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CHAPTER 1: Meeting The Singer

I walked through the streets of Hollywood with my converse one stars making no sound on the sidewalk. Hailee was yammering on and on about some guy she liked, i wasnt really paying attention though i was too busy looking through Instagram. The streets were only slightly crowded today and it was soooooo nice. Anyway, back to the walking, i scrolled through instagram and saw that the weather back home was horrible. In the process of writting a smug remark to my friend someone bumped into me and i dropped my phone, as did they.

"Hey watch it!" I said looking up at the guy, as my mind started to process how hot this guy was.

"Sorry about that, it was my fault,"He said picking up one of the phones.

"No, no. Its my fault as well,"I said picking up the other.

"Well sorry for the trouble, didnt mean to cause harm to a cutie. Ill be on my way, bye."

I watched him as he walked away and i giggled, facing a wide eyes and open mouthed Hailee.

"What?" I asked casually.

"That.....that was Andy Biersack. You just talked to Andy Biersack!" She squealed.

I stared after the guy and it clicked;the long black hair, sweet voice, aviator sunglasses. I had just talked to the singer for my all time favorite band and didnt even know it. Then the phone in my hand buzzed as i got a texted from an unknown number.

-Hey, can we meet up?

-who is this?

There wasnt a name for the person, just a number. Why did that cell number look familiar?

-Im the guy who ran into you. I mustve accidentally taken your phone.

-Oh. Lol. Yeah, where do you want to meet?

I smiled widly at Hailee,"Your not gonna believe this."

"What? What am i not gonna believe!?" She squeaked.

"Andy has my phone and wants to meet up to trade back. I have his phone."

I thought hailee was going to expload, she looked so happy, then the phone buzzed again.

-Starbucks a block away? Its on the corner.

-Ok, ill be there soon. Andy ;)

-So you know who i am.

-Yup! XD cant wait for coffee.

-Its a date then

My eyes bulged and i stared at the phone, then at hailee.

"What did he say?!" She asked.

I showed her the phone and she squealed again. We both raced down to the starbucks and i saw Andy at a table with two drinks, one for each of us.

"Ill catch you later Hailee," i said saying bye.

"Awe but i wanna go," She replied slightly disappointed.

"Later. I dont want this to be any weirder than it needs to be."

"Ok! Byeee!" She said before skipping away.

I collected myself and walked into the shop, sitting across from Andy.

"Sorry for taking your phone on accident,"I said blushing and eyeing the coffee.

"Iced French Vanilla and dont worry about it. Im kinda glad this happened,"He said trading our phoned and taking a sip of his coffee, the same as mine.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because i got to talk to you again. Its very rare i meet someone, especially a fan, and they dont throw themselves at me. Its nice for a change."

I giggled and smiled at him,"trust me, if my friend was here she would be all over you. Shes a super fan."

"Are you?" He asked curious as he pushed some of his hair out of his face.

"Am i what?"

"A super fan?"

"Oh, no i wouldnt say i am. I am a fan though, your music is fantastic and speaks to everyone and anyone who has been bullied. Your all bringing back what rock really was all about to begin with, being unique and showing everyone that. I know i listen to it when im depressed."

Andy just looks at me for a moment with a thinking face on.

"What?" I ask, slightly embarassed.

"You seem like a really nice girl, a smart one too,"He smiles.

"Oh, well umm, thanks," i say blushing and looking at my coffee cup like its the most interesting thing in the world.

"Thats cute."

"What is? The coffe cups?"

"No, your blush. It makes me always want you to blush."

"Your embarassing me Andy,"I say as i blush more making him chuckle.

"Good. Thats how i like it. Say, do you want to hang out for the rest of today? The guys and i are going to meet up later and you can go with if you want."

My heart must have stopped. Was i really getting invited by The Andy Biersack to go hand out with The Black Veil Brides? My face must have been utter shock because Andy started the laugh.

"Ill take that as a yes," He said standing.
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Steal My Coffin
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