Life is sweet in the belly of the beast. [Private]

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Life is sweet in the belly of the beast. [Private]

Post by Edgar Allan Poe on 12/15/2014, 8:19 pm

Celine wandered in with the slow steps of someone who has just woke up. She was wearing her crumpled CHB T-shirt, black sweatpants and worn flip-flops. Her distinctive glasses were slightly crooked to the side since the last time she dropped them. Her purplish dark circles contrasted on her pale skin, revealing that she had suffered from insomnia on the last nights, only taking short naps during the day. Just her everyday look.

The restless daughter of Athena felt the urge to get out that day - if she spent one more afternoon breathing the stagnant and musty air of Cabin 6, she would probably die of boredom. Being bored on the outside seemed way more pleasing than doing nothing on the inside. Sometimes she forgot that there was a courtyard hidden behind the cabins. It was a nice piece of nature, quiet and comfortable. The ground was linned by a still green grass map, and she decided to settle there.

Celine lay down, opened the book that she was carrying under her arm (her new edition of "Les Miserables", the cover was so pretty that she preferred to admire it instead of reading) and held it over her head, blocking the sunlight that irritated her sensitive eyes. That 1500 pages book seemed so heavy that if she dropped it, she would probably break her nose. She smirked as she imagined it, but soon she was frowning in concentration, so absorbed into the words that she would hardly realize if someone approached her and interrupted her lonely moment. A cold breeze passed through and made the hair of her arms prickle, but she still didn't move. It was her kind of meditation.
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