Just chillin I guess? (PRIVATE)

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Just chillin I guess? (PRIVATE)

Post by Mason on 8/21/2014, 9:25 am

Jason sat at the edge of the lake, putting his hand in the water and feeling the coolness of it. He didn't often go to the lake, but today was a nice day for it. There were too many people at the beach. I mean, Jason wasn't one to be afraid with crowds, but there were so many Jason fan girls there- the Aphrodite girls who obsessed over him. He took his chair and put it out, putting his bag on it. He got up and went over to one of the trees, leaning against it. He looked around, then got his guitar (which he also brought) from it's guitar case.

Jason started singing and playing it. He was very good. A few birds tweeted some comments (the irony) at him about how good he was. He laughed at them, although, he wouldn't get a big head over birds that probably didn't hear a lot of music; well, human music. He got up and put the guitar back. He took the bag off his chair and threw it a bit, then sat down.
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Re: Just chillin I guess? (PRIVATE)

Post by Morgan Landry on 8/21/2014, 9:40 am

It was a lovely day to go swimming. Arian had arrived at the lake, her chocolate brown hair flowing down her shoulders in layers. She was wearing a colorful Desigual dress with strap sleeves and a pair of dark red mid-geeled hook-and-eye sandals. A single copper ring gleamed at her thumb, drawing attention to her cherry nail polish.

At the lake, she put her white shoulder bag on a hot rock, greeted a naiad and pulled her dress over her shoulders, revealing her Pain de Sucre bikini. It was lush turquoise green in color, the straps at her hips and front of her chest replaced by flat, rectangular white beads. She folded her dress carefully and took her shoes off, leaving only the long, fine golden chain around her neck.
She had waterproof make up: cherry gloss, mascara and aqua eyeliner. She was about to dive into the water when she heard guitar playing and turned around, seeing Jason, from the Hecate's.

"Hi there!" She waved at him, walking towards him.
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