Oh, dear.

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Oh, dear.

Post by daddeme on 10/30/2014, 8:36 am

Today was lovely out, and that’s saying something because Mary’s fabulous.

No, seriously, she’s flawless.

You’re probably sitting there wondering why she was even out here in the first place since sunshine meant the possibility of sweat, and sweat was unbelievably gross to Mary. Like, ew. Well Mary was out here for her own reasons (that actually didn’t involve running from a creep with a camera this time), those reasons being to ignore her instructors’ orders for her activities, find Eva so they could fashion-mob somebody before the hour, and to show off her super cute outfit. She wore maroon-ish jean shorts and a loose fitting white tanktop that had a cute maroon maple leaf in the center (was that a Canadian symbol? Cute!), along with a black belt, rings, about six cute little bracelets on her left wrist, a Chanel watch, along with a long necklace that had a little heart on it. Her long brown hair hung freely in loose natural curls that fluttered up when she walked through the camp in her spotless white high top-wedges.
Mary was almost to the Other Gods’ cabin when she saw Kaden. Kaden was this kid from the Hypnos cabin that Mary kind of felt bad for because he, that poor baby, was a complete dork. He was hopeless by himself! That’s when Mary comes in. They have this odd...well, I don’t want to say friendship because Mary literally hates any living creature. So I guess you could say that Mary tolerated Kaden and wanted to make him pretty. That sounded more like her. With a fake little grin on her face, she strutted her way over to the boy and tapped his shoulder.

“Kaden!” Mary mused in a voice that could’ve been friendly if she wasn’t so…her. Hopefully Kaden didn’t see that. Most people didn’t see that. “Kaden, dear, what on earth are you wearing?”
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