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 A Dusty Trail

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To Dimitri, it was almost weird to call this place a stable. Stables were where horses were kept, and there was one quality about these horses that were much different than the ones from home; they had wings. Riding pegasi was a whole different ball game from riding a horse, but Dimitri still couldn't stay away. Ignoring the wings, it was almost like being home again. Of course, riding a pegasus was a whole different story. Flying was nothing like galloping, and Dimitri wasn't the most fond of taking to the sky when he first saw these. He nearly shuddered at the thought, though he managed not to get lost in it.

Of course, things were different now. Seeing a horse with wings no longer freaked Dimitri out, even though it was still heavily surreal. Dimitri put his hand out, and reached for the neck of one of the horses, its head was over the stable gate. He smiled as he pet the pegasus, despite the fur he could feel getting on his hand, he couldn't help it. The horse flapped its lips, which was a pretty universal form of communication for horses. Dimitri was pretty fond of the white pegasus, he almost wanted to saddle up, but he was stuck in the moment in thought. If you just took away the wings and changed the color to a chestnut, it would be no different from home.

Dimitri looked down to his hand, there was a little shredded fur on it, but he didn't mind. His boots were a faded baize, his jeans were in nice condition, due to being so new. They were black, though, so any fading would go unnoticed until it got bad. And he wore a snap-button shirt, it was checkered blue and black. The weather was a little warmer than most would wear clothes like this in, but he spent most of the year in a place just as warm, it didn't phase him.
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A Dusty Trail
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