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Post by jake. on 12/12/2014, 11:19 am

Name: abraham carmicheal. he does prefer it if you call him 'abe.'

Age: fifteen. technically, he's 57, but we'll get to that later.

Gender: male.

Eyes: clear blue, like the sky. so bright some people stop and stare.

Hair: naturally a light reddish brown; dyed bleach white.

Height: five foot eleven.

Body Type: lean, athletic, tall. fairly skinny, not much muscle visible except around the pelvic area. he's got two tattoos; one on his collar bone, and one on the inside of his right wrist. both are a pair of flying crows. he also has a lip piercing, but he takes it out sometimes.

Skin Color: very, very pale.

God Parent: set, the god of evil, deserts, storms, disorder and violence.

Mortal Parent: emily carmicheal.

Country of Origin: manchester, england.

Pets: he's considering getting a second snake, as he currently has a small corn snake named piper.

+ fighting. combat in general.
+ arguing and making people feel insulted or irritated. (in a way that isn't direct, it's more subtle.)
+ convincing, lying and manipulating.
+ being coy and sly, and also planning battles. he's a strategist.
+ explaining and teaching.
+ skating. mainly longboarding. just... skating. in general.
+ playing e-guitar and keeping a beat. he's generally quite musically talented.

Weapon**: a celestial bronze chain whip with a smooth leather handle.

Personality: to put it simply; abe is the type of guy you want as a friend, but you know he dislikes you. he's humorous in a way that he doesn't want to make others laugh -- he just wants some entertainment. he's mischievous and mysterious at the same time, and he smokes about a pack of cigarettes a day. he's explicitly open with his language and virtually every sentence spoken from his pale lips contains a swear word. once you really get to know him, he's open and fun to be around, since he's creative and comes up with many different ways to entertain you. abraham is usually quiet if he has something mean or disrespectful to say, so you'll notice if you've said the wrong thing.

+ he'll argue until he dies. he insists he knows everything better than you.
+ a scarred right eyebrow, leaving him with a slash through his eyebrow. hair doesn't and refuses to grow there.
+ rude and cold to some people.

Abilities (must relate to god parent; optional):
+ can talk to desert animals. (snakes, scorpions... etc.)
+ 10% more heat resistant than the average demigod.
+ can walk into most desert storms and not be affected by them.
+ has an aura that can cause chaos and discomfort. (radius of ten feet.) people affected will be twitchy, nervous and easily irritated, even somewhat aggressive for a maximum of three posts. he can turn this 'on' or off if he pleases, but it takes a great deal of concentration. it happens automatically if abe is angry or even overly happy.

Powers (must relate to god parent; optional):
+ sandy beaches, salty b!tches: abe can manipulate sand, however he cannot solidify it. he can generate about three gallons of sand per day, and a maximum amount of two gallons per post. between generating, he needs a three post cooldown. he can create mini 'tornadoes' of sorts, that spin around in his palms, he can blow sand into people's faces... etc. virtually anything, but not solidifying. he can manipulate sand for a maximum amount of three posts. can manipulate sand three times per day, with a cooldown of five posts. he has to be in a twenty foot radius of sand to use this power.

+ darude: abe can create a small sandstorm. it has a radius of twenty five feet, and it goes up to a seven (maximum) on the beaufort scale. this is mainly used for pain and confusion, but it doesn't do much harm unless you get it into a wound, your eyes, nose, or mouth. he can create one of these per topic. usually he feels dizzy and confused afterwards.

Life Before Camp*: born in 1973 to a healthy young lady called emily carmicheal. abe was a pretty happy kid. he grew up just like anyone else, however his mother knew that she had 'created' a boy who was out of the ordinary. she noticed this occasionally when it was hot outside, and abe wasn't sweating or crying at all, whereas other babies were whimpering or crying because of the unbearable heat. then, at a fragile age of four, abe made a three foot high sandcastle in a matter of seconds, grinning with pride at his mother, expecting praise. emily was scared and slightly disgusted with herself. she had expected the baby to be 'weird', since the man she had a one-night stand with was somewhat cold and cruel, but she didn't expect her son to have any magical powers.

the hour abe was fifteen, emily sent him on a plane to las vegas, giving him the false idea that he was visiting a distant cousin, when in reality, she wanted to get rid of him as quickly as possible. seeking shelter, abraham found the lotus casino. the doorman kindly offered him to go inside, so he did. he was amazed quickly, and before he knew it, he had spent several years there. just a few months ago, a satyr got him out and brought him to camp-half blood, informing him that his mother had died eighteen years ago, in a tragic car accident. he found out what he really was, and the satyr told him what he thought his mother had wanted to do, sending him to las vegas alone. heartbroken and angry, abe now resides in camp half blood, looking for a way to revenge himself in any way possible. he's also found out he now has a half-brother named charles, whom he is fiercely disliking without even knowing him.
RP Example*:
Any notes about your characters: fc is lucky blue smith. <333
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