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 Aaand your lives just got better.

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PostSubject: Aaand your lives just got better.   Aaand your lives just got better. Icon_minitime9/21/2014, 11:42 am

The Interview
Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo2_250Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo3_250
Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo1_250Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_lxm6819DKU1qbga1jo4_250
My name is Marissa-Louise Colette Sutherland, but I'd prefer that you would call me by my nickname "Mary". My mother named me after her sister, Marissa, which means "Of the sea" or something like that in Latin. The Louise part was just because she liked how it sounded, and it means "Renowned Warrior" in German or "Famous Warrior" in French. "Colette" was my grandmother's middle name. It is also French and means "Necklace, Victorious". My gran passed away, unfortunately, but we pay her visits.
I am clearly a female. If you think otherwise then you are stupid. Easy.
~Mortal Family~
Mimi Sutherland:
My mum's name is Mimi Bridgétte Sutherland. When she gets married (again) her last name will be Lao. I am not very fond of her fiance, but I know that it will only last a few months so I deal with it. She is a taipan at a huge fashion industry and is one promotion from being a designer, meaning she is the lady with the pencil skirt and the clipboard that you can not tell if she is speaking to you or her telephone. We have similar personalities, which I guess makes sense considering I was in her womb.
Mia Sutherland:
I have an older sister by a year that I often refuse to speak about. Her name is Mialy (my grandparents named her), though we all just call her Mia. She has this terrible disease of which she thinks she is prettier and therefore better than me, and yet she ignores the doctor’s cards I try to give her. I have deducted that Mia is in fact very selfish not only because she managed to get our mother to allow her to stay in China so she can assist her school and whatnot, but also because she can get her way in any debate. We are indeed half sisters (her daddy is Mr. Lao whoops). I do wish that we were not related at all.
~God Parent~
Eros is my godly father. He is an Erote, meaning a butler for Aphrodite, that deals with love and...other stuff I do not really want to go on about. My mother always tells me the story of how they met. He showed up as some wealthy man with a quiet yet alluring voice. He had brown eyes and silvery-brown hair that was perfect. Or so she heard. She never got to see him, even when she became pregnant with Mia, then me. Eros put on this show as if he were some elusive designer named Eric Sutherland that only worked alone; no one had ever seen him before but his clothing was TO DIE for. Anyway. My mum caught his eye and I always cut her off at that part. Really, it is too much information. My "dad" proposed to my mother when she was about to bust, of which she accepted without even seeing the man. They divorced when Mia and I were still babies (I was week old, how rude) because his elusiveness eventually drove her mad,  and because he eventually found out that Mother was still seeing Mr. Lao (whoops again). He told her that he was "Love" and then left without another word, letting her keep the gifts he showered her with. She has yet to see him since but she always wears his designs.
~Date of Birth~
I was born the first day of the month of August in the year 1998, making my astronomical sign the Leo. I absolutely adore the zodiacs. Oh, I am aged 16.
~Place of Birth~
Of course the place of my birth was at a private hospital in Hong Kong. My mother would never stoop as low as having me anywhere but.
~Hometown/Last Residence~
Before camp, I lived in Hong Kong, China with just my mother and older sister. Our home was very big and roomy. It puzzles me to this day as to why my mother sent me to this camp and why I actually listened.
I am of Eastern African descent coming from my mum and her parents. We originated from that little island that became a movie in 2005 known as Madagascar. During college, my mother was an exchange student that happened to visit Hong Kong. She ended up graduating there and becoming very wealthy. She met my dad, and boom. We were born. This makes me Chinese ethnicity-wise.
I have been told many a time that I speak with a "British Accent", which I take great offense to. Not only because that accent has many other forms and tones, but because I am from China. If I could hear my own accent then I would assume I speak Cantonese English. This is because Hong Kong was invaded by some British settlers back in the way back and yada yada. I guess a lot of my words sound like people from over there's. I very seldomly use contractions, my "yes/no's" are more so my way of agreeing or disagreeing rather than positive or negative, and I tend to drop the -ed or -ing when describing something.
~Skin Tone~
I simply adore my skin. It is of a cafe au lait pigmentation that is just gorgeously smooth and soft, and beneath is a red undertone. I keep it that way thanks to lotion infused with Aloe Vera and cocoa butter that costs more than your life.
~Eye Colour~
My eyes? Allow me to check a mirror. They are very beautiful, yes, and easily one of my best features. They are hazel green and absolutely perfect - I am greatly sorry, I was captivated by their beauty. Moving on.
~Hair Colour~
My hair is the colour of the outside of a coconut. It gets a bit darker in the winter but will not change dramatically. I occasionally experiment with blonde because it compliments me. Who am I joking? I compliment it. Or anything.
~Hair Length~
My lovely hair stops at the bottom of my ribcage when I straighten it. I rarely do so, so it hangs in little waves in the same place. It is naturally curly and actually quite a handful to deal with. Nonetheless I love it. Pretty takes some struggle.
I am a tad bit over 1.6 metres/65 inches in height. This makes me slightly above average height for girls, but still short enough as to not be considered a giant.
How insufferably rude! Asking a woman her weight! I will have you know that weigh in at approximately 9 stones, thank you very much. That is 127 lbs for you...others out there.
~Body Type~
I feel much more comfortable talking about my body type. My top is slim, and I do have hips. They are not to be mistaken for those absolutely ridic hula-dancer's hips. They are perfectly proportionate to my body. I have a flat stomach with no 4-pack or 6-pack of the sort. It is just flat from my daily workouts. I have long legs that contribute to my height, and equally long arms. My torso is of a shorter, flatter type. I have broad shoulders, not man shoulders, that look astounding in halter tops.
I have never had braces a day in my life, why do you ask? Obviously, I am drop-dead gorgeous. I only live by the rules recommended to me by a film that my nanny would always turn on: On Mondays, you can find me in coloured shoes. Tuesdays are my shirts-with-slogan days (typically a Marilyn Monroe quote.) Wednesdays I wear pink, and Thursdays I dedicate my wardrobe to my red lipstick with the orange undertone. Friday is the only day you will ever catch me in jeans or tracksuit bottoms. I never wear my strappy shoes with a mini-skirt. Ever. It is revolting to even consider it. My shoes always match the colour of my skirt, unless they are boots. I refuse to wear a tanktop two days in a row and my hair is in a ponytail once a week for training purposes.
If clothing is not a factor, than physically I am equally attractive. I walk and sit in the same perfect posture (a ninety-degree angle) to be sure that no one else is superior to myself, and my nose is usually turned up to the air as I do enjoy looking down on others. I have soft naturally pink lips the color of rose. When I smile, it is very bright and rarely genuine considering that I only actually smile when I am deemed bashful...which is practically never. I am not sure if I have mentioned this already or not, but I have long legs and a short torso. The long legs is what considers me taller than average but the short torso keeps me from being a giant.  I have this aura, if you may, that makes people turn towards me. I am important.
Do not even get me started on this disaster. I use no weapons unless I absolutely have to. If this stupid camp makes me, I will grudgingly disinfect the smallest dagger they have. Then I will run you through with it. Wait, I almost forgot. I do have this dusty old Celestial bronze dagger that I sometimes keep beneath my pillow, but I only use it if I absolutely need to. Do not give me a reason.
Ew. The only thing that I really care to wear is a bronze breastplate, even though it wrinkles my blouses. The only reason I wear it is because I have to protect what I barely have in the first place. Anyway, I refuse to wear helmets because they ruin my hair. Could we please just think about the sweat? I do not sweat. Moving on.
Ew, no thank you. Animals of any kind are gross. The poop, they stink, and they breathe the same air as I do. No.
Home economics is a no, too, just to get that out of the way. I excel at hair and clothing management, getting my own way, and bargain shopping. I am fluent in both Cantonese English and Traditional Chinese, as well as French for some reason. I draw exceptionally well considering I design and make my own clothing, which also means that I can sew without even pricking my finger. I know martial arts, too, just in case any weird men get too comfortable flirting with me. What am I missing? I'm pretty. Oh, yes! I possess outstanding leadership skills and am often chosen to be the leader during group things...especially in things having to do with science. Chemistry, Biology, all of it comes very easy to me as well. Shush.
~Summer or Year Rounder~
I only stay for the summer time. I refuse to be around the lower class for more than my required sessions.
- Myself
- Name brand items
- Salted caramel
- Film geeks (Adorbs.)
- The colours pink and turquoise
- Pink, as in the brand
- High heels
- Horror and action movies
- Stupid early morning cartoons (Childhood right here)
- Eyeliner
- Selfies
- Chemistry *wink wonk* (I mean the actual science you losers)
- Sim’s Sweetshop (They have the BEST gummy pizzas)
- Sweets in general
- Disney movies
- Red lipstick is fab
- Being better than you
- Daughters of Aphrodite
- Poor Choices of Clothing
- Copy-Cats
- Pretty Competition
- Skorts
- Socks with Sandals (No.)
- Fake Jewelry
- Knock offs (What's the point of having something that isn't real?)
- Monsters
- Trusting People (People are stupid. They say things.)
- Cheap Stores
- Chipped/Unnurtured Nails
- Being Wrong (I am never wrong)
- The Smell of Dirt
- Fast Food
- Non-name brand items
- Sweat
- Snakes. I absolutely detest snakes.
- Spiders...no, bugs in general. Anything with more than two legs is automatically disgust to me.
- My biggest fear would have to be that I believe I am destined to be alone. Which sucks. I am the daughter of love; there is no reason why I should not be able to see my own soulmate unless I have none. How embarrassing. The thought makes me sad sometimes. However, worrying produces wrinkles.
I have an Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judgement personality type. Here, I took a cute little test: http://www.16personalities.com/enfj-personality Wait, what do you mean I need to elaborate more? What kind off interview is this? Ugh, if I must I will say what I have heard from others. Most of the people who knew me at school (they were nobody's so I did not associate with them) would say that I am sweet, empathetic, and kind...And I am not just so you know. I could not be "sweet" to save my life. Almost everyone I encounter disgusts me or makes me feel challenged (if they attractive) to the point where I will do nearly anything to be sure that they know that I am higher than them. I had some closer friends at my school who would call me intelligent but lazy, which I can agree with to a certain extent. I am very smart, and I am only lazy when I know I would be able to get the task done with ease while someone else could not. I like seeing people struggle. I heard from a little annoying birdie that one of my closer friends that I have met here at camp describes me as "nice, but afraid that I might attack her" or something. That is true - I could play nice until I find out that you may or may not have an advantage over me. I could kill you. My best friend is really cool around me, but she talks about me behind my back by saying that I cannot keep a secret, I hold a grudge, I am stuck-up, I gossip a lot, et cetera. You did not hear this from me, but I hear she has a thing going on with a cripple from 9 AND a mortal. Just saying. Next question?
~Social Status~
I am just a bubble of popularity and queenly-ness, my dears. I am the center of attention and a leader, which instantly makes me better than all of you adorbs little things!
~Years at Camp~
I have been at camp for nearly 2 years, actually.

Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_m326wjgAzL1qfkp75o1_1280Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_ma341mEOXj1qecz51o1_500Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_mhuhp9Han31qecz51o1_500Aaand your lives just got better. Tumblr_m08i84N8L51rohgxuo1_500
Interviewer's Notes
If not obvious before, Mary’s obvious flaws have to do with arrogance, mistrust, and the inability to accept herself as she truly is. She’s a handful obviously. She has the potential to do some amazing things when the sciences are involved, though she often ignores this if it doesn’t suit her own needs. She is selfish and lazy when it boils down to it. On top of this, she has the nerve to be rude to me as I’m jotting down my findings! Though she is pretty, her physical flaws are also obvious. Beneath the makeup you can see that her eyebrows are thick even in their “perfect arch”, she has a broad forehead, her overbite is still there since her braces days, and her eyes find a way to somehow look tired whether she truly is or not. Mary Sutherland is NOT as perfect as she puts on! Ha!
Unfortunately Mary happens to have a few...notable...strengths. She is an excellent person to have with you when shopping for stuff and all. She has a wide palate and will only choose what she honestly thinks would look best on her subject. She excels in hand-to-hand combat when she needs to, like if someone is continuously stalking her with a camera she might snap and shank them. Makeup is another strength of Mary’s, what with her ability to conceal nearly any flaw, again, on another subject.
YES! Finally! Mary lacks upper-body strength and can’t even do a pushup. Not even one. Her endurance is pretty low due to her dislike of sweating. Mary knows how to flirt with people very well yet is unable to actually communicate with them. A socialite minus the social if she were to suddenly lose her flirting skills. Mary is unable to share how she is really feeling due to her mistrust of others and will often counter with snark and/or arrogant statements.
Hello There, Gorgeous~ Mary has no idea that she has this power. Whenever she flirts with someone - anyone - she appears to be who they most desire. Whether that is a specific person or specific traits the target prefers, Mary appears to be the image of beauty for said person. If the person has no specific type, or isn't phased by Eros-relating feelings at all, then the power will get confused and cease to work. This power also has trouble working on females and tends to concentrate more on males.
Bring Honour to Us All~ Mary's matchmaking skills are supernatural. She can tell when two people are attracted to each other even before they can, able to locate where exactly the match is at the time...as long as they are in a 20 mile radius. This power is constantly on in the back of her mind and whenever she put it into use, she gets a headache. She will never use it more than three times a day because that is when she'll get a killer migraine. This power can be resisted, however, if two people deeply loathe each other or have a strong romantic connection/bond with someone else.
-Life Before Camp-
Everyone would love for the absolute mama’s girl to be all underneath her mother’s wing. Honestly, Mary never really saw much of her mother because of late shifts and having to leave so early in the morning. Most of her days with spent inside with Mia and their nanny, Connie, aiding to her almost every need. The most the girls saw of Mimi was five minutes past their bedtimes when she would be returning from work. In those five minutes, Mimi would briefly read to the girls and/or teach them about how to manage their checking accounts all while talking on the phone with one of her incompetent employees. While her mother was out, she would leave the girls a surplus amount of cash behind for Connie to take them out to shop, thus building an early addiction for the youngest child. Mary’s life was easy since she rarely had to do anything by herself. At school, she was the queen. At home she was a princess. Simple, but not the childhood she wanted. She still wishes that her mother had spent more time with her and her sister and less with her job. Though she was constantly in accompanied by Mia and Connie, she was always lonely.
The day did come, however, when Mimi decided to tell Mary a little more of her parentage. She described how her father called himself “Love” before he left, and how a letter came addressed to Mary that there was a place she had to go so that she could learn to defend herself, since pretty girls always needed to stab someone just in case. Mary being a diva at only fourteen, she instantly declined. “Camp is for poor people with overactive sweat glands.” was her immediate response. Yet Mimi continued to hype up the camp to make it seem like some type of resort instead, and Mary agreed. When she arrived, she was pissed. Which is why she only stays for the summers.

-Role-playing Example-
Dear Diary,

I promise you, I am losing my Eros-given mind. I do not know what is going on with me. Here it is, two days before Valentine’s Day (the American version is even cuter; boys hyperventilate over impressing their girls - adorbs) and I have yet to find someone that will spoil me. I am practically gagging on the thickness of love that is floating around and doing backflips in the air. I would say that it is disgust, however I am completely entranced with these people and their love stories. I met this one couple today that has been together for, like, ever and are going through yet another fight. I tried to make the boy do my Greek Language homework but he was too busy designing something for his girlfriend to even pay me notice. Cute! I punched him, but it was cute nonetheless. I saw this other one practically absorbing the other’s face by the fountain, too, but that is not any of my business. Sigh. Diary, have you ever thought that the perfect spoiler is right in front of you, but you’re too dense to see it? I have not because I am perfect. I guess I have to resort to watching/deleting the horrid videos and pictures of me on Killian’s stupid camera. Maybe my spoiler does not exist at this stupid camp for poor people.
Love Always, Mary S.

fc//Chrishell Stubbs

Notable Quotes~
"Sh! Listen. That is the sound my shadow...that you will forever be in." -To Unnamed Nymph
"Obviously you are in love with the poor boy. I can't blame you; he is absolutely gorgeous." -To Evanna Boches-Hyatt
"Pay attention, children. Watch how it is done." -To the Erote Club

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Aaand your lives just got better. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aaand your lives just got better.   Aaand your lives just got better. Icon_minitime10/11/2014, 5:37 pm

Actually, Eros is the god of desire and sexual attraction, but you can relate it to love, so it's no big deal.

You should include the year when she was born in her birth date. Just a formality.

In the Appareacen section, you should describe some of her minor features and her posture, for example. Not only her dressing style. I will make it better detailed. Oh, and define "gorgeous". I see she's a narcissist, but this is more about what people see, not only her personal image.

She must have her own weapon, even if she doesn't use it often. And it must be made of Celestial Bronze. Same about her armour.

You should detail her Personality better as well, instead of resuming it on one sentence with a few adjectives. I took this test once, I wasn't pleased to realize that I'm 98% introvert.

The "Interview" style was really creative. I will try not to plagiarize it.

Her "Hello There, Gorgeous" is exactly what Aphrodite does to mortals. Maybe it's too strong for a simple daughter of Eros, but I can consider it if you put some fair limits. It counts as a mind power, therefore it should be resisted by anyone, not only females (she's straight, right? I could tell that.)

"Bring Honour to Us All" should be resisted as well. In certain conditions, like if the two people loathe each other or are already in love with someone else, or if they are just too strong to be affected.

It seems like "Mother Knows Best" is still a kind of charmspeak, and chamspeak isn't allowed in any circumnstances.

It would be better if you talked about her childhood some more and how old she was when "the day came".

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Aaand your lives just got better. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aaand your lives just got better.   Aaand your lives just got better. Icon_minitime10/19/2014, 6:20 pm

I took out the third power and italicized how the others could be resisted.
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Aaand your lives just got better. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Aaand your lives just got better.   Aaand your lives just got better. Icon_minitime10/23/2014, 9:50 am

Ok, approved.
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Aaand your lives just got better.
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