daughters of fire on water

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daughters of fire on water

Post by kayla on 8/18/2014, 1:45 pm

Celaena didn't really mind the water, in fact, she liked it. But sometimes it still irked her to the point she'd get goosebumps. Like right now: the lake was a picture of suspicion. It was a fairly cold day today and the lake looked like it was made out of tar with all it's darkness and little mist floating on top of it. Well, okay, maybe she was exaggerating and the weather was actually fairly nice today with no fog or whatever actually on the lake but Celaena had an overactive imagination. Also not to mention the fact that she watched a horror last night in her bunker and it was still freaking her out. She wondered if her other siblings could hear that embarrassing scream she let out when the movie reached its peak.

She walked along the shore to where the canoes were, seeing a class already in session. She recognized a few of them actually, Ares and Aphrodite cabins right? She didn't have any classes at the moment so she figured going to the lake would be a good idea for some canoeing no matter how much that movie she watched last night freaked her out. She was all for facing fears even though it technically wasn't a fear. She just didn't like it when something freaked her out. After that movie, she was freaked of lakes so she wanted to get rid of that freaked feeling by going on the lake. Celaena dragged a spare canoe after the class took all that they needed and struggled with the weight on her own, falling backwards on the rocks. She huffed in annoyance and tried to do it again, pulling on one end towards the water.

"C'mon you stupid boat." She growled out.
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