this is a wasteland, my only retreat

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this is a wasteland, my only retreat

Post by Marceline on 11/29/2014, 1:07 am

I cannot spend another night in this home. I close my eyes and take a breath real slow. the consequence is if I leave i'm alone. but what's the difference when you beg for love. as I run through glass in the street, kerosene hearts carry the name that my father gave me and take the face of the wolf. cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat. with heaven above you there's hell over me. i met a girl who never looked so alone. like sugar water in your mouth, luke warm. she tied a cherry stem for me with her tongue. we fell in love and now we're both alone. cause i don't need anymore friends and another kiss like a fire on pavement. we'll burn it down till the end. this is a wasteland, my only retreat. with heaven above you there's hell over me. the water is rusted, the air is unclean, and there for a second I feel free. cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat. i've waited all this night to honour you and say, "i know it's hard, but who are you to fall apart on me." cause this is a wasteland my only retreat. with heaven above you, there's hell over me. you said what about us, well what about me. hang from the gallows, asleep in the rain. cause this is a wasteland, my only retreat. paralyze me. don't let me jump, don't let me fall.

Name: Tristan Theodore Parkley. Because of a certain situation in the past he goes by his middle name, Theodore, or Theo for short. He had a nickname once and it used to be Tris. He always says his name is Theo, though a few times he might trip up and say Tris. Parkley is his last name. Pretty unique... in a way. He got the last name Parkley from his adoptive mother. Yeah, he's adopted. For the rest of the form I'll call him Theo. It wil just be easier for us.

Gender: Theo is a heterosexual male.

Date of Birth: Born on the fifteenth of July

Mortal Family: biological father: Michael Thomas Fletcher Hemmings.
adoptive mother: Luna Emerald Parkley
adoptive sister: Selena

God Parent: Ourania. Ourania is the goddess muse of astronomy and astronomical writings.

Place of Birth:

Hometown/Last Residence: Theodore's hometown was Victoria, Malta. It was small but he didn't mind.

Race/Ethnicity: race: theo is in the white race which is definitley not surprising.
ethnicity: Theodore is mostly maltese. He knows he was born in malta and he knows - now - that his mother was greek. so he is part maltese and greek and probably a few more bits and pieces of ethnicities from his biological family's generations.


Eyes:His eyes are a hazel colour. He doesn't know it but he got it from his father.

Hair: his hair color is brown. the aveerage and normal shade of brown - medium brown if you like. it is also quite short being the average guy. You will hardly ever see his hair messy - unless you've been hovering over him before he wakes up creepily waiting to see his bed hair - as he is quite neat and styles it. It is usually just combed to the side with the slightest bit of hairspray.














Life Before Camp:

RP Example:

Notes: face claim is Troye Sivan. lyrics from hell above by pierce the veil.
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