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Okay so this is what’s happening. There’s this girl. Not named Alice but named something cooler like Dez, Dakota...how about Deme. Deme was minding her own business one day whilst browsing the interweb, peeping over her internet friends’ shoulders as they fangirled. Then something caught her her eye. It was a little white rabbit with the word boredom on its coat. “How peculiar!” she thought and, being her curious self, she followed after it. The little rabbit seemed to notice the word on its side, gasped, and exclaimed, “I’m so bored!” Then hopped down a rabbit hole. Deme was just so curious. She peeped into the rabbit hole...and fell! And fell and fell… When she stops falling, she’s in a hallway with quite a few doors. She sees the rabbit in a garden through one and when she tries to follow - she realizes she’s too tall to fit through the door! She cries until she realizes that there’s a glass of lonely characters nearby that says “ship me”. So ship she did, and poof! She shrunk. But now she’s angry because she realizes that the key, which she needs to get to the garden, is stuck on the table above and she is much too short. Then she discovered a crumb of happy character on the ground with a little note, “Destroy me”. And she did. Now she had the key and could fit through the door, and she followed the Boredom Rabbit all the way through the Garden of Tumblr and CHB PMs. Along the way, she crossed paths with two very strange - yet familiar - people at a tea party. One person has a tall hat one marked “Mad Heartshredder” and the other was a kooky rabbit downing a cup of Torture the Deaf. Deme wished she could stay longer to find out where the Boredom Rabbit has gone, but the two continued ranting about the deaths of their characters, random ships, and other shows that the Deme had no idea what-so-ever what they were talking about. So instead of sitting there and feeling like a confused training wheel, she hopped off in hopes to find the Boredom Rabbit once again. And then a cat appeared. The cat was not a nice cat. The cat was the type of cat that told you riddles, but you didn’t get that they were riddles bc the cat was so freakin rude and nice at the same time. The cat called himself the Blazeshire cat, and would only appear when the Deme felt lost and confused, only to make the Deme even more lost and confused. So the Deme started talking to the Blazeshire to figure out where the Boredom Rabbit had gone. The Blazeshire Cat just said, “Either there, or here. Or nowhere. Post.” And whenever the Deme asked what she needed to post for, the Blazeshire would just shrug before saying idk and disappearing. So her time in Wonderland was majorly sucking. THAT IS UNTIL SHE SAW A LITTLE HOPE. That hope happened to be a kingdom where she had seen the fluffy flash of a tail. Instead of assuming it was an invasion she followed the tail into the kingdom without reading the signs. The kingdom was in fact called “The Kingdom of CHB...and occasionally the Hunters of Artemis and CJ and the AU sections that people barely pay attention to bc they’re always on docs”. And the one in charge of the Kingdom was no one other than the Morgan and the Lila but they were off doing things so moving on. Skipping past the “OFF WITH YOUR HEEEEAAADDDS” part, Deme sat on the ground of the garden and pouted. She was lost, she couldn’t find the Boredom Rabbit, she was tired, and she had a headache. She just wanted to go home. But the Boredom Rabbit was out there somewhere and she had to find it.
And she did find it, right back at where she started. When she opened her eyes, she was back reading over her internet friends’ shoulders about their ships and fangirling. The Boredom Rabbit was all in her head.

The end.
Ps she's still bored.
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deme in wonderland
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