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Untitled (feel free to suggest) Xdfndc

Impia tortorum longos hic turba furores
Sanguinis innocui, non satiata, aluit.
Sospite nunc patria, fracto nunc funeris antro,
Mors ubi dira fuit vita salusque patent.


I awoke with the flashes of a million suns beaming down across my face, awakening me from the horrible level of subconscious that the blow to my cranium had caused. I knew not where I was now, nor where you were as I looked wildly about, my eyes of amber wide and fearful as I examined the predicament I was now in. Course ropes of a heavy thread were bound upon my wrists, securing me to a wall I could not see in the absence of light, but I could feel a moss across the surface, leaving me to think as if I was in a damp dungeon of some construction.

There was no light in the location in which I was held, and limited movement allowed to my hands, enough though to reach out in front and feel some sort of table, a bowl of sorts set upon it, beyond reach. Was this a cruel punishment my mysterious captors had meant for me to endure? Stretching my arms down to my fingertips I could barely grip the upper lip of the bowl, although after effort of what i believed to be hours (I had no way to tell time), I finally inched the container of sorts to my hands, in which I eagerly lifted it up to my lips, regretting it almost a second after the taste touched upon my starving tongue. It was incredibly bitter, a seasoning so raw and bland it tasted as of it was a steak stew, left in the boiling sun of Spain for days before a disgusting seasoning added too. I could not fully pen down the taste of this liquid I had now dropped upon the floor at my feet, feeling this slop of sorts splash across my ankles and bare feet-shoes having been stripped of my body apparently.

Dread began to conquer my mind as I have realized I dropped the only food apparently within my range of motion. This bizarre feeling only heightened as I felt something....move. There was a creature, no, not some creature it was a rat! A rodent, or many scrambling at my feet as I held my breathe, fearing my life now as I felt the cruel creature begin to bite into my ankles, gnawing into my own flesh for the taste of the stew but gaining the taste of my iron enriched blood, feeling the need for more as they feverishly began to taste more, eating and ripping quicker, my screams of pain as they gnawed to the bone, but my screams alas could not be heard in these dark dungeons. I felt as if I would die now, but right as I begged for the sweet release of heavens demise, I noticed a faint glow of a light from the distance, slowly growing in appearance, in magnitude of the light as I noticed a human, a person as I! Screaming louder I stretched my throat, my voice hoarse as I cried out, only to fade into the darkness of unconsciousness as the light came closer, closer to my face.

Light, or the absence of it allowed my consciousness back to this world, or was I in a hellish world, the room giving off heat, the roof and walls glowing in a disturbing red and orange combination, forcing me to step away, forcing me to pant for air. Unclothed was I, and no hope had I as I looked around the room, the glow of such heat allowing small visuals across this dungeon I was in. Laying upon the floor I let loose scream, then once more as my feet were gone, bitten off by the rats from the past as the pain was brought back to my disoriented head.

Bloody stumps replaced what was one such delicate feet, now no more as the room was burning, nothing clear at all, the intense heat making everything hard to see, hard to notice... With I tense shrieking of burning flesh I shouted, cried out to the heavens as I was burning, melting. The stench of flesh being fried off the bone filling this chamber, this ever tightening chamber. Smaller and smaller it became, hotter and hotter it got. I clawed at my eyes, scratched at my face, swear pouring off the skin, eyes crying blood as I scratched at them, tore at my own eyes, not wishing to see the flesh and bone, my body as roasted as a swine, the container tightening, enclosing, crushing.....

First the arms compacted, legs and bones snapping, breathing becoming harder in the heat, skin burning harder, hotter, darker and brighter all at once. The darkness was closing in, the bones of my chest heaving, snapping....the heart punctured by a lung, and then.... It stopped.

Kill me! Kill me you beast already! I cried again, and again. My eyes clawed, ribs broken. The heat was gone, the container larger now, as if...I was meant to suffer. Then it changed, the end was there. On flashes, in moments, spikes raised from the floor, slowly and excruciating crushing through my skull, as in yells of pain, I perished to the hell that awaits us all.

OOC: credit to bell for the pic!
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Untitled (feel free to suggest)
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