Kayla Vern Remake

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Kayla Vern Remake

Post by kayla on 12/7/2014, 5:28 am

Name: Kayla Adeline Vern. Throughout elementary and middle school most knew her as “The Ice Demon” because she was always so cold to everyone and used to beat up a lot of people but Kayla found that nickname entirely ridiculous. Thankfully she left that name behind when she moved to America. Her little brother called her Kay or K a lot and her middle name was named after her grandmother.

Gender: Kayla is a female which disappointed her mother since she had wanted a son first before having a daughter although it didn’t stop her from raising Kayla any differently.

Mortal Parent:
Mother: Tessa Vern was a clubber in her youth and always went to the hottest parties in Australia, her life goal set out on just to live in the moment and have a good time. She was kicked out of her house when she was eighteen which was about the time she met Ares. They met at a bar and she caught Ares’ interest when she slammed a pervert’s head onto the counter and kicked him out. They then did the do and Tessa conceived Kayla with full knowledge of what she was after Ares told her. The 34 year old is still as spunky and gutsy as she was fifteen years ago but grew into a more kind and caring nature over the years and would do anything for her children.
Brother: Kai Vern is a delicate six year old with a glass heart. His father was a random customer at the bar their mother worked at and was gone with the wind, not even knowing he had a son. The young boy is very timid and shy in comparison to his sister and did not gain an ounce of violent nature from his mother. He has a liking for animal crackers and wearing pretty things.

God Parent: Ares; God of war

Date of Birth: Kayla was born on April 10th, 1999 which makes her an Aries and 15 years of age. She finds the name of her horoscope sign ironic since it sounds like her father’s name.

Place of Birth: Kayla was born in the great big city of Melbourne, Australlia.

Hometown: She grew up in Melbourne as well as being born there.

Last Residence: A shabby apartment in Brooklyn, New York. The paint was beginning to peel off and the walls were awfully thin as well as being really small for three people. Kayla was so hesitant to leave her mother and brother in such a place that they (the satyr, Tessa, and Kai) had to push her all the way to Camp Half blood.

Race/Ethnicity: She’s French and Spanish from her mother’s side of the family and Greek through her father’s (obviously, I mean, he's a Greek god).

Accent: Kayla has a slight Australian accent although after living in America for a while (3 years) it is less prominent.

Skin Tone: She is slightly pale with a tan and a peachy undertone. She can’t really say definitely.

Eye Color: Kayla has dark brown eyes although when she’s glowering or glaring at you, her stare can seem onyx black. Maybe it’s her hatred and annoyance you’re seeing.

Hair Color: Her hair color is also a dark brown although its can give off a reddish vibe at the ends if you’re looking at her when it’s sunny.

Hair Length: Her hair is made of wavy layers. It’s pretty long in the back which reaches to her mid-back and the front part reaches to below her collarbones.  

Height: She is 5 foot and 4 inches (5’ 4”) or 165 centimeters.

Weight: She weighs 110 pounds or 50 kilograms.

Body Type: Kayla is slim with muscles although it isn’t so much that they bulge out or anything. She has lean and strong arms and legs that she’s proud of and barely any curves on her waist with a toned flat stomach. She’s always sure to keep in shape so she’s strong and ready.

Appearance: Here you summarize your character's appearance. You may include things from previous sections, but you don't have to. If your character has interesting scars, freckles, wears glasses, etc. Include that here! We expect you to have at least one good, proper sentence here. “See above” won't cut it.

Weapon: Kayla fights with her two sided yari. Each blade is double edged, razor sharp, made of celestial bronze, and three feet long. The wooden shaft is coated in celestial bronze and covered in a thin leather that helps her grip stay firm and thankfully, doesn’t heat up. The shaft itself is six feet long in width and two inches in diameter. She’s a ruthless killing machine with this weapon she named San after San in Princess Mononoke (it was her favorite movie as a kid and she loved the girl who rode on wolves). The blades are also able to retract inside the shaft which makes her weapon (in dormant form) look just like a long six foot stick wrapped in leather.

Armor: She wears the standard Camp Half Blood armor.

Pet(s): Kayla has a female Doberman Pinscher named Kuvira who she loves and adores. Kuvira accompanies Kayla on her runs and walks through the forest. She is an elegant and powerful creature of solitude and is quite snobby to other pets.

Combat Fighting: Combat fighting is something Kayla greatly excels at and is fairly confident in. She’s only ever lost to her half siblings in this area but still only a handful of losses.
Gymnastics: Kayla was enrolled into gymnastics at the age of five in her mother’s hope to get her less violent and more girlish, hoping that the other girls would influence her. It did not. In fact, after three years she was one of the few students left since she drove all the other’s out with her sharp tongue. She is now talented in any areas of gymnastics which includes balancing on things, flips, flexibility, etc.
Speed: Kayla can get things done quickly from killing a monster to climbing a tree. She is very fast from being involved in track during her middle school years (6th and 7th) and just being naturally quick.
Irritation: Kayla can irritate people easily and she finds that both a gift and a talent. She can easily read someone and observe them and just downright get on their nerves until they attack her angrily. Sometimes she doesn’t even try to piss other’s off but it happens anyway.

Anger Issues: Kayla is someone with an extremely short fuse. She can handle teasing but if it gets out of hand and a comment is made that actually hurts her (not that she’d ever admit), she’ll punch you in your face.
Stubborn: Kayla is unrelentingly stubborn and won’t give up until she gets her way. Sometimes it can be considered a good thing but most times it just ends badly. If she doesn’t budge from her decision, it irritates others, then they irritate her, then boom! Hell breaks loose.
Claustrophobia: Kayla is claustrophobic and just can’t stand large groups of people or crowds. In results she gets headaches when there’s a lot of talking going on at once and can occasionally lead to a panic attack (which has happened a couple of times due to living in big cities). Other times when she’s stuck in the middle of a large crowd or group of people she just gets rid of everything in her way, not caring who she steps on in order to get to her goal which is: I need to get out of here.
Impulsive: This one’s simple. She acts before she thinks and her actions are mostly reckless ones.
Hearing Aid: Kayla is deaf in her left ear and wears a hearing aid. She was born that way and doesn’t really think much about it but finds it rude when people stare at it which usually leads to her barking at them to stop staring.

Team Player: Even with her bad experiences for most things social, if she’s working in a small group then she can handle cooperating with others in order to get things done. She’s supportive if she agrees on something with someone.
Loyalty: Kayla is unwaveringly loyal to those she calls friends. She never had many friends, those she could trust, so when she finds someone and gains mutual trust then they’re like family to her. She’d kill for those she’s loyal to and will stick with them through thick and thin no matter what they do.
Empathy: -gasps- What? You never imagined “The Ice Demon” has any warmth in her heart or empathy for others? Wrong. Kayla is a person who seeks  to understand rather than be understood and listens more than she talks. She puts herself in other’s shoes in a dire situation and tries to guide them in the right direction. This is only if you get her pity or soft side.

Kids: Kayla has an utter weakness and soft sides towards kids but mostly because she thinks of her brother Kai and misses him a lot. In general though, Kayla is super weak towards the little goobers and isn’t as cold to them as she is to kids her age.
Friends: Kayla has a hard time making friends due to being immensely aggravating and giving off a bad vibe. Due to years of not having friends, she has the mentality that she doesn’t need them anyway and is a bit bitter of the prospect of making friends. To be honest, she wouldn’t mind a sparring companion or something.

-Action & Horror movies
-Working out
-Walking around
-Camping/Being outdoors

-Rom Coms disgust her
-Candy or any artificially sweet things like Skittles
-Injuries (she herself hates being injured since she feels like it makes her weak and useless)

Fears: Anything your character is afraid of.

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Powers: Any powers your character may have that are beyond this world. (Eg. Shoot fireballs, breathe underwater...)

Social Status: She’s more of a loner although she wouldn’t say ‘loner’ because it sounds too depressing. She’d say she was a lone wolf or an independent girl.

Summer or Year Rounder: Summer Rounder

Years at Camp: Three years

Life Before CHB: Describe your character's life before camp using at least 10 complete, descriptive sentences.

Role-playing Example: Give a roleplay sample of at least 10 sentences for THIS character on THIS site. Don't use anything for another character or anything from another non-chb site. This displays how you intend to roleplay your character.

Notes: Anything else you would like to add goes here.

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