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PostSubject: (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH   (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH Icon_minitime9/15/2014, 6:20 am


 Yow Intro

I was walking a dark, narrow street, a ghost town as you called it. No people, no colors, all black and white, as if you were sucked in an old television screen. When suddenly light glows up ahead in a form of a human, long bright hair, light brown eyes, slim figure, the perfect woman of all womans. If only I could...reach. Tears ran down my eyes.

"Joshua!" She called.

I looked right at her beautiful eyes, "yes?"

"Joshua!" she called once more.Weird that her voice changed to my mom's tone.


"Joshua get your butt out of your bed and get down now!" Mom's voice roared from downstairs.

I woke up, and sat. Dreams, dang it. "Coming!" I shouted back.

Okay, by the way, name's Joshua Valdez, fourteen years old, 5 feet, 7 inches tall, had dark brown hair, goes to Hogsforth Academy. Never heard of the school eh? You'll know later.

So yeah, today's the first day of school and I'm... late! I ran out of bed, downstairs.

Mom said, " Watch out for the-"

Tripped on a couple of mags.

"Ooh!" she reacted.

Stubbed my toe, again. I sat down. "Toast and butta, bacon and eggs. A perfect meal for someone from aids I mean beds. Oops." Also I'm a good poet, maybe? I engulfed the meal within seconds.

This is the last time I'll see home for a year.

Bag? check!

Wallet? check!

Money? ofcourse it's in your wallet Joshua. check!

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PostSubject: Re: (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH   (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH Icon_minitime9/15/2014, 6:40 am



     Honk Honk!

Which translates it into, "Get In!"

I clutched my duffle bag and went towards the bus wait, "Mom my phone!"

"You're not allowed to bring phones to school honey!" she said.

"Oh okay, bye mom."

I jumped in and a familliar voice hit me, "Yow, Joshy over here!"

"Ron?" Ron Moore my former best friend, he has a pale skin tone, well don't judge me, that's how I remember him.

"Here got you a seat."

I sat down beside him, "What' up? Ready to be chosen?" Forgot to tell you, this isn't just the first day of school, it's also the first day of high level school, the time to be chosen, what? You don't know what I'm talking about? So being chosen means being picked by a God or Goddess, supernatural beings like in greek Mythythology, but these aren't the gods that your looking for, about Poseidon, Zeus or whatever, but they're somehow like 'em. Example is Fillodium the Father of Health, Deata the Mother of Wiseness and Strategy, Krates the Father of war, and many more of em. If a Father or a Mother chose you, means prefers you the most, you will get blessed with the supernatural powers by whom who chose you.

"Kinda nervous, of who would choose me, oh look!" He pointed at the bridge that were about to pass under.

"The secret entrance to Hogsforth," I whispered.

At a moment it went dark, then a few seconds has passed, brightness came into sight. I looked out of the window, I was not expecting to see grasslands.

"Uhm Ron," I nudged him.


"I'm just wondering. How do normal people don't notice us getting from the suburbs to here?" I asked.

He smirked, "It's the Mist."

"Yeah I know the Mist, heard it before, but how does it work?" I mused.

He stroked his chin like how smart people do, "The Mist is a Mystical veil that hides us, demigods and other gods stuff from ordinary mortal peoples."

There at a distance I could see the castle-ish, palace-ish whatever form of Hogsforth.Wow, it's been hidden here in a vast land not even seen by a mortal eye.

Here we are, the entrance to Hogsforth. I took my first step, sigh.

"Welcome to Hogsforth Academy!" Someone greeted me at the entrance.

"Thank you."

There are so many people inside, students too like me. Laughing, joking with each other, not as I expected.

"Students gather up at the Mess Hall for the Opening Ceremony, " the speakers echoed around the hall.

"Cool!" Ron said. I already forgot that he's here.

"Bro, we'd better go to the Mess Hall, now," I told him.

"Yeah I know, but where? We'd also better follow the crowd," he replied.

Yep, we did follow the crowd, go with the flow right? It did led us to the Mess Hall. "Freshmens over here," a woman said. We went at her side, as all of the students sat at the Hall.

"Are we all here!" A voice Booms at the front, wow! A Centaur! If you don't know what Centaurs are, they're one of the Mystical Creatures in myths but they're real! Having a horse's body, and the torso and head of a human. "Okay, let's start. All rise! And let's watch the Fresh Mens to be CHOSEN!"

The woman led us to the front in a line. One by one, freshmens went forward and light shimmers around the one on the front, each and every turn, different colors shimmers at every student's turn. Then it's Ron's turn, he really looks nervous then, red light shimmers around him. "Grifeon!" The centaur announced. Clapping and shouting went present as he went to the Grifeon table.

Then it's my turn. The students went silent once more. I walked forward, my legs were trembling, my heart was racing. At first I thought light would cover me... but nothing happened. Whispering came into the crowd. "Silence!" the centaur said. "What's your name son?"

"Jo-Joshua Valdez sir."

"Give me your arm," he told me. I obliged and held my wrist, palms up. Then a red Aurora like light shimmers. "He's already been chosen. Grifeon!"

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PostSubject: Re: (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH   (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH Icon_minitime9/15/2014, 6:43 am



After the ceremony of meeting friends, eating, and laughing, I never felt so at home.

One of the students on the table called me, "Oi, so when did you got Chosen?"

My heart skipped a beat. "I really don't remember?"

"So, your mom or dad didn't tell you anything?" he asked once more.

"Well, I don't have a dad, and my mom didn't mention a single thing about it," I said.

"How come you don't have dad?" a girl older than my age asked. "What's that? Your mom got pregnant for no reason? What are you an alien or somethin'?!"

"No," I told her, and looked at everyone at my table that's eyeing me... Which is everyone. "Ofcourse I have a dad. He just never came back when I was small, 'till now."

It went silent once more. " Sorry 'bout your dad. I really thought you were an alien."

Students giggled around me. "So Joshua isn't it?" someone on the other end of the table asked. He's probably the oldest among the us on the Grifeon table. " Tyler Lockwood, House Captain of Grifeon." He came over to shake my hand.

"Nice meeting you," I mumbled.

"You too," he said. "Grifeon!" all looked at him. "All fall in two lines, were heading to our dorm." immediately Grifeon students fell in line and Tyler led the house walking.

We were at the tower stairs, I wonder, "Hey Ron."


"So since we got chosen, who is Grifeon anyway?" I asked.

"It's, God Grifeon," he corrected me, "So God Grifeon, the couragous one, or we call him, Couragous God Grifeon. He's also the God of Blacksmiths, you know Blacksmiths?"

"Yer, people who invents or forges with fire. Wait... Fire!"

"Cool!" he agreed. "Fire God Grifeon! That's why the light's red! They said most students in the Grifeon house are inventors, like us! Remember when we made our own Transmition Headsets?"

"Yeah!" I said. "Remember when we made our foldable tablets that has five times longer battery life than other ordinary tablets?"

" Yeah!" he ageed once more. "And many else right? So just thinking of it, all the students in our house are just like us. This is gonna be cool!"

We approached a door on the wall, ofcourse all doors are on walls Joshua. But there's something different about this one. It's engraved with words covering the whole frame. Ugly, Malevolent, Penny, Salsa, many of them, as many of the strands of hair on your head... maybe if you have. "Our password is, 'toasters taste like armpits'." Students laughed they're selves out, as Tyler smirked and dragged his finger, word per word from 'Toasters' to 'Armpits' I really can't stop my self from smiling, awesomely Ron's color turned to normal as he was laughing out loud. Then the door opens. "Welcome to your new home!"

Whoa! The dorm looked wickedly cool, with pure red carpets, workspaces surround the place, a paradise of inventors. "Boys dorm over there, Girls dorm on the right. Grab yourselves a bed, lay your thingies down, after that, class schedules will be handed by me here in the living room, oh by the way rest rooms are down the hall."

"Hey Josh," Ron said.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm speechless," he told me.

" Pfft, haha!"

He looked at me. "You ain't speechless if you can talk." Oh yeah he's speechless now.

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PostSubject: Re: (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH   (HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH Icon_minitime9/15/2014, 6:56 am



I'm sitting on a stadium stand of a stadium that has a shape of an oval. Not only me, students also filled the whole stadium. Many, many of them cheering for... zoom! A glint of an object flies over me. A student wearing a cape and rides on a, is that a broom? Yes it is, there's dozens of them.

I looked to my side, sitting beside me is a student wearing nerdy glasses. "Hi, can you tell me what's going on."

"You new? Well it's a Quiditch match ofcourse!" he said while watching the match.


"An ancient game where players rides on brooms and compete against each other to make a score. To make a score a player must throw the ball into the opponents vertical hoops." he explained.

"Oh, thanks."

He looked at me, "Joshy."


"Joshy bro we're gettin' late!"

I woke up. " Joshy my goodness you were droolling!" Ron shouted. "We're getting late!"

I sat and stood up. "What time is it?"

"Quarter to 8 bro!" he wheeled.

I ran to my stuff and grabbed my Mythical Chemistry book and my other stuffs. "Chemistry right?"

"Yeah, then Biology and Creatures."

I stood up and we ran out of the boys dorm then through the, whoa, the door opens automatically? We ran down the never ending spiralling stairs of the tower. Then went down to the basement where the dungeons are located. We entered the dungeons, where the first years of Grifeon and Hedrod are already joined in class. We stood there, frozen, while they stared at us.

"Well you're not going to stand there through whole class aren't you?" the professor asked us with a shrill voice.

Ron squeecked, we quickly looked for a seat to sit on, there two!

The shrill voiced professor looked at the class. "Good that I haven't started the class yet to the new comers," he stared at us. "I am professor Flintwick, your teacher in Chemistry. You can call me professor Flint. Let's start the class by asking questions-."

A brown haired girl shot her hand into the air. "Yes miss," The professor asked.

"Chase, Elizabeth Chase."

"Go on. You have something to say?"

She stood up. "I actually have a question."

"I didn't tell you to ask questions!" he squeaked.

"Yes you did," she said.

"No, I did not."

"You just did, with respect professor Flint," she said.

The professor got frustrated. "I just said let's start the class by asking questions!"

"You just said it professor."

"I was not finished! Take your seat. I'm the one who's going to question you students. Alright, whoever knows the answer raise your hand. What is the Potion that gives the Gin the ability to fly for 10 seconds?"

A guy from the Hedrod House's hand shot up.


He got up. "What's Gin?"

The professor's eyebrow rose. "What do you think it is?"

"Uh, either an alcoholic drink or, short for Guinea Pig?"


"What? Which one?"

He chucked. "Gin is a term used for a user of Potions in Chemistry. Now take your seat. Also they got it from Guinea Pig."

Elizabeth's hand got up in the air again.

"Another question miss Chase?"

She stood up. "No professor. The answer to your question is, the Aquilus Potion, which allows the gin to fly for atleast ten seconds."

Professor Flint's face went frozen. "Very well Elizabeth Chase!" Clapping went wild in the dungeon. As Elizabeth sat down.

She stood up once more as if she was going to say a P.S. "Ooh, and you can also call me Liza." The class laughed.

The professor mumbled, "Whatever. Let's Continue..." He began to disscuss lessons activities that we will do during the whole semester, argh so boring.
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(HoO, Harry Potter fan-fic) HOGSFORTH
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