined to be impossible. It might have been if it weren't for Tigirus supporting her right side. Emily found herself stunned at the entrance, because her friend no longer seemed to be using his crutches, nor did he where his shoes any more. Nor was their feet. Instead hooves, actual hooves. At first Emily declared it exhaustion, hallucinations brought on by dehydration. It happened to be neither, Tigirus did actually have hooves.
Emily's mind chose this point to slip into the retreat of castle Pass out for a few hours just as Tigirus began to explain in great detail what he happened to be.

When Emily came around, she found herself in a comfortable bed, her leg still aching yet nowhere near as badly as before. When she felt better Tigirus showed her around the Camp, a mission that took an entire day to complete due to the frequency that Emily needed to stop, rest up and regather her resolve fresh for another assault. Life at Camp Half-Blood, well it is not an easy task, whether you've been claimed or left unclaimed, but at task even harder when your essentially crippled. Emily had been in Camp for nearly  a month before she finally was claimed by her father. Where as other Demigods chose to head home at the end of the Summer. Emily remained, mostly out of spite of her family who she refuses to contact and because she despises having to climb the hill in order to leave or enter the Camp.
Emily has been at Camp Half-Blood for three years now.

RP Example*: Emily sat on a old wooden chair and surveyed Camp Half-Blood. Her home. It was the only place in the world where it happened to be safe for Demigods like her. Yet, it forever seemed to be both their fortress and their prison. For some of the more powerful Demigods if they where to leave the Camp, it would be like firing a flare. Monsters from all around would seek to challenge them. Emily possessed the good fortune to not be counted among the most powerful Demigods, if she had been she doubted that she would have survived her journey. No, she was the cripple. The Demigod who limped everywhere with the faithful support of two crutches.

No quests for her, no victorious battles. After all who would want such a liability on their team? She couldn't fight in close combat, she lacked the speed and stamina to lead an assault, she wasn't strong nor fierce. Range she could manage, however she ranked as a barely half decent shot. She simply did not possess the skills of heroes, yet this did not stop her trying even if the constant river of failures dampened her spirit.

Such was life, Emily endured as she always had and always would continue to do so.
Any notes about your characters:
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Emily daughter of Thanatos
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