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 Bears vs. Squirrels

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PostSubject: Bears vs. Squirrels   Bears vs. Squirrels Icon_minitime8/28/2014, 7:53 am

So I recently found this story I wrote (almost) a decade ago in first grade and I felt I should share it with you guys because this story has a moral at the end. (Also talking squirrels!)
Here we go:

Almost a decade ago in Animal Stadium on the Galápagos Islands, a world tournament was being held. What type of tournament, you ask? None other than baseball! A small finch was the announcer and the umpire was a turtle.(To add suspense). The teams were the best teams ever. The bears from Chicago and the and the squirrels from cypress. They were record teams and had to swim all the way from the USA to the islands in 5 whole minutes. The longest time ever when you watch a clock. So now the two teams were on the field. The bears were offense and the and the squirrels defense. The pitcher threw a ball but since he was a squirrel, it hit the ground! For some reason it counted as a strike and one inning later the bears were up to pitch. The bears kept pitching over the heads of the minuscule squirrels, and soon they were one pitch away from getting a million points! (Somehow! I didn't understand baseball that much back then). The squirrels called a huddle and talked about it while eating peanuts. Soon, they had an idea. The squirrel returned to bat, but all the other ones jumped on his shoulders and made a super squirrel! Only on squirrel was holding the bat and it was heavy, and every time he swung it it was a bunt but it counted! When they hit a ball, every squirrel would start running, and even if one squirrel got hit by a ball while running, it didn't count as an out because they were all the batter! Soon the score was a million to a million and one and the timer went off! The squirrels won! Yay!
So the moral is this-if you use teamwork, you can smack the sh** out of a bunch of bears.
The end.
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Bears vs. Squirrels
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