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Malecai Kaitorai-Set Tumblr_mc3df4rGoJ1rw74wbo1_250
Red Deserts are Made To Roast

Name: Names, oh names. Xavier finds them terribly unnesscecary, for some odd reason, but thats his belief, and you can't take his opinion away from him. His name has no special meaning, really. But, since he's half Arabian from his Mothers side of the Family, in arabic, 'Xavier' means Bright or splendid. His full name is Xavier Malecai Kaitorai. But, really, he goes by Malecai. (Mall-Eh-Kai)

Gender: Male, but really, what do you expect with a name like Malecai? A girl? No, not a girl. A male.

Mortal Parent: Aamira Kaitorai was a friendly, and overly pretty Arabian woman with a love for Gardening and Nature, especially deserts and Sand Dunes. Aamira had long, flowing Black hair, (even though she was forced to wear it in a cloak, she resisted and moved to America with Malecai, hoping she wouldn't get bothered there.) and surprisingly, dark green eyes, not brown or even coffee coloured. Her eyes stood out this way, and made Aamira stand out in general.

God Parent: Set, The Egyptian God Of Terror, Chaos and The Red Desert. He had met Aamira in Kairo, somewhere in a Restaurant. Even Aamira couldn't remember how the Restaurant was called. She has forgotten about Set, now married to an all-american man named Joshua Beeves.

Date of Birth: Malecai was born on a stormy Summer night on the 30. of August, 1996. He's 17, and he'll turn 18 this month.

Place of Birth: Kairo, Egypt.

Hometown/Last Residence: Florida, America. Living in a home with two Cats and Malecai's very own two land turtles. (The small kind, of course, but they still get around 50 years old, if not 70.)

Race/ethnicity: Egyptian, Arabian and Caucasian.

Accent: Almost American. But for a school trip he was a exchange student in Britain once, and he picked up a bit of a British one there, which is quite misleading.

Skin Tone: Slightly Tan.

Eye Color: Darkish Green, a bit darker that his Moms. His eyes are covered by a pair of Clear Black Ray-Ban glasses. (See above), or even any type of Sunglasses by Ray-Ban. He'll wear contacts sometimes, but usually he just sticks to is Ray's.

Hair Color:  It's a deep black with multiple parts of Blonde in it. People think he died them, but he didn't. It's sincerely natural.

Hair Length: It's usually gelled very softly with gel in an upwards direction, then swept messily to the side.

Height: Malecai is around 5 Foot 9 / 6 Foot.

Weight: Around 86kg, quite light for a 17 year old young man.

Body Type: Malecai has some muscle, but not terribly much. He's lean and strong, and handsome. Quite tall, but there's taller people than him, even some girls manage to tower over him.

Appearance: Malecai doesn't really have scheme of style. He'll wear anything (except leather trousers, those are horrible and squeaky) aslong as it's comfortable. You'll always find some sort of hoodies of all kinds of colours in his closet, aswell as lots and lots of pairs of Chained jeans and Printed T-Shirts. He loves those.

Weapon: Malecai may not look tough, but he's very intrested in weapons and Wars. Not that he'd participate in a War unless he had to, but he likes knowing about them. Knowledge is a great tool.

Anyways, back to the weapons. Malecai's first and favorite weapon is a CB Khopesh, also known as a hooked blade. It's very beautiful and painted in a faint gold to make it shine and glow. It has patterns of astronomical things on it, and its handle is comfortable leather, softly wrapped around the hilt. He keeps this strapped into his belt at all times, since it's very light and handy.

Malecai's second weapon is a CB mace, which he needs quite some power to yield. It transforms into a CB cross necklace.

His last 'weapon' is a CB shield with a desert slowly engraved onto the round surface. He uses it only with his Khopesh, and it transforms into a Golden and Black G-Shock watch. He wears it on his right wrist.

Armor: Malecia will take whatever he's given, to be honest. The only thing that is really and truly his is a CB helmet. It's designed to be a Wolfs head, it long fangs coming down next to his nose and next to his eyes.

Pet(s): Malecai has a few cats at home, they're unimportant though. He has no pets at camp, currently.

- Malecai is a hugely talented musician and especially E-Guitarist, he used to play in a Band with his American school friends.

- Malecai has a knack for building things. He loves to fiddle and create, he just loves the feeling you get when you finished the project you'd been working on for hourse, if not days.

- Malecai loves sports, especially hockey and ice Hockey. He's a marvelous Ice skater, and was invited to some competitions for figure skating lots of times, but he denied.

- Malecai has a fear of the dark.

- His eyesight is rubbish without contact lenses and glasses, he'll not be able to see a thing. This is a great battle weakness, as if he loses his glasses, he'll be screwed without some Hecate kids help.

- Malecai has a fear of dogs. He's fine with a small Pug or something, but if it's any bigger than a golden retriever, he'll freak out.

- Malecai has a long scar on his back, which hurts from time to time.

- Malecai can't swim well at all, it's one of the only sports he isn't great at. he can swim, but he isn't fast and can't hold long distances.

- Malecai

- Great Architect
-Strong Climber
- Strategist


- Socially Awkward

- Blurts out things without thinking things through

- Not good at keeping secrets at all


- Horror
- Amusement Parks
- Cute Girls
- Humourous People
- Storms, especially hurricanes and blizzards. Oh, and don't forget Sand Storms and Typhoons.
-Movie Nights with friends, and friends in general


- Annoying people
- Being lonely
-Being Bored
-Large Dogs
-Animal Abuse
-Small, whiny children


- Fear Of Large Dogs
- Fear of The dark

Personality: Malecai is honest and straightforward, not caring what you think about him. He's a tad bit annoying sometimes, but he can also be incredibly quiet and shy. He's overall a loving guy and a adrenaline junkie, that you won't find hard to like, really. Unlesss you get on his bad side.


Malecai can summon the set animal once a day. This animal isn't that weak, it can bite and make a max. of a 3cm long, 5cm deep wound, or it can use it's tail as a whip, which would just hurt, not do much damage. It would feel like a rope burn. It's quite fast at a speed of 20kmh, but it can't carry anyone, except Malecai. The set animal can be used as a transport animal, and will run up to 15 miles with Malecai on his back, at the speed of 10kmh. He can also talk to this animal. The set animal runs away after 20 minutes.
Picture: http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120227233339/kanechronicles/images/1/1c/The_set_animal.jpg

Malecai can whirl up a small sand tornado the size of himself. It can toss over the things the size of beach chairs and the weight of one, but anything over 15kg it just pushes backwards a few meters. This sandstorm can only be summoned with a source of atleast 1 square metre of sand, and at sunlight. It cannot be summoned after noon. Malecai can summon a small sand tornado around 3 times a day, with 45 minutes cooldown. If he tries to do this more than trice, he'll get a nosebleed and a minor headache. This mini-tornado lasts around 1 minute and 35 seconds before dying down.

Malecai can also create a vision of chaos infront of someone, but only his victim can see it. The Vision is only an Illusion, and it will most likely be a loved one in a terrible situation, like in distress or utter nervousness. He can do this to a maximum of two people a day, with 2 hours cooldown. The vision lasts 1 and a half minutes, and if Malecai really focuses he can make it up to 2 minutes, but he'll break down with a major migraine and maybe even a nosebleed if he does it any longer.

Malecai can also talk to desert animals, like snakes or small scorpions. He doesn't have any limits for this, just like percy can talk to horses without limits.

Social Status: Semi-Popular, but relatively ignored. Sports-Junkie and a tinkerer.

Summer or Year Rounder: Year-Rounder. He prefers to stay at camp.

Years at Camp: He just recently joined a year ago.

Life Before Camp: Malecai, was born in Kairo around 1 month after Set left. He grew up there, having good times and making lots of friends in his school. At the age of 12, however, things changed. His mother became nervous and easily annoyed. She was always locking windows and barricading doors with chairs, as if a murderer was after her. Now Malecai knows it was because of Monsters. She knew about Set and that monsters would come and follow her if Malecai knew he was the son of an egyptian god. She also knew about Camp. At 14, Malecai and his mother moved to Florida. The flight was long, but worth it in the end. Aamira married another man, and eventually, a Satyr found Malecai at the age of 16. He was brought to Camp and soon found out about his father being Set. He felt right at home quite soon, and loved it at Camp. He decided to be a year-Rounder in the end.

Role-playing Example: Malecai sighed as he flipped through the pages of his book. It was going to be a long night. He had been playing video games all afternoon, and completely forgot about his Maths homework. Ugh. Maths sucked. He wished he would have some weird magic to solve problems. Then an idea popped into his head. He ran a hand through his messy hair, then pushed up his glasses. He opened up multiple draws before finding his calculator. He just needed to find the working out now, and that homework would be done in no time. America's school were alot harder than those in Kairo, he thought and then got to work.
Notes: None.

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Add two more flaws. (Did you add a physical appearance one, but stick it in some other part of the form, or...?)

How long does the set animal stay with him? How long does the sand-tornado and the vision of chaos last?

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Whoops! I didn't realize I didn't have a physical flaw!

The rest is edited!~ :)
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His fears don't count as flaws. Please leave it only in the Fears section.
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