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Hello! If you're reading this, I just thought I'd pop some author notes in. Feel free to comment what you think, but this is most likely just going to be a vague one-shot story because I feel like typing right now. Don't expect it long, though.

The interrogation room, as some called it, had been used a lot in the last day. There was a man who could be seen walking in to question someone. His clothes were formal, it looked as though he'd just picked up a suit from the cleaners and changed into it, yet there were bags under his eyes as well, he was clearly exhausted. Stepping in and sitting down across from a witness, he placed a recording device on the table and clicked a button. "Good evening, ma'am, I'm detective Bowman. I just wanted to ask you a few questions for your testimony. This conversation will be recorded for police evidence and a copy will be given for the court record." He said, as protocol called for. Of course, the woman could remain silent, she had the right to.

The woman was clearly traumatized, it looked as though she hadn't slept at all the last twenty-four hours, and it was clear she'd spent time crying. She took a deep breath and gathered herself. "Okay." She said, her voice was somewhat shaky, and clearly distressed. But she was determined. Someone had to pay for the crimes that were committed.

"The cooperation is very much appreciated, ma'am. With these testimonial pieces from the witnesses, we can better place the suspect into the crime and put him away. Now, the first question I have for you is; Can you briefly recall the events of yesterday morning for me?" The detective asked, he eased back in his chair, as he waited for a response.

"Well..." The woman began, taking a pause to gather her thoughts. "It was an average day. My husband and I were at the mall, Christmas shopping for the kids. My husband stopped to use the bathroom for just one minute, that's all. And suddenly, there was a scream from a closed down store. I think it was an old toy store, but either way, several people and I rushed over to see what had happened. Some people used their phones for light, but the doors to the inside were closed. All we could see was through the glass, and there were three bodies on the floor. Only seconds after, mall cops were restricting the area, and my husband came to find me." The woman explained, looking to the detective afterwards on if she'd explained enough.

"I know seeing bodies isn't easy, but one of the victims was our beloved chief of police. Can you tell me more about these bodies?" The detective asked, his voice was non-nonchalant to the subject of bodies, he'd seen many more than he could count.

"Uhm." She said, hardly able to speak. "One of them was just... his shirt was changing color, from white to red... and the other one still had a knife in him.... the third one I couldn't see any blood on. But to think there were dead people so close, it worried me." She spoke, but her words were very forced.

"Yes, that was detective Greene, he was a good friend of mine. He had several severe injuries, but he's in the hospital, he'll pull through. Out of the three victims, he's the only one that survived. Though his memory of the matter serves very little help. Did you by any chance see anyone leave the store or flee the crime scene?"

"There were a lot of people who ran, but I didn't see anyone enter or leave the store." She spoke, while the detective simply nodded his head.

"Thank you ma'am, that's all." He said, clicking the recorder off. He'd had a long few days or working and personal matters, and he was happy that he was finally going to go home and get some sleep.
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Potential Promotion
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