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PostSubject: Runo son of hectae   Runo son of hectae Icon_minitime8/9/2014, 2:06 pm

Name: Runo Moseley
Gender: He is male.
Mortal Parent: Robert Moseley sister of Jackie Moseley. He is uncle of Rhyolo Moseley. He has a job as stunt double.
God Parent: Hectae, goddes of the mist, magic, and cross roads.
Date of Birth: October 31, 2001
Place of Birth: Lexington, Kentucky.
Hometown/Last Residence: Cleavland, Ohio,
Race/ethnicity: 1/2 african-american 1/2 caucasian
Accent: None
Skin Tone: He his a tad bit ldarker than the color of a peanut.
Eye Color: His eyes ar a redish purple with a flame pattern.
Hair Color: his hair is naturally white.
Hair Length: He has corn rows down to his neck.
Height: he is vertically gifted like his cousin. So with that he is 5'11"
Weight: he is rather a big eater so he is 177 lbs.
Body Type: He is kinda chubby. He has a mini gut and has a little fat on his limbs.
Appearance: He usually wears jeans with a chb shirt or a red shirt.
Weapon: He has a pair CB gauntlets that have blades that extend up to 2 feet. the gauntlets have a amethyst gemstone that when pressed turn into working cb watches. when in watch mode he must say "go gauntlet."
Armor: he wears no armor.
Pet(s): he has no pets.
Skills/Talents: he is good at magic and desicions.
Flaws: He has a big appitite, and is kinda slow, vengeful, holds grudges, and a perfectionist.
Strengths: magic and choices.
Weaknesses: food.
Likes: food, adventure, and magic.
Dislikes: evil and boring things.
Fears: nothing.
Personality: he is a good guy. He will ask if you are gonna eat your food. He is brave and witty. He will kill if he has to but he prefers not to. He will show no weakness except when food comes into play.
Mist control: He can manipulate the mist 5 times a day. He can make a mortal see any thing he desires for them to see and he can make them remember things that never happene. And for a Demigod. He can Tell them only a reasonable thing and remember things for half the time of a mortal which is 4 hours. Between uses he needs a two hour resting period. To do this he must Snap and concentrate. If he exceeds his limit he will be knocked out for 1 hour.
Summoning: He can summon a firey avatar five times for one hour with a two hour resting period. The avatar is a redish purple. It will copy his movements and weapons. If exceeds his limit  he will faint for 4 hours.
Telekinesis: he can move things with his mind. He can make thing smaller than a human body move for an hour. But things bigger for only 20 minutes.
Social Status: He is fairly popular.
Summer or Year Rounder: He stays year round.
Years at Camp: 0
Life Before Camp: Runo was born on Halloween. The following morning  He was alone with his sand dad. He had got kicked out of almost every school in town by the age of 8. He move to cleavland where his dad started dating a hepheastus girl. The woman told.her about chb. She made it sound compelling to him. So when he was 12 he left for camp. He fought over a 100 monsters on the way. But he made it in one piece. He walked into camp and looked with awe. He was welcomeded in by his cousin rhyolo and now who are best friends.
Role-playing Example: Runo runs up to Rhy."hey cuz wanna go into nyc?"
"i want to see this magic show with you."
"can't you just make thing levitate?"
"yeah but I just want a good laugh. Those mortals." He chuckled.
" ok but your buying food and your ticket." He gave runo a noogie.
" ok." He laughed. He forced his cousin to get off his head. Together they headed forward the gate.
Notes: Rhyolo's cousin
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PostSubject: Re: Runo son of hectae   Runo son of hectae Icon_minitime8/22/2014, 4:36 pm

the form is about 400 words short of the limit, please add more detail.

his eyes wouldn't be allowed, we only allow natural eye colors. he could wear contacts if you'd like to keep that, though, they have contacts tinted to look like all sorts of stuff; i know someone with cat eye contacts

everyone has an accent. the only way you could have no accent is if you were mute.

i don't think mist control would be a specific power, and i don't think it would need a limit on it, because thalia could manipulate the mist but that isn't related to zeus in any way. i think that would just fall under talents

an hour for the avatar is far too much, could you please lower that? same goes for the telekinesis, both of those time limits are pretty high

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Runo son of hectae
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