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Name: Juliette May Webb. Her father named her out of complete confusion and after three baby name books and four long days, he finally decided it on it.
Gender: Female.
Mortal Parent: Her biological parent is Kevin Lan, who once was a wealthy man with a large ego who took too many things for granted. He had brown skin, brown hair, and always had a cigeratte hanging out of his mouth. He moved to New York City when he was 18 with no certain direction, just a full bank account that his deceased parents had left behind for him.
Her adopted mother is Katherine L. Webb, an uptight woman with a closet full of poofy, Victorian style hats. Juliette knew her before she and her husband adopted her. She was a shop owner of a boutique, but was closed down because a. She was horrible at selling things, and she always drank at the store.
Her adopted father is Jefferson Webb, a soft-spoken man who was once married to Katherine, but has long sense been divorced from her. He works at a publishing company in New York City.
God Parent: Hecate, goddess of ghosts, witchcraft, and magic.
Date of Birth: September 22, 1997.
Place of Birth: New York City, New York.
Hometown/Last Residence:
Accent: She has a New York accent, over pronouncing her Os, under pronouncing her Rs.
Skin Tone: A lovely brown. Her skin is also spotted with freckles, almost exclusively on her shoulders, upperarms and face.
Eye Color: A lime green, almost a neon green. But not quite.
Hair Color: A chestnut brown.
Hair Length: Shoulder length, although she is growing it out now that autumn is coming.
Height: 5’2.
Weight: 153.3 pounds.
Body Type: Curvy, with wide hips, thighs, chest, and waist.
Appearance: Juliette is very meticulous in the way she dresses, and likes to dress nice. Her typical attire includes a loose fitting t-shirt, colorful jeans, shoes she can quickly slide her feet into, and a vest or sweater.
Pet(s): She doesn't have any pets at the moment, because every single pet she's ever had as a child has died a tragic and terrible death. She now believes she is cursed.
Likes: Writing (specifically creative writing), cold weather, coffee,  the indoors, indirect foggy light.
Fears: She is scared of going insane (Agateophobia), scared of failing or being imperfect (Atychiphobia), and is scared of accidents (Dystychiphobia). The last fear is connected to the first.
Social Status: Juliette is an introvert, so she doesn't like attention. However, she does have a small group of friends.
Summer or Year Rounder: Year rounder. This is her first year as a year rounder.
Years at Camp:
Life Before Camp: Juliette was four when her father, Kevin Webb, shot and killed himself in the bathroom of their small apartment. Of course, she hadn't realized what had happened. To her, the sound was as meaningless and loud as a passing car honking its horn.
The next day, she was in her neighbor's apartment.
She didn't really know them - but wasn't bothered by this, because Jefferson Webb had a cool mustache that she liked to grab and attempt to rip off.
Because she had no other family, and because Katherine was unable to have kids, the Webbs decided to adopt Juliette.
By the time she was eight, her parents began getting into fights more and more frequently, sometimes even ending with broken bottles and plates. At age nine, Juliette's parents split, her mother wanting nothing to do with her now ex husband or her daughter,
Role-playing Example:

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